March Mystery-AGRD-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 12

Another quick post…

I had some time to hook this morning…but not too much so I decided to do some more “filling in!!!   :)   It is easier to do the background with only 2 wools to consider and no decisions to make as they have already been made!!!!!!!   …lol…

I am working across the top of the rug and do not have too much more to do before getting to the right side and the scrappy border scallops!   I also did some lettering and am almost through with that too…so it should only be a few days more and it will be finished..!!  Hooray!  

And I have decided on my next adventure…it will be fun too!   So I’ll rest a bit and gather my materials…and get the pattern drawn out …and then I’ll be hooking again!

Here is Progress on Day 12…Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  :)



March Mystery-AGRD-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 11

Quick post today!   Had some time this morning and early afternoon to hook…and after one episode of “Midsomer Murders” + the start of the next one on DVD…I have some background finished and leaf filled in!!!   :)

Dental work this morning and my crown is quite sensitive to cold…hope I’ll get used to it..!      …lol…

Here is Progress on Day 11…Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  :)



March Mystery-AGRD-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 10

Hooray…I had some time to hook yesterday evening and had fun doing this flower!!!   (and…I filled in some blue too, as you will see in the 2nd thrilling photo!!!!!)    :)

I had to laugh at myself as I looked at the rug hanging on my “display board” last night.   Although I could  easily have had symmetry on this piece, I chose to make each side of the rug different… so it is just a little “off”!!!!!   …lol…

It is not that I don’t like symmetry…I admire the beautiful floral and geometric rugs that have exactly the same motifs on each side of the rug!    But it is just not the way I like to work…!   I delight in seeing the precise work of others where they express their joy in uniformity and consistency…I’m just not moved to do it myself!!!  

You can see the “scribbles” I make on the backing as I redesign or refine my first sketch…I’ve said before that my first drawing on the backing is usually a “suggestion” of the final rug-to-be.   It is never meant to be a pattern to follow exactly!!   For me, it wouldn’t be fun if I knew in advance what the finished rug would be!!!!    

As you will see, when I show the completed rug, I have made the motifs on the right side of the rug a little (or a Lot..!!!) larger than on the left side.   And although I was going to put the scallops the same on each side of the rug, I decided to make them spaced differently too!!!!!     I think it is my constant experimentation and the “I wonder what will happen if I do this” attitude that guides my work.   And, of course, the great fun in it all…!!!   :)

So here is Progress on Day 10…I’m having a grand time and I’m glad you’ve joined me for this hooking adventure!!!   Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  :)



March Mystery-AGRD-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 9

Well,  I didn’t have too much time to hook over the weekend…But…I did have some time last night to fill in more background and lettering and to add some bright stripes to the mix!!!

I’m hooking across the top and the bottom of the rug now and will be hooking the right side of the rug last.

This piece makes me smile as it is, of course, rather silly…but many of my pieces are silly…!!!!!   :)

After this rug, I have several rugs in mind to do and will come back into the present for my design ideas.   It has been restful to do these last two simple wall pieces…nothing to ponder about, no difficult decisions to make.   If you have been doing a rug that has taken a lot of planning and careful colour changes or difficult-to-hook motifs, you might want to do something small and simple just to rest your brain!!!!!   …lol…

I am glad I made a background change inside the row of bright “beads”…from the light herringbone to the darker vanilla plaid!   However, if I were doing this again, I think I might reverse the process and have the lighter on the inside and the darker on the outside!   I did not have enough of the vanilla wool to do that so it wasn’t an option…but if I had been buying wool to do this I might have done it  the other way!!!   It would look as though a “spotlight” was on the center and draw the eye there!!!   See if you agree when you see the finished piece.   :)

I never worry about that type of thing though…I like it as it is, and any of us could spend precious hooking time (or family time, or gardening time or???) fussing about the rug we did earlier and criticizing it…!  

There are two ways to handle  a situation where we don’t like something we’ve done on a rug:

1.  If it drives you crazy…redo it…!

2.   If we realize that those were the decisions we made at the time, and colours of wool we had at the time, go on to the next rug and we’ll try for a result that pleases us more!

Pretty simple stuff…!!!!!!! 

