I’ve corrected my mistake and am happy to have the outer Border like I want it…!!!   Hooray!!!   :)

The rug is almost half finished…I need to hook the Outer Border on the Bottom of this right half of the rug before I can say the Grumpy Lions is half finished.   Even though I drew my pattern as a “mirror image”, each half will be slightly different!   Of course, you knew that…I can’t leave anything alone!!!!!   LOL

In this photo, you can see the 2 borders…

the inner Border has the light background on the right side of the rug  (I am working on the right half of the rug)  and the outer Border will have the Dark background all  the way around the rug.

Again…this is a quiet rug but it has a lot going on in the way of motifs!   I am trying for a slightly “faded” look…like it might have had brighter colours but is now older and somewhat faded…!!!   It is kind of funny that we make rugs to look “already old”!!!   But a lot of our primitives or folk art pieces are done just that way.

The picture is lightened a bit so you can see the different brown background colours…the real difference does not show up so much “in person”…the browns just look very similar!   (both brown backgrounds are plaids)

Progress today is the Outer Border on the top of the rug and the corrected Outer border on the right side of the rug!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  :)    (my mistake is on the lower picture!!!)








Well, I am having a good laugh at myself this morning!!!   Yesterday’s post was a perfect illustration of mistakes made by a distracted mind..!   LOL

This has been a difficult month for me as Joe died in April just a year ago.   With the celebration of Easter, families gather together and it is a joyous time of year.   However, those of us who have lost family members or friends this time of year find ourselves with some sadness too.    So we struggle with it as time goes by and we are surrounded by memories.   Thankfully, I have happy memories!!!

As I sat looking at my rug last night  (I have a fabric covered board that I put my rugs on so that I can sit at a distance and look at the rug and the colours I’ve used, etc.) I realized that I was thinking of the right and left sides of the rug and the lighter colours I wanted to use for the first Border on those two sides.   If you remember, I said those two first border sides would be like pillers standing on each side of a door.   I don’t want that light wool going over the top and bottom of the rug…I just want it on the sides!!!!!

But I also realized that I was doing the Outer Border (!!) and I don’t want the lighter wools to be hooked on that Border!!!!   Also, I remembered that I had found another dark-light plaid that I thought would be great for that outer border, different from the rug center background but still a “dark” frame for the rug!!!   So I laughed at myself for being so distracted that I just did the exact opposite of what I wanted to do!!!!!   LOL

However, this is a great illustration of too much lightness in a border…as this one for an outside “frame” doesn’t really frame or enclose the center section (like I want to do!) .    I don’t usually make mistakes in judgement on my borders…but I sure did on this one!!!   LOL  

I did another border years ago …thankfully, just one side and a corner…and it was just awful.   I thought, and my hooking friends thought also, that the soft black would be a perfect frame!   Not so!!!   Instead of framing the rug, it just screamed “big black border!, big black border!…and the center looked washed out.   I changed it and loved the rug after that.   So you can see my mistakes…and I hope they help you!!!   LOL

.I zipped out that light (I can use it elsewhere in my rug!) and put in the plaid that I had wanted to use when going through my stash!   I think it works much better and softens the colours in the triangles too!  

Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  :)

So here is Progress on Day 17…


I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend with family and friends!  

I didn’t hook much over the weekend…too busy… so got to work this morning and decided what I’ll do for the outside border.   I thought about a lot of designs but many of them just added so many motifs, or they were just plain or just bars of colour and I wanted something a little different.   So I am trying this one!   :)  

I am using leftovers to hold the triangle places and just using different colours until I see what I like after the center is finished.   If several colours are too distracting, I can make the triangles all soothing greens or golds, etc.   Or use only red as accent…many choices!!!!

Oh, another thing…I like the lighter border colour and if I run a bit short of the wool plaid I have chosen, I can steal from the inner border and just choose another colour to place behind the 2 orangy flowers!!!!   I like to have a “Plan B”!!!   LOL   (I may change the background strips behind the orange flowers anyway…even if I have enough wool as I think it might look better that way!)   I DO love to experiment..!!!

