Rug Hooking Frame – Snap Dragon ~ Extra

marie-Claude asked about my Snap Dragon frame and how it works!  I love it!!!

The first picture below shows a linen rug pattern backing lying on the Snap Dragon frame.  Do you see the wooden “paddles” under the backing and at the bottom of the frame?  (There is also a paddle on the top, underneath the linen.)

When the paddles are not  snapped down, the gripper strips are flat on the top of the frame as the picture shows.   (The backing is slack before snapping down the paddles.)

In the picture below, I have “snapped” down the right and the left paddles.  Do you see how the gripper strips are now tilted out, pulling the backing tight?  (the lower paddle has not been snapped down…and the lower gripper strip is still flat on the top of the frame))

When all four paddles are snapped down, the backing is held nice and taut for your hooking!  I work on both linen and Monk’s Cloth for backings…although you can use burlap, rug warp and other backings.

To remove the rug from the frame, simply reach under the backing and snap the paddles back up to the position they are in in the first picture!  The gripper strips are then back on the top of the frame and not tilted out.  

Happy Hooking!!  I hope I did a good job of explaining this frame!!  (My frame is attached to a Puritan rug hooking stand, to make it a floor frame.)  : )




Author: Sunnie-oldcrowfarm

I am a folk artist now living in Vancouver, Washington. We loved our Vermont "Old Crow Farm" but now I live in a little cottage with a bright yellow front door! I no longer have my business but still love designing and hooking rugs and experimenting with colour...! I do "mystery rugs" on my Blog and that is great fun!

5 thoughts on “Rug Hooking Frame – Snap Dragon ~ Extra”

  1. Sunnie, I think you did an excellent job of explaining and showing exactly how our SnapDragons work. I still believe this frame is the best frame on the market and well worth the money.

    Love your drooping tree and can’t wait to see the changes you make to the deer.

  2. I love the looks of that frame and need to look into it! I’m still using the old Puritan and am itching to change! Might be a great Christmas idea for my husband! Love your little bird pattern. Don’t you just love starting a new project!
    Dana in Fredericksburg, VA

  3. Thanks a lot for the information. This frame seems good to be one purchase, but $400us is very expensive for me. It seems very complex to reproduce. I search a pattern frame to do by my seft.

    thank you again and good continuity.


    1. Joe, I don’t sell frames but if you will click on my blog list at the top…”A Day in the Life of Alice”…yoou will find some very nice frames! Also, if you are looking for a Snapdragon frame, just “Google” Snap Dragon and you will find them! I love their frames! Hope this helps! Sunnie ; )

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