New Hooked Rug-Day 13/Mystery~Sunnie

A bit more develops!!!  This is fun!!  : )


Happy Hooking!!!  Beautiful Day here…I hope yours is too!!  : )


Author: Sunnie-oldcrowfarm

I am a folk artist living and working in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. I specialize in original Santas, witches and other folk characters and original hand-hooked wool rugs. We live a peaceful life here at Old Crow Farm and enjoy our retirement!

4 thoughts on “New Hooked Rug-Day 13/Mystery~Sunnie”

  1. ohmygosh…this is so cute…and kinda fun not knowing what the entire design is. Watching you develop it is a great way to keep interest! You ROCK!!

  2. Thanks Everyone! : )

    This is really really fun for me because I can do anything I want with this design!!!! And I’m experimenting with a lot of things I’ve wanted to try…like the “kinda fantastic” leafy shapes you see in crewel embroidery work!

    When I explain (at the end) about my thought processes when doing the Creative Cutting and designing this rug, you can see that the things that popped into my mind were some of the things I had been thinking about (or heard or saw) in days or weeks before!!!

    I think this method is like that word “game” or technique where someone says a word and you have to quickly answer what it means to you at that moment…
    Like… I say “Butter” and you respond “corn on the cob”
    or I say “train” and you say “wedding dress”, your friend says “Europe” and another person says “thought”!!!

    When we let our imaginations go where they will, we can come up with some really wonderful personal designs or some really goofy and funny designs too!!! It just depends upon the mood you are in the day you are creating!!!

    And, as I’ve said, it is like looking at clouds and seeing the fish chasing the funny hat across the sky!!!! LOL

    Happy Hooking!! Sunnie : )

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