New Hooked Rug-Hooked Chairpad-Sunnie in Vermont

I thought you might enjoy seeing my progress on the Spotted Pony rug I’m finishing up for a customer and my newly finished chairpad.

I’ve had such fun with the Pony…I love the gray against the dark mixed background.  I am finishing up the border with a black and brown plaid to frame the interior!

Here is the Pony!



This is the new chairpad  “Celebrating Winter in Vermont” : )


(I DO love wintertime!!!)

I’m getting back into the swing of things again after my show!  LOL  It usually takes me about a week or so to wind down and rest so I can hook rugs and create Santas again!  I also take this time (in December) to clean up my studio and go through the house sorting and cleaning for the new year too.   : )

Although December and Christmastime is often busy for many people, it is really quiet for us!  : )  We live across the United States from our families and don’t travel to relatives in southern New Hampshire and Mass. in the wintertime here because of weather concerns! 

Also, we don’t exchange expensive gifts with our family and friends…my husband makes his special Maple Candy and we send some little things to our younger grandchildren or maybe a family gift… but it is a time for us of sending love, celebrating blessings and being thankful that our simple life means that in good times or bad, we are doing well. 

I have been concerned for many years about the changing of Christmas into an excuse for going into debt buying things that are unimportant and unnecessary!!!  The exchanging of small gifts or helping someone in need with a gift of food or helping pay the rent, etc. seems more in keeping with the spirit of the season!  The thought that people would push, kick and trample each other to get to a “thing” to buy for Christmas horrifies me…and yet I’ve seen it for myself.  I just couldn’t believe it. 

I hope that wherever you are, you are safe, warm (or cool!) and have enough food to eat!  If we have those things, and the love of family and friends, we are blessed indeed!

Hugs to you,  Sunnie  : )


Author: Sunnie-oldcrowfarm

I am a folk artist now living in Vancouver, Washington. We loved our Vermont "Old Crow Farm" but now I live in a little cottage with a bright yellow front door! I no longer have my business but still love designing and hooking rugs and experimenting with colour...! I do "mystery rugs" on my Blog and that is great fun!

8 thoughts on “New Hooked Rug-Hooked Chairpad-Sunnie in Vermont”

  1. Sunnie,

    What you wrote abut Christmas is so true. It is a blessing to have a friend like you who really knows the meaning of friendship and family.


  2. Sunnie ~ you know I love it when you write again~ your horsey rug is very nice ~ love those squares in the background!!
    And your words regarding Christmas ring so true for us this year especially ~ it is so much more important to be together than how many gifts are we going to get and going to give. We avoid the stores like the plague and generally do what we need to in one day ~ I would love a Christmas when everything that is exchanged is handmade but have trouble convincing the troops that it’s a good idea but I’ll keep working on it!! So glad to ‘hear’ from you again!

  3. Hi Toni, Nancy and Alice! : ) Always love to hear from you!

    It is good to be back posting again and I feel so fortunate to have good friends near me (like Nancy…she’s terrific!) and good friends in cyberspace too!! (Like Toni and Alice and all the super friends we have online!!!) What a blessing that is also!! ; )

    I’m excited to be working on the Homeplace Primitive (will post progress on that one soon) and dreaming about the next rug to do here on the Blog!!! I have several ideas in mind, but haven’t decided quite yet! Whatever it is, it’ll be great fun!!!

    Hugs to all, Sunnie : )

  4. Sunnie, it’s so nice to have you posting again. I’ve missed you. I do love your spotted pony rug but am really interested to see the Homeplace rug.

    I love and agree with your writing about Christmas. I’d love to see all people get back to the “real” meaning of Christmas and stop the madness of the shopping, wrapping and especially the trampling and killing of shoppers in a rush to get the biggest and best bargain. What has happened to us as a society??

    With the economy being as it is, I want to spend this Christmas in church, being thankful for my health (such as it is) and the fact that we have a small, warm home and plenty of food to eat. But the family wants the gifts and all of the hassle that comes with the secular celebrations. I hope we can find a middle ground.

  5. Hi JoJo:

    I agree with you…there certainly is a “happy medium” when it comes to Christmas! : )

    I remember childhood Christmas times… my brother and I always had some wrapped gifts under the tree!! Usually one special gift and then an article or two of clothing that we loved (and needed!!). We occasionally received a small gift from Grandparents-candy or a small toy-but it wasn’t expected. We went to church service and enjoyed all the carols and choral presentations! : )

    We loved the presents…but we also looked forward to all the family and friends who visited and the yummy meals!!

    I am thankful for you, as well as many online friends that I’ve grown to love as family! : ) My prayer for all of us is good health, cozy homes and enough good food to eat for the coming year! Hugs to you, Sunnie : )

  6. Hello Ms. Sunnie:
    Just popping in to savor some of your wonderful words and see pictures of your *Vermont Kingdom* snow. Still no snow here in our part of Texas! You always have such great uplifting posts…a joy to visit. Delighted you are well and warm. ~Edna~

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