New Hooked Rug-MYSTERY 2/Day 11~Sunnie

Purples and Goldens and Blues…Oh My!!!  : )  LOL

More clothing emerging!!!  : ) 


NOTE:  this is easier to show the Quarter Background method more fully.  Just a quick sketch.  Your Angel Rug is below!!!  : )

Divide your pattern into fourths and divide your background wool(s) into four equal piles.  Perhaps choose section 4 below and hook  some of the background in that section after hooking a line of background  wool around the angel.  If your first choice of wools (the larger “gold-ish” squares below) is running out, you can choose another colour to blend or dye more of your gold.  Divide your new (greenish wool in the section 4 illustration) wool into four pieces and add the new into the 4 piles of the original gold wool.  In this way, you will blend the new dye lot or the new colour in each of the sections and your background will be consistant.   You won’t have to worry about getting to the last section of the rug and having to either take out a lot of wool to work your new wool in the other sections or hooking the last section with a different colour of wool.

Of course, if you want an older “antique thrift make-do” look, you would simply get another colour of wool and hook the last section.  That’s what our Grandmas and Great-Grandmas did!!!  : )


Hope  this helps!  : )


Oh yes…do you see the horizontal black line on the pattern?  I often draw the center line of the pattern both horizontally and vertically to help me center the pattern the way I want it.

 You can also do the lines if you want to work in the “Quarter Background” method.  That is where you divide your background wools into four equal piles and then work the background in the  pattern section that has the most background showing.  You can see right away if you are running low on wools and need to add more .   You can then do another dye lot or choose another colour to blend…add that new colour to each of the section piles and “Voila!!”, it looks like you planned the background  that way.!  (And you don’t have to worry about background wools as you know you’ll have enough!)  : )


Happy Hooking!  : )


Author: Sunnie-oldcrowfarm

I am a folk artist now living in Vancouver, Washington. We loved our Vermont "Old Crow Farm" but now I live in a little cottage with a bright yellow front door! I no longer have my business but still love designing and hooking rugs and experimenting with colour...! I do "mystery rugs" on my Blog and that is great fun!

4 thoughts on “New Hooked Rug-MYSTERY 2/Day 11~Sunnie”

  1. Hi Sunnie, you’re just not going to tell us who he is, are you? LOL
    I’m afraid I’m not “getting” the quarter background instructions. Could you draw me a picture?
    Also, I posted pics of the rugs from our hook-in on my blog today. Please take a look! What a group we had!

  2. I like your hint too about finding the center of the pattern and then quartering your background. And oooh, I love the bright colors you’re using.

  3. Hi Sheri…put you on my Blog List here and I’ve visited your blog too. Wonderful pictures!!! I have trouble with my dial-up connection being able to see all the pictures as they load so slowly…but I did see some and they were great!!! : ) (Also more info on the Quarter background method in this post) : )

    Thanks, Deb and JoJo! I really like that method when doing a background where I am using one or two wools. I can know immediately if I have enough for the whole rug and can add the new wools to my 4 piles of wool if needed! : )

    I think I’ll make myself an outfit like my “Mystery person’s’ clothes!!!!! LOL Hugs, Sunnie ; )

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