Here is Progress on Day 9…Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  :)



March Mystery-AGRD-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 8

Hooray…I was able to turn the upper left corner of the rug for today’s post…!   :)

I still can’t believe how long it takes to do the scrappy parts of the mat.   Maybe it is spending time choosing the next colour or finding the right width strip or deciding how much of the strip to use, etc.   but I am always surprised at how rapidly I can do other motifs and how slowly the scrappy parts go!!!   …lol…

I also have a lovely photo of some more blue that I hooked in…I’m sure you will find that photo just divine!!!   (right..!!!)   :)

When I am thinking about characters to put into rugs (as I said yesterday) I am often thinking about combinations!   For the character in this rug, if you can call up a vision of the Child of an Elf married to a Ladybug, with several flowers as ancestors…you’ve got it…!!!     

Instead of the writing at the top of This rug, for my long-ago sketch it was “Sunnie Andress Designs”.   I used both that  business name alone and later added “Old Crow Farm” as my Vermont business name.

So here is Progress on Day 8…I am also working on some of the parts you can’t see yet, and the lettering…so I am moving right along on this piece!   Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  :)


March Mystery-AGRD-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 7

200redhatLADYI have been working up the left side of the rug, hooking some in the center too and hooking some lettering!

I’m almost to the top of the left side…and I decided to connect the scallops with a scrappy line so they were not just scrappy “blobs”  (!!!) along the border!!!!   :)

Again, although it is not as interesting for you…I am filling in background as I go and I feel like I am making good progress on this rug.  

I’ll start telling a bit about this design today.  

When I first juried in to the Vermont Hand Crafters group in Vermont many years ago, my art work was designing Santas, Father Christmas figures and folk art characters for collectors.   I sold my work at the VHC Holiday Show in Burlington VT in November and used a booth with dark green drapes.

SANTA250aSANTA200I branched out into doing Elves and “Red Hat” ladies (one shown above!), funny characters with names that were “plays on words” etc. and just had great fun! 

I did special orders and was always happy to have a new character to work on!

The faces were soft sculpted for the most part but I did a few with Sculpy faces.  

(I am getting out my supplies and am going to make Santas and characters once again…I miss doing them so I will have another art project to enjoy along with my rugs!!!)

Several years later, when I had been designing and hooking original rugs, I juried in again  with hooked rugs and was able to sell them at the Holiday show along with my Santas, etc.

I decided I needed a hooked “sign” to hang at the back of my booth to promote rugs…so I started sketching several different ideas and looking at vintage designs and illustrations that I could use for this.   It needed to be bright…to show up against all that green!!!!!!

As I said, I was doing simpler designs back then and this was one of them.   I did not do this one (it was more child-like)… choosing to do a more “adult” sign based on vintage illustrations!

I thought it would be fun to do this older piece now and use it as one of the wall mats I hang outside my apartment door.    It isn’t part of my “Sunnie” signs (I still need to do a “Winter” one of those 24 x 24 inch apartment rugs)…but it just a happy design that might bring a smile to those who see it.   :) 

Here is Progress on Day 7…Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  :)


March Mystery-AGRD-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 6


Filling in more background…!!!   And using leftover woolworms for this first scallop!!!   Second photo shows the second “leftovers” scallop, more border and some other little motifs!!!   :)

I’m not sure if it is my allergies from all the “blooming” going on here in Oregon or if I am starting a Spring cold…(!!!) but I have been doing some sneezing and feeling tired for the last couple of days!   However, maybe it is just wool dust and old age!!!!!    …lol…

Had a strange dream last night…parking a small car by a yellow-painted curb, going into an Antique shop with a stroller (no baby!), looking through Christmas decorations and old clock parts and ending by sitting beside a nice policeman, asking him if he would find me a key to my car so I could move it before the police came because I had left my purse in the stroller and did not remember where I left the stroller…!!!!        (He was watching his wife sitting at a table sorting dishes and little bowls and arranging them in groups by colour!)

I have always had odd and silly dreams and some I remember for years!   There was the one about lowering the closet doorknob with the help of my psychology instructor and the strange conversation and…???

With dreams like these, you have got to know where my “oddities” come from!!!!!    …lol…   Sometimes I just wake up laughing!!!

Anyway…Here is Progress on Day 6…had some more rain yesterday so that’s good..!  

Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  :)