New Hooked Rug – Day 27 ~ Helen’s Tapestry

As I said earlier, I decided to do the border of this rug as if I designed the center…and as I might have done the border in a simplified folk art style!!!  You will remember that I introduced a teal or deep turquoise in the leaves on the Lion’s tree, so I thought I’d add a narrow teal border to add richness.   : )

The pale green/blue line defines the eggplant first border and the second teal border.  The shapes in the outer border have a vaguely “Persian” or Eastern look and I thought that was appropriate with the themes of the center.  Because there are many differently shaped leaves in the center, I added green leaves in simple shapes to the border.

Now that the black is a mixed black and is away from the center, I am happy with it!!  It has a green cast that I like as I’m not too fond of “matching” colours.  I like them to be a bit different.  : )  This type of border makes the rug more “dramatic”…and that is the look I’ve done for the center too.  : )

Sometimes , when we change parts of a rug design, we make it so that the earlier version doesn’t work well.  : )  I experimented with putting a few circles, more detail, etc. in the simple border motifs I chose but adding more “detail” seemed to call attention to the border that I didn’t want!  LOL  I simply wanted three “frames” for the center…to keep the eye mostly focused there.  Now I am happier with the rug as I just don’t have the experience to redesign all those little border motifs to my own satisfaction!!!!!  LOL

Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  : )


Author: Sunnie-oldcrowfarm

I am a folk artist now living in Vancouver, Washington. We loved our Vermont "Old Crow Farm" but now I live in a little cottage with a bright yellow front door! I no longer have my business but still love designing and hooking rugs and experimenting with colour...! I do "mystery rugs" on my Blog and that is great fun!

8 thoughts on “New Hooked Rug – Day 27 ~ Helen’s Tapestry”

  1. HOLY SCHMOLY, Sunnie! That entirely changes it! WOW…who’da thunk??? Amazing what changing pattern/colors does, hey? This border very much accentuates your center and the colors you have chosen are terrific! You are woman…hear you ROAR!!!

  2. Yowser! The new border is great. I sat back and squinted at it and imagined the whole border done in that design and it is a winner. When compared with the old border it just unifies the rug. Excellent design.

  3. Thanks so much everyone!!! : ) I’m having a great time!!! LOL : )

    This border struggle is a perfect example of why I don’t want someone more experienced to plan everything out for me before I begin!! LOL

    If I had earlier said what I was going to do with the border…and an experienced rug hooker (say from my hooking group!) : ) had said to me
    …”Sunnie, tht won’t work! You’ll need to redesign that animal/floral border with a simpler design to suit your folk art center!”…I wouldn’t have had all the time, struggle and lessons learned that I have now!!!!

    Yes, it meant “loss” of hours experimenting, cutting, hooking and reverse hooking…but it is like sitting in a workshop and trying out a new technique. After the class, I might not ever do that technique again because I didn’t care for it! LOL : ) But the time wasn’t wasted!!

    Also, I love the comments from others because I learn from them too!!!! It helps me to refocus on some part of the rug that is mentioned and take another look at it!!!! : )

    I don’t usually have trouble with colour choices…but sometimes I make really big errors!!! LOL
    I remember doing a rug a couple of years ago and I though it called for a dark brown/black border. I had used both the brown and the black in the design and it just looked wonderful when I had put a little of the brown and black wools on the border to look at it. (Also, I had read in one of my rug hooking books that you should use some of the center colours in the border!!!)
    I thought I had been sooo clever!!! LOL I hooked some of the border and a corner and sat back to look at the whole rug…ready to congratulate myself on my excellent choice!!!! It was awful!!!!! LOL

    Instead of framing and enhancing the rug, it took away from the design and just screamed…”Big Dark Border – Big Dark Border – Big Dark Border”!!!! : ) I took it out immediately and ended up using a soft plum plaid that didn’t have anything to do with the center colours!!!! It worked wonderfully and the lady who bought the rug loved it!!!

    So here’s to “mistakes” and “solutions” and Happy Endings!!! Hooray!!! : ) LOL
    Hugs to everyone!! Sunnie : )

  4. When you change something, Sunnie, you “really” change it! I think I’m going to miss those little motifs in the border but whatever you do, I know I’ll love it. Your color choices also aren’t what I would have picked but that’s why I’m here……to LEARN. And you are a master teacher!

  5. HI JoJo!
    You know…I think sometime I might like to do this rug or something like it in the #3 cut on the proper backing and really shade the motifs like they should be! And do the border too. : )

    However, I might try to design a tapestry rug myself and do the #3 cut!!! : )
    Maybe doing something light and delicate…just the way a needlepoint, petit point or embroidered tapestry woud be done! : )

    If you take a piece of paper or rug backing and draw a 5 inch border on it…then try to design animal and floral motifs in the border for a #5 or #4 cut, you will see what a difficult thing it is to do!!! LOL I also found that the motifs are printed too close to the rug edge and to the eggplant border. It is hard to get a strip of backing to go between them.

    The wonderful thing about colout choices is that we all are different and love different colour combinations!!! I really can visualize this rug in pale-to-medium greens, ivories, rose, etc. with the animals shaded and all the leaves and ferns delicate and wispy! LOL But on this linen, that just isn’t possible!!! : )

    We’ll see what the finished rug looks like…but I certainly feel better about the total look of the rug now!!!!!
    Hooray!!! Happy Hooking!! Sunnie : )

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