Rugs, Patterns, Packing, Wedding Prep, Resting…HAH (!!!!), Etc.

I’m so busy with all the “Stuff” going on I have not had time to post…!!!!!  

Also, last week my computer stopped working so had to get a new one and get it going!   “Sigh”.      :(

I am still doing a very little bit of pattern work but the packing and upcoming wedding (the 12th) is keeping me from traveling back and forth to get patterns enlarged and printed.   I did take a few patterns to our last Hook-in and was happy with the response.   So if I can get more enlargements made and get into my new home by the end of September (if all goes as planned…!!!!!!)   …lol…   I’ll get back to my pattern project.   I started it when my life was calm and peaceful and I knew I would have time to get everything in order by September!   Hah!!!   Life intervenes and throws us curves, but we just get up, bounce back and get on the right road once again!   :)

My apartment looks like a messy warehouse (!!!) and, of course, I will be disconnected from my computer during the last weeks of September as I move and get a new internet provider.   But I’ll get back to my “normal” life after the move and enjoy some peace and quiet once again!

Hope you are all doing well and I’ll see you back here with pattern info and mystery rugs as soon as I can!   I have a new mystery rug in mind…”AGH”…funny, that is just what I feel like yelling every so often (especially when my computer refuses to work!!!!)   …lol…

Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  :)

Mystery-“Halloween Hotel’s Holiday Dance”-Sunnie/rug hooking halloween rugs-change FINISHED!

Well here we go…I have removed “Madcap Myrtle” after taking her picture and have hooked in the redesign!   I can tweak my rug a bit more later on…but this is what the pattern will look like.

Because I am not taking out the first “Prunetta” (!!!!)   I am accepting the help of one of my little witches (yes, I have done witches as well as Santas!) to cover Prunetta-the-first…!   The wrought iron posts with the “jewels” in the pattern will be the same on both sides.

Still sewing napkins, doing a little packing but not too much because the house is not mine until the closing, working on patterns and hooking, etc.    I am also cleaning out and seeing what I can give away to family or charity and removing some things from the walls in the bedrooms so I can fill the nail holes.   :)

The bridal shower was last Sunday.   It was very nice with a “peacock colours” theme, and my shower/wedding gifts have been given so that is complete!!

Both the satin napkin sewing and the pattern-making go rather slowly but bit by bit I am getting things done.   If all goes well with the house-buying, I will have more room to organize my art and craft activities and supplies…so that will be super!

So here is the completed rug changes and the picture for the front of the pattern.  (I’ll cut away the large blank area above the little witch.)

 Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  :)




Mystery – “Halloween Hotel’s Holiday Dance”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 16 FINISHED

Well finally!!!   I am laughing at myself because I thought I had finished the rug last evening and was about to take a picture when I realized I had not hooked the rest of the #8 strips (2 strips) border!!!  

I was pretty tired so I just laughed and went to bed…got up this morning and finished the border and a few other tweaks…along with sewing more satin (!!!), computer work,  reading over the 26 page report of the house inspector, etc.

I’m doing too many things at once!!!!!   :)  

This has been, even with all the “life-interventions”, a really fun  and happy rug to do!

However, I am going to post the pictures today, even though I have a little more work to do on this rug.  

FIRST is the picture showing most of the rug design I started with…the added pumpkin characters are blocked out.   All you have to do on Picture 1 is imagine a small pumpkin (no face) to the left of Chauncy’s foot…where Oswaldo is now!    Also, I left the dark colour on the “jewels” shown on the wrought iron fence post on the left side.   The jewels on the right post are much better in giving a halloween look!  

I will change the left side ones but wanted you to see that the orange and yellow look much better to me…without the purple to balance the colours in Myrtle’s outfit.

Myrtle Mae Mopp shows up on Picture 1 as a rather goofy-looking character…especially when contrasted with Chauncy!   But that is the effect I wanted.   :)   They show up as a couple!



Now to Picture 2…

When you see picture 2 , you see how the addition of Oswaldo and Prunetta make the eye jump from Chauncy to the two pumpkins…and then to Myrtle Mae.   Now, she looks tired and “faded”.   The strong colours of the pumpkins and the cat come forward and even her “high fashion” outfit (!!!) can’t compete with them.   To my eye the rug is just a bit too crowded.   The candy corn lights are really bright too, and that adds to Myrtle’s washed out look.  

Also, you can visualize the two wrought iron posts looking like the left one…with those bright orange and yellow jewels!!!…when I move Prunetta into the lower right center section. (after taking Myrtle Mae out when I make the Chauncy and pumpkins pattern.

