New Mystery Rug-“E or R”-Aug/Sept-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 22

Wow…what a busy few days I have had…!   But I did have time to hook yesterday so i have Day 22 of the rug!

“It was a time of decisions…was the darkness good or bad?   We knew it was what each of us imagined it to be, and we looked into each other’s eyes.”


I am smiling at today’s post because it just seemed right to choose these colours for the birds…and I keep thinking they are strange flying chickens!!!!!   There are many parts of this rug that make me think, and many parts that make me laugh…but it really is tremendous fun!!!!    🙂

So here is Progress on Day 22…I have another busy few days but hope I can hook more on this rug sometime this week!  

Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂


New Mystery Rug-“E or R”-Aug-Sept/Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 21

Quick post today…photo while still on the frame!!!

“We thought about those who walked on this ground long before us.   And we looked to see if their footsteps were under our own.”


Many things to do today but I did get some hooking done!   More “granite”, more background and more leaves too!!!!

Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂




New Mystery Rug-“Eor R”-Aug-Sept-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 20

“It was a time of following the darkness as it moved across the garden.   And we watched it curl around the plants and seep into the ground.”


Here we go with Progress on Day 20!

This certainly is the strangest rug I have hooked, with all its twists and turns!!!   It started out a bit simpler but has gradually evolved into a more complex piece with many questions and stories.  🙂

Later next week, I will start explaining some of the thoughts behind this rug and the questions it poses.   As you know, I like to be challenged and surprised in the creation of many of the rugs I do…and this one has certainly made me think of many things in life.

I actually have a place in my studio room to hang it and that’s a good thing because it is large and my cottage is small…!!!!!!

I actually do have another Blog called “Sunnie’s Old Crow Cottage” that I opened  in 2010…just when my husband and I were going to move into a smaller apartment or house.   I am now starting to use it as a blog about my cottage…decorating, gardening, rugs shown in my rooms, etc.   The link is listed on the right side of this page under “Blogroll” if you care to see what I am up to at home!!!!!  🙂

Here is the Progress on Day 20…what in the world do we have now?   …lol…   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂



New Mystery Rug-“EorR”-Aug/Sept-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 19

“It was a time of watching the sky changing.   And we thought we saw a pale light…an opening to another reality perhaps?”


Here we go on Day 19…!!!  🙂

Did you ever have one of those weeks where you got a lot of things done but nothing that you planned to do?   …lol…

For the last 7-8 days, I’ve been getting up and starting out the days I’ve planned and almost none of those plans have actually been done!   It is all so simple, as you know.   You start something and the phone rings, asking you to do something or inviting you to go somewhere so you change course and suddenly, the day is ended and it is time for bed…!

We had a real weather change where the weather turned cold for a day or so and then hot again.   If I ever get a cold, it is on these quick weather changes so I felt a cold coming on.   I didn’t feel well so I rested a lot on that day.   After it turned hot again, those icky feelings went away…so I did not have a cold.  🙂

You go outside to set up a sprinkler and end up visiting with a neighbor for half an hour.   You then remember that you need groceries so you make a trip to town…and, of course, you meet people you know and go out for lunch, etc.   You get home, put away the groceries, check the mail and take care of whatever is needed there.   Perhaps it is time to put new tabs on the car, pay some bills, or find the information to send someone.

When you head into the studio to hook, the phone rings and someone is heading your way and would love to stop for a visit.  🙂   All of a sudden, it is bedtime!!!   …lol…

However,   I finally had some time to hook on Monday and Tuesday…although on Monday, I just did more border!!!   But yesterday I actually got a bit more done!!!!    Hooray!

I hope you are all well and not having one of “those weeks”…unless you love them!!!!!!!   I do love the change from summer to autumn, especially if it is gradual.   I have more energy in the cooler weather!

So here is Progress on Day 19…this is a large rug so it will take me another week or so to get it close to the finish…if I don’t have another one of “those weeks” again!!!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂


New Mystery Rug-“E or R”-Aug 2016-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 18

“It was a time of watching flowers grow and search for light.   And we looked for moonlight in the garden…but it was hidden.”


Here is Progress on Day 18…!

I have been working more on border…a Lot of border!!!!!!!!!   but finally just Had to hook something else so I did 2 more flowers!!!  🙂

Many of you probably do the same thing…work on your border as you go, especially if it is a large one with repetitive motifs.   Thankfully, I am happy with it and the colours.   The dark burgundy on the bottom and the dark blue-black plaid on the top and sides works for me…and I think it contains all that is going on in the center!

It is a bit difficult working with a wool that is more loosely woven as it tends to ravel in the narrower cuts…but I am happy with the blue-black so it is worth the extra care. 

I also find some symbolism in the border too…so that goes along with the character of this piece.

Yesterday, I was hooking along when another design for a fun Halloween rug popped into my mind!   So, of course, I had to take several hours to draw it and refine the idea!!!   It did make a nice break from “border hooking”.

Now I can’t wait to hook it….!!!   It might be a start for a couple of other seasonal rugs featuring the main characters too.   And I must find a printer for my patterns over here in Vancouver.   So much to do, so little time!!!!!!!

Here are my flowers…I am enjoying the colours and I need to hook another insect too, I think!!!!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂


New Mystery Rug-“E or R”-Aug 2016-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 17

“It was a time of inner light and memory.   And all of our senses remembered…and imagined.”


Well…today did not go as planned but I got a lot of outside work done!!!!   Here’s a picture but I did not get to that bottom corner!!!!    I did get a bit started on the top border…so I accomplished something!   Maybe tonight I can get that bottom corner done.   Happy Hooking!  🙂



I had a good time over the weekend at the Portland Hooking Group’s Hook-In!   It is always a nice Saturday with a delicious salad lunch and many special drawings for wool and supplies!

Although I have been hooking this week, it has all been on Borders…both the right side and the bottom.   I just need one more corner and the whole bottom border will be finished…Hooray!!!!

Then I want to hook another Motif….I really need the change from the border!!!!  🙂

I will post the pictures later today as I want to finish that left hand corner!!!!!

Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂



New Mystery Rug-“E or R”-Aug 2016-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 16

“It was a time of reflection.   And suddenly, we found ourselves smiling.


Quick post today…I did change the leaf on the blues to a darker one so it shows up better.   Also worked on a bit of border but will show it next time!   I want to get both the right side border and the bottom border finished before going on to more motifs on the left side.

I can keep thinking about motifs as I hook in all that border wool…!!!!!  🙂

So here is Progress on Day 16…Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