2014-Feb New Mystery rug/Sunnie/rug hooking/ 24 x 24-Day 7

Hooray…I’m zipping along and almost to the 4th side of the rug!   Of course, I am working away on the parts of the rug that you can’t see until the finish…as well as the parts I am photographing for you!!!   I’ve had quite a bit of time to hook the last few days so I will finish this piece this week…although I am not sure what day yet..!!  🙂

Julia guessed that it was a Summer rug…and she was right..!   OF course, you know that there will be something funny about this…and I am finding that I can’t help laughing when I see it..!  LOL   After all, doing something like this is very “freeing”…no concerns, no worry about colour or motif choices, no “standard” to live up to…simply the joy of hooking and pleasing yourself..!   Sometimes, when we are working on rugs that take a lot of thought, planning and careful hooking of the chosen pattern, we like a break where anything goes!!!!!    Small pieces can be great for this “break” and then the mind comes back fresh to the more intense rug…at least it works for me!!   LOL



As you know, almost all of my rugs are the “free spirit” types although I have done a few that required me to carefully plan and hook them.   Since I don’t do realistic pieces, the “Portrait of my Father as a Young Man” was a real challenge for me.   I think I said here (or on Rug Hooking Daily) that I pulled out more strips doing this small portrait than I had pulled out of the many rugs I had hooked before!!!!   Trying to get the shading just right and not “cartoonish” or goofy-looking was way out of my comfort zone!!!!!

Here is that hooked piece (you might not have see it before)  and you can see what a departure it is for me…doing realism.   This was hooked from a black and white photo of my father, taken when he was in college, I believe.

MYFather300I hope you have a wonderful day today…and Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  🙂


Author: Sunnie-oldcrowfarm

I am a folk artist now living in Vancouver, Washington. We loved our Vermont "Old Crow Farm" but now I live in a little cottage with a bright yellow front door! I no longer have my business but still love designing and hooking rugs and experimenting with colour...! I do "mystery rugs" on my Blog and that is great fun!

4 thoughts on “2014-Feb New Mystery rug/Sunnie/rug hooking/ 24 x 24-Day 7”

  1. I agree Julia – I also see the sailboat, and waves. It’s the rest of it that boggles the mind – lol.

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