New Hooked Rug – Day 17

Working on more padula flowers and background today!  I think you would really enjoy doing this rug and doing the background as you go!!!!!   : ) It really makes it much more fun than filling in after all the motifs are finished.  : – ) 


Would you believe we’re supposed to get more snow tonight!!!!  I’m Still hunting for those Easter eggs…it’s a lost cause!!!!  LOL


Author: Sunnie-oldcrowfarm

I am a folk artist now living in Vancouver, Washington. We loved our Vermont "Old Crow Farm" but now I live in a little cottage with a bright yellow front door! I no longer have my business but still love designing and hooking rugs and experimenting with colour...! I do "mystery rugs" on my Blog and that is great fun!

3 thoughts on “New Hooked Rug – Day 17”

  1. Absolutely stunning! I’m learning so much from watching you experiment with colors. I guess you’ll be finding those eggs in July this year!

  2. Sunnie, this really is stunning! I am loving all your color choices, but am especially loving that leaf on the top right corner! The way you have outlined it and the red vein brings it out in such a gorgeous way. This is something i truly struggle with – florals!! And the leaves in my head, and the way they come out – no matter how much i fuss with them, just are not the same! LOL! And it’s the large leaves that give me fits. So I am learning a ton just by watching how you are doing it.

    I had an epiphany the other day, and realized a lot of it might be because I have strayed from outlining in one color and fililng with another!! Wanting to create older softer looking rugs, and felt that was very “cartoony”, and instead went to blending with 7 or 8 different wools in similar values. (yes a fun and wonderful technique, but when it comes to large leaves it just isn’t giving the look i want! lol) My mistake came in dismissing the outlining!! DUH!! Lightbulb moment!! LOL!
    I have gone to two workshops, specifically focused on learning how to better hook a primitive floral and leaves – and come away still stuck and struggling!! (gee can you say brain block?!?) and it’s your bradley and your hooking that clicked it in for me!! THANK YOU!!! LOL Now just to hang onto it long enough to put it into action and see if i can make it work! 😀
    haha! big hugs and big squeezes to you!! Thank you again for sharing this! I bet tons of people are learning tons of things!
    xoxo bren

  3. Thank you, Debbie and Bren!!!! : ) I appreciate your comments! : ) I’m havin’ fun!!!!

    You know, I think that sometimes rug hookers are just afraid that they are going to do something “wrong” or someone is going to say “I don’t like that!” to them(!) so they don’t experiment!
    I guess I’ve always had the feeling that it doesn’t matter if everybody likes what I do…it is important that I am learning, trying and ending up loving the finished product!!! : )

    Perhaps it is tacky of me to say, but also I am not impressed by teachers who think they know it all and everyone must do what they tell them to do!!!! To me, that isn’t the way to teach!! As I’ve said at Snippets, I love teachers or workshop presenters to show and tell me “Why” they have done certain techniques and/or made certain colour choices, etc. so I can learn from them and put it into practice in my own work.

    Because there are so many large leaves on this piece and because I want the large leaf border to compliment, and not compete with, the center…I am doing more on the inner parts of the rug so I can have a better view of the rug as a whole before I make the final leaf decision. : )

    I’ll be getting the new dyed wool from Phyllis at Winterberry Cabin soon…so I’ll see what that does!!! LOL I do love to experiment!!!!
    Hugs to you, Sunnie : )

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