Sunnie’s Seasons Banner-Spring Progress – Rug Hooking!

I’m zipping along with Spring!  I took time to make the changes I have been deciding upon as I go.   😉

 I like to use the pattern as a guide and change anything that is not to my liking or is not working!!  Of course, if you were doing the “deciding”, you might choose differently.  Or…you might like what I did Before I made the changes!!!  LOL  ( It’s always fun to see what different people do with the same design…when they don’t know what the others are doing!!!!)

Here is the new Spring block…

I changed the beak to a little smaller as I thought it was a bit too big, for the size of the bird.   I outlined the feet so they didn’t get lost on the branch and I’ve been working on the wing and the rest of the body!  I don’t want too much detail as this is a primitive or simple design!!!!     I am happy with the block so far…but might change something again if I think it will be better..!!!  🙂   As you can see from the full banner below, I am using some of the same colours in (or similar) in each block to carry them through the whole banner!!  😉

This is such fun!!!!!

Happy Hooking!  Sunnie   😉 


Author: Sunnie-oldcrowfarm

I am a folk artist living and working in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. I specialize in original Santas, witches and other folk characters and original hand-hooked wool rugs. We live a peaceful life here at Old Crow Farm and enjoy our retirement!

1 thought on “Sunnie’s Seasons Banner-Spring Progress – Rug Hooking!”

  1. Sunnie the Merry Hooker never disappoints. What ever you do is always so positive and happy, it shows in your work. Your banner is so lovely. What a nice accent for your wall in the mud room and so cheerful. Makes you want to linger longer in the mud room doesn’t it.

    Hook on friend. Hugs. JB

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