Happy October!-New Rug Projects-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs

Hooray!!!   I do love the cooler Autumn weather…and I love decorating for fall…!   My tree is glowing with colour just outside my front windows!


I have been taking a rest after my large rug project…just steaming the rug and getting it ready to finish the edges takes a Lot of time!  🙂

However…I am working on a Group of 4 Chairpads that are for Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer so that I can display them at the proper time on a little antique chair in my front room.   I had done a narrow wall hanging for one of my rooms in Vermont that had similar motifs, so I adapted them for the chairpads and can make patterns of them.

I have hooked the first three and have Summer yet to do.   Also, I am finishing them as I go along!!!!!   …lol…   (I have been doing so much “edge finishing” lately that I am about edged out…!!!)

Another project that I am going to start is doing some small rugs in a 12 x 12 inch format.   I enjoyed doing the 24 x 24 inch rugs that were a challenge on Rug Hooking Daily some years ago.   It helped me look at a design and concentrate on the important things…paring the design down to it’s essentials.   I’m going to try this on the 12 x 12 now.

So in a week or so, I’ll start my 12 x 12 project…but I want to finish my chairpads first.   I’ll post a picture of the Group when they are finished.

Hope everyone is safe and well…my heart goes out to everyone suffering the effects of the wind and water on the East coast.  And others who have lost loved ones.   We feel so helpless when these things happen!

I trust you are gathering lots of beautiful wool to hook in the upcoming months…   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂


Mystery Rug Aug/Sept-“Encounter or Rendezvous?”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 26 Finished!

Hooray…the rug is finished…!  🙂

   This piece started out simply but seemed to take on other stories as I hooked…weaving themselves in and out of the wool. 

The viewers are the “watchers”…we are looking out into the darkness.   Do we see two living beings meeting each other?   One living, the other a statue?   Two statues?   As observers, we are often not sure of what we are seeing…the wind, a flicker of light, something moving in the dark can give us a false impression.  

At first, I had a garden image but the weeping branches and the urns could be a cemetery entrance…yes?    The female figure could be a statue…or she could be a woman weeping (as shown on many embroidered mourning pictures).   And what about the bird-man figure (the Celtic drawing)…could he be a visitor from another world or a person in a costume to hide his identity?   Is he a threat?  

As I hooked the flowers I realized that I had drawn some with bare roots…which means they would soon die.   However, other flowers were happy and safely in the ground.   I remembered the rhyme about magpies when hooking the birds…the 1780 version…”One for sorrow, Two for mirth, Three for a funeral, Four for a birth…” and realized that I had taken three birds from the group of birds on the ancient fragment of textile…so was this a sad occasion?   Of course, the birds look like flying chickens (!!!!)…so that can’t be sad…can it?

Also, the silly red shoes on the bird figure, the happy flowers and insects and the unexpected sweater on the woman don’t seem to suggest something unhappy.  ( I told you I laughed when hooking the woman’s costume because I had intended to do the draped bodice shown on many Greek statues.   I had a thought pop into my head of the “graffiti knitting” people who knit and crochet caps, sweaters, etc to “yarn bomb” statues in courtyards, etc. So I couldn’t resist “yarn bombing” either the woman or the statue which made the rug even sillier!!!!!)

Perhaps, our time of staring into the darkness makes us think we are seeing something fanciful or enchanted when it is really happening behind our own eyes.   Is that an opening to another world where the sky changes under that arched green branch by the bird-man’s wing?  What about those “eyes” down by the bird-man’s feet?    Did we hear a voice in the darkness or was it only the wind?   Even my initials seemed to take on a life of their own!!!    The “S” looks like it is shrinking back away from the “A” which looks like it is aggressively running towards the “S”.   Is this more enchantment?   Are even the initials alive?   …lol…   Or is nothing in this scene alive?

I felt that this rug needed a border…and I chose a large one.   Without the border, the rug seems to me to have less mystery!   The border also has suggestions of life and death, a hedge dying back in Winter but the four green leaves in the corners still showing the promise of life.   Is there life inside the hedge or only life on the outside?   There are gaps in the hedge on the sides, beside the center motifs,  for us to either enter or to leave the center…as we wish.

Because the rug is a riddle, a puzzle… a piece with many hidden meanings it could really be titled “Enigma”!   The viewer can weave the story most pleasing to them…and I enjoyed all of the stories that passed through my mind when hooking this rug.    :)

Or it could be just a Rug!  🙂

Here is the finished rug on Day 26… first picture without the border:



New Mystery Rug-“E or R”-Aug/Sept-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 25

Almost there…here is Progress on Day 25.   I was able to finish all the background in the rug center and all the motifs.   Now to finish the last section of border and the rug will be finished…Hooray!!!

As I wrote in the beginning…this rug is 39 x 49 inches.

