2014/New Mystery Rug/Sunnie/rug hooking/24 x 24-Day 11

Hooray…the finish line is almost here!!!  

I was able to finish another side (3 sides done now, with border) and do a part of the 4th side.   I also filled in an exciting part of the black center!!!!!   Right!   🙂   Also…here we go!!!!….I worked on more squiggly lines and poppies!  And, as you can see, I still have some more lines and poppies to finish.   Whew!!!

I am having fun with this, and because of that and because of what this is, I have decided to do 3 more to go with this one!      I already have the 2nd one sketched out and have ideas for the other 2.   In the words of an English Professor…”Who wooda thunk it?”   LOL 🙂

 After a little break to get them drawn on the linen and ready to hook,  I will continue to do them here on the Blog although part of the mystery will be known after this one is shown!!!   I hope you will enjoy following along with me as I do these others.   I’ll just be showing you parts as I go along…so I hope it will be fun for you to see the others develop as I go!


Here is Progress for Day 11…it looks like I’ll have the hooking finished by Wednesday.   So that will be the “TA DAH” day!!   LOL  🙂




Author: Sunnie-oldcrowfarm

I am a folk artist now living in Vancouver, Washington. We loved our Vermont "Old Crow Farm" but now I live in a little cottage with a bright yellow front door! I no longer have my business but still love designing and hooking rugs and experimenting with colour...! I do "mystery rugs" on my Blog and that is great fun!

6 thoughts on “2014/New Mystery Rug/Sunnie/rug hooking/24 x 24-Day 11”

  1. Hooray for the almost finish line and hurry to the finish line. Your hook must be red hot by now.
    I’m wondering if the poppies are a tablecloth fabric that you discarded or rediscovered when you moved? I’m pulling my hair by now…he he.

  2. It’s me again Sunnie, I was wondering if you would be able to give some words of encouragement to Laura Robertson in the OPEN DISCUSSION on RHD. She lost her mother in November and is having some difficulty in returning to her hooking and is asking for help.. I mentioned that you had just returned to hooking after the death of your husband last year.


    1. Thank you, Julia, for letting me know about this. I did go and add a post to Laura’s question on the Open Discussion and I hope it helps! Her loss is so new and happening at holiday time makes it even more difficult. I may have said before that one year, Joe and I seemed to be crying all the time because we lost one of his good friends (like a brother to us) in the summer, my Mom died just before Thanksgiving and Joe’s Aunt died right at Christmas time! It was a very difficult year!!!
      Hugs to you, Sunnie : )

  3. Thanks you so much for doing this Sunnie. No one could have said all this better than you. You are very special person an I love you.

    I was late for my barn chores this afternoon and didn’t had much time to console Laura and I wrote a hasty response and I was counting on you to help her.

    I finished my chores early as I got help and I was so glad when I returned home and saw that you had commented on Laura’s Open Discussion.

    I don’t know Laura but she is a RHD friend.

    God bless

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