PICTURE 2 BELOW…. So away we go!   I think Chauncy will be fine centered and by himself, with sparklers in each hand, heading for the dance and a night of fun!   I hope you enjoy the rug…I’m now working on the pattern…this is what the right side of the pattern will look like on this second version of the rug.   (I’ll also redraft the version with Myrtle Mae Mopp too.)


Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  :)


Mystery-“Halloween Hotel’s Holiday Dance”-Sunnie/rug hooking/halloween rugs-Day 15

I’m almost there…I think I will be able to finish tomorrow!!!!!   Hooray!

Now here is/was the story of this rug when I started…!!!!!!!

Chauncy Purrshing Rattermouser, “wealthy young man about town”, found a great dance companion when he met “Madcap” Myrtle Mae Mopp!   Myrtle Mae is the daughter of billionaire, Dustin Mopp, President of the R. U. Kleen Company.   She lives in a wonderfully decorated bucket in the penthouse on the top floor of the R.U. Kleen Building.

Myrtle Mae loves dancing and dresses in highly fashionable outfits…a perfect dance partner for Chauncy!   (His favourite dance is the “Mop, Mop-A-Do Wop” where he holds Myrtle Mae by the handle on her head and swings her around in the air, a move that delights the other dancers   (and dusts the light fixtures!)!   Her favourite dance is the “Black Cat Boogie” as she and Chauncy can really clean the floor with that one!!!)

The rug shows them on a festive night, coming through the gate at the entrance to the “Halloween Hotel”…ready for a night of dancing delight!   As I did on the “Trick or Treat” rug, there is a simple inanimate object (candlestick, mop, etc) coming alive and pairing up with the main character.   

Of course, that was before Oswaldo and Prunetta entered the picture!!!!    :)

By adding two more characters,  there are now too many focal points.    The eye jumps from the three, strong-coloured characters first (Chauncy and pumpkins) and Myrtle Mae seems more like an afterthought…!   My wrought iron entry is not as I want it, the characters seem too close together for their size and the colours that I’ve “tweaked” to make a more even distribution across the rug don’t seem to me to be as effective as my first design.   …lol…

I think this is a great example of redesigning gone flooey!!!!   Of course it is “OK”, not a horrible disaster…but it doesn’t satisfy Me.   :)


I love the character of Chauncy (he’s a strong design on his own) and Oswaldo and Prunetta’s budding “relationship”!!!!!   So, I’ll change the rug design to Chauncy, the “wealthy young man about town”, arriving through the gate with both hands holding sparklers…looking forward to a grand night of dancing with many young ladies!    …I’ll center Chauncy under the candy corn lights,  and Oswaldo and Prunetta will be there with him.   I’ll move Prunetta into the rug center, lower right, perhaps on a little stand and change the angle of their eyes…(Oswaldo looking up and Prunetta looking down.)

Then I can redo my right side wrought iron and all will be a funny happy rug!

I think that will make a really fun Halloween rug!!!  

I’ll adjust my own rug after taking a finished picture and center Chauncy a bit more on my” Halloween Hotel Dance” pattern.    I am NOT going to take him all out and center him on my – already done- rug!!!!!!!

Perhaps Myrtle Mae Mopp will stay on a variation of this if I take out the pumpkins!!!!!   lol    Or she could be on another rug someday with her friends, Bernard Buckett, Durwood Dustpann and Beaulah Broome!   :)

Here is Progress on Day 15…  the Left side of the rug!!!!       Happy Hooking! Sunnie  :)


Mystery-“Halloween Hotel’s Holiday Dance”-Sunnie/rug hooking/halloween rugs-Day 14

Well here we go…getting close to the finish line on this rug!   :)   Only a couple more days!!!!!!   …lol…

This has been really fun…but I am going to use it as a great example of the hazards of changing the focus of a design when a lot of it has already been done!!!

I plan to change this pattern when I make the paper enlargements…away from my original idea and towards the “adjusted design”!    But instead of just taking out a part of the rug and redoing it before showing the full rug to you, I’m going to see if you agree with me on my reasons for the change.

All of us who do our own designs, especially those who “design-as-they-go” as I do, know the feeling of having a design or motif look not quite right.   It may be the placement or the motif itself…or it might be the colours that would have to be used for that area,  perhaps the balance is off or the motifs crowd each other, etc.  

Although this rug will not be a pattern of the one I started with…I think the changed rug will convey my Halloween celebration theme even better!!!    As you know from my work…I don’t do much in the way of symmetry!!!!    I like balance but symmetry doesn’t always convey what I want on a rug.   In the case of this rug, however…I really wanted the same wrought iron posts at each side of the gate of the “Halloween Hotel”.   When I added the pumpkin designs, that wasn’t possible.   :)

So I will show the finished rug and tell you what I plan to do…both in removing one motif, changing the design a bit and then making the pattern from that design.   We’ll see if you think it is better left the way it is!!!!!!!   …lol…   I still think it is a great example of a “Rug design gone flooey”!!!

