New Hooked Rug – Day 1, the adventure begins! : )

Gosh, it’s only Day 1 and I’ve learned a lot already!!!!  LOL  Hooray, I had several hours to hook so I’m on my way!!! : ) 

The motifs are so small that it is difficult to get much shading into the grasses but they are coming along and showing up.  So I am redesigning as I go so that the leaves will stand out.  I’m using a lot of the #4 cut and some #5…I don’t think there will be any #6 in this…no matter how much I want it!!  LOL  There are the illusions of cattails and grasses but I can see that needlepoint would be easier for a tapestry!!!!  (Whew!) 

Also, I am going to call Fraser’s next week because it seems to me that this linen is really appropriate for a wider cut wool because the mesh openings are rather large.  I used this linen for the Bradley Primitive and it was wonderful!!!!!  Maybe it’s just my inexperience showing…but I’ll check with them anyway!!  LOL

I ordered 2 mottled blues from Phyllis at Winterberry Cabin for the pond main blues…1/4 yard of her “Old Blue” and 1/4 yard of “Old Blue Light-Mottled”.  All the blues I had at home were not the colours I wanted…(for the main pond colours) but I am using some of my other blues and greens in the water for accents.

Because I’m a primitive rug hooker, I find that about three quarters of the wools I have are plaids and textures, etc. appropriate for #6 cuts and wider…so it is really a treasure hunt to find wools in my studio that can be cut into the narrow strips!  : )

Now that I’ve started, it really is great fun…but I’m certainly having to do things differently than my usual hooking style!!!  LOL  This picture shows the bottom of the rug and my starting place!

Since this is a “tapestry” rug, I looked at pictures of tapestries online and in needlepoint books I have.  I also looked at floral rugs using narrow cut wools.  I needed some information and inspiration… and so we start.  I can see right now that I will have to redo the head of the deer drinking…it looks a bit odd and gets lost in the surrounding wool colours!!!  LOL

Because “tapestry” always conveys to me deep, rich colours (and also, the colour purple!) I decided to stay away from “sweet” pastels unless they are needed for accents, etc.  I chose for the first border background colour an “eggplant” purple that I love and I am using my own hand-dyed mottled wool for the vine and leaves (Sunnie’s Peaches in the Sun  Casserole dyed wool) in that purple background. 

As I looked at the pattern before starting the planning process, I felt that there would be many shades of greens, browns, grays and blues for all the grasses, foliage, trees, water, animal colours, etc.  I wanted to define the center section and show it off as the outer border is so “busy”!  So I felt that the purple with the golden & pumpkin coloured vines and leaves would be a good frame.

Please feel free to ask any questions as I go along or ask me to clarify or explain something!  If I can answer, I will! : )

Note…If you are a relatively new rug hooker, please don’t be afraid to attempt something you’ve never done before!  If you are already comfortable with your hooking style and can pull your loops up in the way you want, you can do a challenge!  The worst thing that can happen is that you (or I, for that matter!!!) have to ask a more experienced rug hooker or a teacher for help!!!  That’s not a bad thing either!  : )

I have been hooking since 2005, so I am not a rug hooker with long experience.  Although I took that class in 1998 learning narrow cut and fine shading of rose petals, I haven’t done any narrow cut since then.  I didn’t even finish that rose as it just wasn’t “my thing”!  : )  I didn’t pick up my hook again until 2005 when I taught myself to design and hook wide cuts in the folk art style…so I certainly can’t be looked at as someone who can do these things because I have a wealth of experience!!!  I do these things because I am not afraid to make mistakes or not please everyone with what I do!!!  So if you want to try something…go for it!!!  I’ll be cheering you on!!! : )

Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  : )


Author: Sunnie-oldcrowfarm

I am a folk artist now living in Vancouver, Washington. We loved our Vermont "Old Crow Farm" but now I live in a little cottage with a bright yellow front door! I no longer have my business but still love designing and hooking rugs and experimenting with colour...! I do "mystery rugs" on my Blog and that is great fun!

5 thoughts on “New Hooked Rug – Day 1, the adventure begins! : )”

  1. HOLY SCHMOLY, Sunnie! That looks great! Man oh man, you are going to be so proud of yourself when you’ve completed this rug!! I am so anxious to see what you do with this and will check in regularly to keep up with your progress.

    I started my big rug this week…NOTHING compared to what you’re doing, but a challenge for me. Everytime I get discouraged I will be sure to come here to get strength. ~grin~

    Hook On!

  2. Talk abou challenging one’s self, you did that and a mile again! Sorry, Sunnie, I am having to stick with my little #8 cuts. Even if I wanted to try something as beautiful as the work you are doing on this tapestry, my hands won’t let me.

    So for the next however number of days we get to watch you, I will get the pleasure of seeing a true artist at work.

    Glad you are back at the frame!


  3. This is fantastic. As I was reading I was looking at the border and thinking that looks so effective, then I got to the bit you spoke about it. If my son was there, he would be stroking it. It looks so tactile

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