Small Hooked pieces under 18 x 18 inches- plus 4 x 6 postcard size-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs

I am working on the edge-finishing on my Parrot rug and enjoying some hooking on some smaller things!

I am about to finish up all three of my “Inside-Outside….” Challenge pieces…done in the “Great De-worming” Group on RHDaily.   The two chairpads and the pillow!   The Challenge finishes March 31…and the full pieces will be shown then!   Here’s a little bit of the two chairpads!!!!!!!   …lol…   A great way to have fun using leftover woolworms!

The first one is “Inside Auntie’s Kitchen” and the second is “All Around Padula Town”.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           A new venture is working on very small postcard-size pieces…something I’ve never done before!

Kristin (on Rug Hooking Daily) has started a Group celebrating ATC (artist trading cards) and I decided to try designing a few in the 4 x 6 inch format and joining the first exchange!   🙂   This size, for me, means hooking in #3 and #4 cuts!!!   Although I use these narrow cuts in my larger pieces, I don’t do entire rugs in these sizes.  

Here are my first  4 x 6 inch efforts below…”Canary Celebrating Spring!” and “Home is Where the Heart Is”.   I am working on a third design right now.

I’m thinking about my next rug too…several ideas are zipping around in my brain…!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂




New Mystery Rug 2017-“Welcome To The Parrot Gardens”-Sunnie/rug hooking-Day 20 FINISHED

Hooray…although I still have to steam and block my rug, the hooking is finished…!    (I still have a bit of “tidying” to do!!!!)    🙂

(the rug is hanging a bit crooked  on my board but you get the idea!!!)

Here is the little Parrot in his new home…the village people named their central garden after him!   He is happily living there and enjoying all that the gardens have to offer…especially all the attention from the residents and visitors!   🙂

I was working on this rug at the time we had our “snow and ice” weather here in the Portland-Vancouver area and the colours made me think of gardens and Springtime!   This area is not prepared for winter events like we’ve had…usually it is rainy in the wintertime.  

We loved the winter snow in Vermont… everyone is prepared for those conditions there.   Unless we had a very difficult storm or “ice event” (we went through one of those!!!!) everything goes along mostly as usual.

So here is the Finished piece on Day 20..

Thank you for visiting and I’ll be resting and getting the house back in order after having the electrical work done (!!!!)   I actually have a couple of ideas for my next hooking project…but I am also finishing up my 3 pieces for the “Inside, Outside, All Around The Town” Challenge on Rug Hooking Daily!!!   Such fun!   Happy Hooking!!!   Sunnie   🙂



New Mystery Rug 2017-“WTTPG”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Days 18-19

Finally can get back to my hooking!!!!!!      Hooray!

I almost have this piece completed…so I will post the finished rug on Monday!  

It has been fun…and an interesting experiment.   The focus is on a bird…but I have been trying to keep within a limited colour scheme for what is essentially his “background”.   The background should be interesting but not overshadow the bird…!    I was also experimenting with colour lights and darks…balancing them across the rug…and I tried extending some of the motifs into the borders.

I have tweaked part of the motifs above the Welcome sign and re-hooked my initials which were too prominent in the brown “twig” colours!   The initials are less noticeable now and I find that much more pleasing.   After all, this is not a rug about me!!!!!!!!!

Here is the “Story” of this rug:

When I saw the little bird in the border of that large antique tapestry, I loved the bird and the position he was in…sitting on a branch.   He was quite alone…resting there.     Of course, although it had nothing to do with the large tapestry that had lots of people animals, etc. and this was just a tiny bird in the border, I got to thinking about the bird’s “story”.   

Perhaps, he had been a pet who had flown away from his home after his elderly owner had passed away.   Many birds live a long time!

So…I decided that he had traveled until he found a garden in a small village that was just right for a new home!   The village residents named their Garden after him…loving and caring for him so that he could live out the rest of his life with them.   He is a happy bird…and his is a happy story!   🙂

When finished, this rug will hang in my entry as we go into Springtime and I change my cottage decorations after a strange Winter.   I think everyone is looking forward to Spring!!!

So here is Progress on Days 18-19…thank you for coming along on this rather “sporadic” journey with me!   I hope you are doing well and hooking away at something you love!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂



New Mystery Rug 2017-“WTTPG”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Days 16-17

Whew!!!   I think I am getting too old for doing multiple things at one time….. like Mystery rug hooking, house prep for electrical work, hooking 3 Challenge pieces and organizing 3 rooms and my garage!!!!!!!

With my luck, I’ll be asked to host a dinner for 75 people who will not even fit into my small cottage home (maybe a dinner for 4…yes?)!!!!!   …lol…

However, I have finally 2 pictures for you that are not just straight row border hooking or background hooking!!!   🙂   I decided to do “twig” initials!

So here we go on Days 16 and 17…the left side of the rug and the bottom also.   I hope you are having fun whatever you are doing today!!!!


New Mystery Rug “WTTPG”-2017-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 15

Hooray!   I actually finished off the center top of the rug!  

This part took a long time, first because I had to design it and second because I used an absolutely beautiful wool for the background that was difficult to hook…!!!!   Almost every loop was inclined to ravel so it was slow going.   I wanted to use it to get rid of it and had just enough wool to complete it with a little creative designing!   🙂

Below is the wool:


I wanted to have a small transition from the main background plaid to this remnant wool for the upper background.   I am happy with how it looks but weary of the raveling…!!!!!!   But it is used up now!   I had 4 strips left over…that was all.

You can see the transition from the main background under the Welcome sign to the new background above the Welcome in the photo below.

So here is Progress on Day 15… I wanted to use some of the same colours as in the lower part of the rug but add a little difference too.   The Welcome sign and this “decoration” above it reminded me of metalwork art…and looks vaguely “odd”!

Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂


New Mystery Rug 2017-“WTTPG”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 14

Well I finally got the top of the rug designed so I could hook on it…!!!!!!   It is always nice to actually Have a design to hook.    🙂

I hadn’t decided what I wanted to do up there when I started and thought I might look at tole painting for ideas.   I changed my mind about 5 times before deciding on using the green as the main colour and accenting with soft colours from the body of the rug.   We’ll see if it works!!!!

I think the pinks on the green swirl look rather like a caterpillar although that was not what was intended..!

After going across the top, I’ll hook more on the right hand border and then work on the lower left of the rug and the left border.

So here is Progress on Day 14…I am really enjoying this piece but it does take time to decide on the placement of greens and pinks, etc.   So I do a lot of “looking and thinking”…!


New Mystery Rug 2017-“WTTPG”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 13

Finally got away from background hooking (!!!) and was able to spend some time on more motifs!   Part of the time used on this rug is re-designing and changing things as I go!

Now you might think “She’s so scatterbrained” or “Perhaps her mind is actually going now!” or something else (!!!!)…but I really do have fun designing and adapting a design as I go.   It would be more difficult for me to draw out a design and follow it all the way to the finish without changes.  (Many of us change as we go!)    I say all the time that I like to be surprised when I come to the finish of a rug!   Only rarely do I complete a rug where I can see it in my mind and I follow that vision all the way!   🙂

So here is my Progress on Day 13…I also worked a little on a part of the rug that you can’t see yet.   But most of the time yesterday was spent on the motifs and, as you can see, I will be filling in background again today!!!!!!

Hooray!   Our snow is almost all melted…and life is moving along again outside my house!   Thank goodness I have had rug hooking, reading and old Perry Mason DVD’s (!!!) to keep me company during these last 2 weeks!   And now that we have very little snow, my snow shovel arrived today!!!!   I have a feeling we are going to have an “interesting” year!

Here is Progress on Day 13…Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