So here is progress on Day 16…  Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  :)


Quick post today…Working around the top of the rug on the first Border and using up a LOT of leftover woolworms!!!!   Hooray!  :)

I may redo the heart as it does not show up too well…but I can just outline it with a slightly darker strip and it will be fine.

I am also doing what I often do and having a laugh at what pops into my mind when doing a particular rug.   When I started the blue bird (and I have another bird to do!!)   I remembered the song “May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose”!…a goofy song by Little Jimmy Dickens in, I believe, 1965!!!   Of course, then the tune kept running through my mind all day.   LOL  

When looking at my pattern I remembered my Mom saying that someone “looked a little down in the mouth” when referring to someone who looked rather glum…and I had to smile at my Lions expressions!   So rug hooking is also a trip down memory lane for me too!!!   I should name my Lions “Glumm” and “Grumble”!!!

Here is Progress on Day 15…I feel like I am making good time with this rug!   Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  :)



Doing borders is fun for me!!!   I often make them up as I go!!!!!   LOL   :)

Now I know I tell you why I do some of the things I do…and you probably are saying to yourself, “Why doesn’t she cut the chatter and get to the hooking???”   LOL    New rug hookers especially are interested in what we “old hookers” do…so we try to pass along some of the things that help us in our work!   I have learned a lot from rug hookers of all ages and experience!!!   So I love information! 

But I really do get questions occasionally like…”How do you decide what colours to use where?” Or, “Why did you put a different design there instead of the one you had drawn?”   Or, “Have you lost your mind…what old age home did you escape from???”   LOL 

I know I always say it (!!) but my rug hooking goals are simply to have fun, to experiment, to be surprised, to please myself and to learn something on each rug I do!   I do the things that make those goals possible.   I have no stress, no worry, no doubts, and no regrets about my work.   I try to do the best I can at the time I am hooking the piece.   What does it matter if I could do a “better” job now…on a rug I hooked in 2007?    If it really spoils my whole life to look at that rug, I can either give it away, pull out all the wool strips and give them to the birds or take my design and hook it again with my “new and improved”  (HA!) style!!!!!   LOL

Today…the reasons for doing my first Border the way I am doing it are simple. 

1.   There is a lot going on with the center section under the Lions…so the Border at the bottom is a simpler design.

2.   Since this rug has many quiet darker colours and colours of similar value, I thought using a couple of lighter colours on the left and right sides of the first Border would act like “pillers” on each side of a doorway.   I can always replace them if I find they don’t please me when the rug is mostly done.

3.   I am trying to use up more of my leftover woolworms here too…so my Border colour choices reflect this.

4.   There are many reasons why I change a motif or design while I am hooking on this rug or any other.   Sometimes, I just think a different leaf shape would be more graceful..!   Sometimes I have drawn my motifs too close together and I want more space between them.   Sometimes I just change a motif or colour because I have changed a lot of my design before I get to another part of the rug…and it just makes sense to me!

Here is my Progress on Day 14…   Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  :)

Grumpyday14This is the bottom border below:

Grumpyday11SYou can see a lot is going on with the brown-green-brick red in the center section…so the border is simpler.



I finished the first border on the right hand side of the rug!!!   Hooray!    :)

I like to work on the borders as I go along…but can’t do the outer border because I haven’t decided what to do yet..!!!   LOL

Here is Progress on Day 13…I am having fun with this inner border too!   Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  :)


Running around today so a quick post!!!   :)

I was able to get more background and more little motifs done yesterday…and got rid of more leftover woolworms on the motifs!!!   Hooray!

Here is Progress on Day 12…

Grumpyday12I am glad that the colours are staying soft…I like the quiet feeling!   I am sticking in small bits of the different background colour so it blends in.   This is a large rug and , as I said, I never want to “worry” about having enough background!!!!

Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  :) 


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