Here is Progress on Day 14…Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  :)


Mystery Rug-HHHD-Sunnie/rug hooking/Halloween rugs-Day 13

Well, “life” has intervened…as it so often does(!!!!)…just when I am very busy and my daughter is Super busy (!!) with the preparations for her daughter’s (my granddaughter’s) wedding!  (I’m helping sewing on Lots of satin!!!!!)   I’m also hooking this new rug and trying to get these patterns ready so I can actually offer them to anyone interested….!!!

The story goes like this…

When I moved here to my apartment, it was my intention to stay here in Oregon (where I am very happy!!!) until I needed more help or my health wasn’t as good…and then look for an apartment or a house closer to my daughter in Vancouver Wa..(right across the Columbia River ).    It seemed reasonable at the time I moved here in 2013.

However, a couple of months ago, I thought that I really didn’t want to move when I wasn’t in good health or was having trouble walking or going gaga…so my daughter and I discussed it and thought I should start casually looking for a home near her.   With an idea of finding something and moving next Spring or Summer.

Because it took my daughter a year or two to find her home and to actually buy it (homes in her area go fast and they often have several offers on them)  we contacted a realtor friend and asked her to just keep an eye out for what we wanted.    We figured something would come up in the next 6 months or a year and we’d really start looking in the Spring.

Of course, since this is the worst possible time (!!!!!)…Murphy’s Law has struck again…and I am in the process of buying a home right now…on top of everything else!      :)

The perfect little house came up only 4 minutes away from my daughter, it had several offers on it and they accepted mine!   So if all goes well, I’ll have to start packing and moving right after my granddaughter’s September wedding!!!!    Yeeeks!

So…please overlook any additional “oddities” on my part as I try to juggle all of this!   I’m sure I can do it… but I feel like I am like the man who jumped on his horse and rode off in all directions!!!!!   …lol…

So I am a couple of weeks behind schedule (!!!) but next week I’ll post pictures of the patterns I have and if the paper is finally in at Staples, I can get the last batch finished.   I can also finish this rug and keep sewing on that satin and signing papers, etc. for the house in my spare time!   Whew!!!

Now you just know that if I wanted to move right away, I would never be able to find Anything even remotely Near my daughter!   And if I did find something, it would be waaay above my modest price range!!!!!

I’m delighted with the house, the location is perfect and I needed to act now.   Of course, now that I have This Oregon address on Everything(!!!!), I’ll have to buy labels to cover the addresses on patterns, cards, etc.   At least we are keeping a sense of humor about it all…I may just sit and laugh today, and not do anything else!!!!!

Anyway…that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it…Happy Hooking!   Here is Progress on Day 13, you can see some of my “redesigning” scribbles…Sunnie  :)


Mystery Rug-HHHD-Sunnie/rug hooking/Halloween rugs-Day 12

I’m really enjoying this rug and only have about 1/4th left to do!   And it should go pretty fast unless more pumpkins intervene (or “life” does!!!!!)

This  “close-to-the-finish” time is always delightful for me because so much is hooked and the design is coming into focus!    I can sit back and see where I need to tweak this or add that or redo those…that is fun for me!!!!!   :)

As Julia guessed in her comment yesterday, there is an arm and a dress!   (I always wonder why the famous fashion houses of Europe are not calling me wanting my clothing designs for haute couture!!!!!   I can just see those models striding down the runway wearing some of the outfits I give my characters!!!!   …lol…)

Today, we start the introductions of the characters (or continue them as you have met Oswaldo and Prunetta!)

One character’s first name is Chauncy…and he is what is known as “…a wealthy, young man about town”!

Those of you old enough to remember “The Shadow” radio programs have heard this …   “The Shadow, mysterious character who aids the forces of law and order, is in reality, Lamont Cranston, wealthy young man about town.”     (He has the ability to cloud men’s minds so that they cannot see him!)    Of course, there is his companion …”the lovely Margo Lane”!!!

Now Chauncy isn’t another “Lamont Cranston” and his “companion” is not “the lovely Margo Lane”!!!   And Chauncy has no intention of clouding anyone’s mind!!!    But he IS…a wealthy young man about town.   And he and his friend are “doing the town” this Halloween!

So here is Progress on Day 12…We are getting closer to the finish!   (Then I can finalize the pattern!!!!)

Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  :)