New BBB Mystery Rug/Sunnie/”Joy is a Bluebird Morning”-FINISHED

Hooray!!!   Finally finished “Joy Is A Bluebird Morning” on Day 26!!!   :) This has been great fun to do… hooking all the little bluebirds to make them all different, dressing the “bird-loving” lady in the colours of the tree and flowers and hooking the happy sun and “sunshining” background.   As I said, it was also a “memory” piece for me and that made it all the more delightful to do…Joe and I did love our bluebirds!!! Now I know the little birdhouse that my lady holds is not exactly the proper bluebird birdhouse…but we can forgive artistic license here (I hope!!!!)   …lol… As you can see, the lady’s outfit was a hoot to do with all of its colours and design!   (By the way, the “little detail” I spoke about in an earlier post is the bodice of the lady’s dress.   I had drawn a little ruffle for the collar but then I thought it would be a nice touch to do her collar and tiny front trim just the reverse of the colour on the bluebird’s breast (the coral and white).   So I hooked a white collar and a coral pink trim line.  This sort of detail might seem silly to some, but if it pleases me…I enjoy doing it..!!!!!) Although I mentioned that “squarish” motifs were on the left side and lines and rounded motifs were on the right side, you will probably notice that the upper branches are in a “squarish” section and the lower trunk, branches and birds are also in a “squarish” area.   Again…these are things that I either plan as I go or they come to my notice as I hook a rug!   :) Oh yes, I have included a couple of pictures with the plain borders added on (by computer) to show you why I made the decision to make the border the way I did.   I felt that the plain borders were just too harsh and too “stark” for this “sweet” rug…so I did a simple border that added some softness but didn’t draw undue attention to itself!   You might not agree…but I am happy with my choice and that is important to me!!!!   (I hope the lady and her bluebird friends are happy too!!!)   …lol…  So here is “Joy Is A Bluebird Morning” finished…and I thank you for coming along on this adventure with me!   Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  :)


Hooking,  Sunnie  :) bluebirdBLUEbluebirdBROWN

New BBB Mystery Rug/Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Days 23-25


Finally…back again!!!!   …lol…   I have been hooking in “fits and starts” for a few days and so much of the progress was background and more leaves that, when I finally finished the last Bluebird (there are 11 on this rug!!!!!!!!!)…I thought I could do an interesting post once again!   :)

Somehow, pictures of yellow background and…more yellow background (!!!)…and… another leaf…and another leaf!!!!..seemed a bit boring for you!!!!!.

I am getting very close to the finish…just a bit more background and the top border…and “Joy Is A Bluebird Morning” will be complete.

This rug has meaning for me in several ways…

1.   It is a “memory rug” for me as my husband loved bluebirds and it is dedicated to him!    (I have hooked his name in the little “filler” squiggle up in the top right hand corner)  As I hooked,  I was recalling many treasured times in our 21 years in the Vermont countryside when the bluebirds came and nested in the house Joe built for them on the gentle hill behind our little farmhouse.   These are bittersweet memories as I am still missing Joe so much.   (He died last year).

2.   I am trying out rugs that might be made into patterns, as I have been asked to make some of my designs available to others.   I am thinking about patterns that might be fun for others to do (The Halloween Friends and Fun) pattern and this one might be fun for others to hook too.   We shall see.

3.   As I said earlier, this is also a lesson in motif and colour balance…on the one side, “squarish, blocky” motifs and on the other “lines and rounded” motifs.   The colours are used on both sides to pull things together and the center motifs are all surrounded by the yellow background “sunshine”!

4.   I have purposely left the horizontal “bar” at the bottom of the center design hooked without lettering this time…but I have considered hooking “BLUEBIRD  MORNING” in that space.   I like the idea of having the figures surrounded by sunshine…even standing on sunshine!   …lol…      This is why I did not put grass underfoot and why I felt the earlier lavender did not do anything for the design and actually detracted from it..!

So here is Progress on Days 23-25…Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  :)


New BBB Mystery Rug/Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 22

The Nov/Dec Holidays might be slowing me down (!!!) but I am making a little progress towards my finish line!!!

I have to smile at the “tree” my bluebirds live in…you will see it better at the finish, but instead of the large branch coming off the trunk being larger at the bottom and tapering off to smaller at the tip…my branch is smaller at the base and grows larger!   …lol…   With the weight of all those fat little bluebirds, that branch would be crashing down!!!   :)

Fortunately, this is a rug and my “artistic” branch decision was made to get all those bluebirds into the picture properly!!!

Here is Progress on Day 22…Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  :)


New BBB Mystery Rug/Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 20

Finally…I had some time to hook!!!   :)

And what do I do?   The bottom of the rug with the lavender  “stripe” looked fine when I had only part of the rug center hooked.   But as I worked up the rug and more design was completed, I did not like the block or stripe of lavender!    It called too much attention to itself and did not add anything to the design!!!

 Sooo…I took it all out and did a horizontal section of hooking with a little different yellow wool and put a few lines of coral and pink in it as I filled it in!   I now like it so much better as the design seems filled with sunshine!   That’s what I wanted for “Joy Is A Bluebird Morning”!

Here is Progress on Day 20…a “ReDo”!!!   …lol…

Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  :)



New BBB Mystery Rug/Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 19



Quick post today!!!   Decorating for the Christmas holidays and enjoying myself!  :)

However, I did get to the hooking frame to hook…another Bluebird (!!!!)   …lol… and also a couple more leaves!!!!   AND…some background..!!!  

There are a lot of leaves and a lot of bluebirds on this piece!  Thankfully, they are really fun to hook and I am using lots of little bits of leftovers too!

Working my way up to the top of the rug…will complete the center first and finish with the upper border.

So here is Progress on Day 19…Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  :)



New BBB Mystery Rug/Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 18

A busy Thanksgiving day and weekend…!   But I did manage to hook a little on my rug!   Hooray!

Working more on the “sun” and “sunspots”  (!!!!)   …lol…   and finished the border on the right hand side except for the upper brown corner square.   Also got some pretty pink in there…now isn’t that really sweet?  :)

And….. do I see part of another bluebird waiting for feathers?

Hope to have some time tomorrow to hook!

So here is Progress on Day 18…Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  :)