I’m going to start telling you a bit about the rug so it will be better understood when you see the final picture.   One of the figures is adapted from Greek and Roman statues.   The second figure is an adaptation of a small border motif from ancient Celtic art.   The urns, pedestals and some flowers are adapted from an old woodcut…but the urns with their weeping branches are also found on antique embroidered mourning pictures.

I have sketched some of the flowers, the bugs and other random motifs.   I simply cut out a border motif from copy paper and drew around it.   The border is 5 inches wide.

What does this rug portray?

My first title was “Encounter…or Rendezvous?”   And I thought it would be either two actual living “people” in the garden as seen from the window of a great estate…or two “statues”!   Since what we see in the dark can be deceiving, I could imagine the viewers trying to see just what was going on!    Sometimes a trick of the light or the flutter of something moved by the wind makes us think we see figures moving.   But did they?

In truth, there are several stories that this rug could portray…and I did not have an exact story in my head before beginning to hook.   I thought of other titles…Is this “Energetic” or “Restful”?   Perhaps “Ecstasy” or “Resignation”?    Is it “Enchantment” or “Reality”?   Can we really tell?  

Tomorrow, I should be finished …Day 26…and I will finish the explanation of the rug.    🙂   I wonder if you will see it in the same way I do!!!    …lol…

Here is Day 25…   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂





New Mystery Rug-“E or R”-Aug/Sept 2016-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 24

“We wondered if the darkness had a message for us.   So we waited…but we only heard the sigh of the wind.”


Here we go on Day 24…

I am doing more border hooking (whew!!!!) but did hook one of the corner leaves.   I had left them all blank because I had not decided how I would hook them.   Now that the rug center is almost finished, I know how I want the border to look…and the symbolism I want to convey.  🙂

I have more drooping branches today as well as the leaf…!   Then, I’ll be hooking a small stretch of border and the rest of the corner leaves and the rug will be finished… Hooray!!!

I think this rug was good for me to do at this time because the transition of Summer into Autumn is always a blessing for me.   Not being a hot weather person (!!!!) the cooler weather and the beautiful Autumn colours bring me a lot of enjoyment.   I feel more energetic and love to decorate with the golds, oranges, rusts, burgundies and greens…even though my cottage is done in pinks, yellows, creams and lighter greens.   My home may look like a pastel + bright blend for awhile but I’m sure nobody will be surprised at that.

Here is Progress on Day 24…Hope you are all well and enjoying the transition from one season to another also.   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂


New Mystery Rug 2016- “E or R”-Aug Sept/Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 23

Here we go on Day 23…!

“It was a time when we thought light had flown away to another world…never to return.   And we saw the edges of our world soften as we looked into the darkness.”


I had a great 3 days at the “Autumn in the Northwest” Hook-In last Thurs,Fri and Sat…!   It is always fun to see friends and enjoy all the wonderful rugs they are working on!

I most often take edge-finishing work to do, whipping or binding and adding hanging sleeves.   I am making a good part of my home into a rug gallery so I can enjoy many of the rugs I have hooked over the years.  Since I do so little colour planning, I need to be home with my wool when hooking a piece.   However this time I actually hooked a little chairpad that I will make into a paper pattern…and I wanted to do it for myself and my Autumn-Halloween decorating!!!  🙂

In Vermont, I used to do edge-finishing when my husband was driving us somewhere.   I could still enjoy the beautiful scenery and get lots of work done too!!!

I’m actually able to work on my Mystery rug again…so I’m planning to finish it next week.  (if all goes well…!!!!!)    I now have the bottom left corner finished and the border around it too…except for the corner large border leaf.   Hope to hook that today!!!!!

It has been fun…but that’s a LOT of border hooking!   However…it was needed!   I don’t think this rug would work very well without the border!!!!!!!

Here is Progress on Day 23…Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂



New Mystery Rug-“E or R”-Aug/Sept-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 22

Wow…what a busy few days I have had…!   But I did have time to hook yesterday so i have Day 22 of the rug!

“It was a time of decisions…was the darkness good or bad?   We knew it was what each of us imagined it to be, and we looked into each other’s eyes.”


I am smiling at today’s post because it just seemed right to choose these colours for the birds…and I keep thinking they are strange flying chickens!!!!!   There are many parts of this rug that make me think, and many parts that make me laugh…but it really is tremendous fun!!!!    🙂

So here is Progress on Day 22…I have another busy few days but hope I can hook more on this rug sometime this week!  

Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂


New Mystery Rug-“E or R”-Aug-Sept/Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 21

Quick post today…photo while still on the frame!!!

“We thought about those who walked on this ground long before us.   And we looked to see if their footsteps were under our own.”


Many things to do today but I did get some hooking done!   More “granite”, more background and more leaves too!!!!

Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