New Mystery Rug 2011/Day 19/Sunnie/Old Crow Farm

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Well…Day 19 and quite a lot of progress!!  🙂

You know my opinion about the background work, especially when it is a “one colour” background.  I think it is best done as you go along so that the thought of days of work with nothing but background doesn’t make you set the finishing aside because of extreme boredom!!!  LOL

I also want to start the story of this rug…and give you a peek into my wacky brain!!!  LOL  😉

Although I have done several more “serious” rugs since I started rug hooking in 2005, my favourite designs are those that bring a laugh or a smile to those who see them.  Because I have such fun myself when designing and hooking these rugs, they bring just a little humor into our world.  Like cartoons, comedy or funny situations…we stop and giggle or smile just for a moment before going back to our “regular” lives.  🙂

I have many design books, books on textiles, ancient art pieces, antique rugs and books of folk art from around the world.   I like to design rugs either “out of my head” or be inspired by and use or adapt motifs that are in these books of art in the public domain.  ( I do not want to be caught in the “copyright” problem!!!)  That takes any stress out of the design process!  lol

Some time ago, I found several illustrations in a book of medieval designs (in black and white)  that were of old playing cards, old woodcuts and of  medieval “daily life”.  Many of the illustrations are very somber and serious.   When I saw the drawing that was used for this rug, I thought all of the drapes and folds would be good to practice fine shading with 6 or 8 value swatches.  I made a little copy of the drawing and pinned it up in my studio.

Many months went by and I was busy with other things…but television, especially on one evening, changed the way I looked at this design!  My husband and I watch television, but mostly Public television.  We do go to commercial tv to watch some news programs and some special programs like 60 Minutes. 

 Because we don’t watch shows that are considered for the “young and the go-getters” (LOL)…almost all of the ads are geared for the elderly (which we are!!!!)  🙂   For the most part, the advertising is absolutely ridiculous…for instance showing a construction worker happily starting his day wearing “adult protective undergarments” that now come in colours!  (this seems to make a big change in his life!!!)   Also, commercials show endless couples becoming “sexually frisky” (!!) when the man takes a particular drug and the walls of the house turn into streams, forests or the opera (!!) and they end up sitting in two bathtubs watching the sunset!   : )    

 We get ads for thinning hair or hair dye, ads for bowel preparations, and ads for sleepless nights and upset stomachs!  LOL    And one night, we seemed to see the stupid ad that sparked this rug many times!!!   : )  When I went upstairs to the studio that evening, I saw the little medieval drawing and begin to laugh….as the idea for this rug… “Medieval Advertising”…  popped into my head!  LOL  🙂  I am having such fun with this one and my husband just laughs at the goofiness of it..!! 

Here we go for today!

May you have a time of silliness today…even if just for a moment!  lol  🙂


Author: Sunnie-oldcrowfarm

I am a folk artist now living in Vancouver, Washington. We loved our Vermont "Old Crow Farm" but now I live in a little cottage with a bright yellow front door! I no longer have my business but still love designing and hooking rugs and experimenting with colour...! I do "mystery rugs" on my Blog and that is great fun!

3 thoughts on “New Mystery Rug 2011/Day 19/Sunnie/Old Crow Farm”

  1. I still don’t know what it’s going to be but you are doing a wonderful job of wide-cut shading! I’ve never done that but you’re showing us that it can be done!!! And about those ads ~ the one that gets us is the toilet paper ads ~ ridiculous ~ especially when we’re eating dinner in front of the TV. Everybody uses it ~ why do they have to make such graffic ads? I think I’m getting old!!!

  2. Alice, you are right on about Sunnie’s shading. What a jewel. Think we both knew there was some royal robes in the rug from the hints she gave us. Wonder what the faces will be, maybe the couple who love the separate tubs out in the woods? To me, if I am feeling frisky, I would be sharing a tub!! But wait, I don’t remember what it is to feel frisky so I will have to leave that to you, Alice and Sunnie, with your wonderful hubbies!!

  3. This is such fun, ladies!! : ) I agree with you, Trisha, I would be sharing a tub!!!! LOL
    Alice, those toilet paper ads are really stupid too…I agree!!!!! : )
    I am having a great time with the wide cut shading but it sure is limiting when I can only use what I have!!! No dyeing or buying!!!! LOL
    But it can be done!!!!! I’m using some pretty strange colours though!!!
    Happy Hooking!!! : )

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