New Mystery Rug coming soon/Sunnie/rug hooking! : )


I think I have finally come up with another answer for the question:    How do you decide on your designs and motifs and colours for your hooked rugs?  

I usually say, truthfully, that I am always experimenting so I start with part of a design or a colour I like  … and then I hook and when I come to the end I stop!!!  🙂

But maybe a better answer…or at least more information!!…Is that my rug hooking is like a treasure hunt..!    

 I start with the first clue (which is  a motif I like), go on to the next clue (a colour for that motif and the decision of a light or dark background) .   Then I go into my wool room and look for the next clue… which would be a couple of colours that go with the first choice and see what I have for background that would be enough wool to use on that particular rug.   (and, as you hear me say a lot (!!) I find more wool that will blend if I have made a mistake on how much background wool I will need)

If I have those clues to start the rug, that is enough for me!   As I go along, I am always thinking about what will go with what I’ve done…and I am always open to ideas that I see in my art/rug/craft/fashion/etc/ books!   Or that just pop into my head..!   They give me other clues to lead to the final design.  

I just realized that I rarely think about what the final result will be…!  Why?   Because I don’t know what it will be!!   Unless I am doing a reproduction or a close adaptation of a design, I won’t know the result until I get to the “treasure”!   To the finished rug!  lol    So I am not even thinking about the finished rug but the process to get me there!  

On the Grumpy Lions…I didn’t know what I would do for borders at all until I had some of the center hooked.   The freedom that I feel when I hook this way and the fun I have doing the hooking is what is important to me.   When someone asks…”what if you don’t like the rug when it is finished?”…   my answer is that I have never hooked a rug I didn’t like.   If I have started something and am not happy or pleased, I change directions.   It is just that simple.   And I love to be surprised..!

I’m going to rest for a few days, see if I can get a good design for someone who has asked me about hooking a rug for her and then start my next “Mystery Rug”!

If I do what I think I will do (!!!) I believe this Mystery Rug will drive you nutty…and me too!!!   This is NOT the rug I intended to hook next and is not the theme I was considering.   By a roundabout way of thinking, I have a design in mind that is quite different than my usual work and if I actually do this one and you drop by from time to time to see what I am doing, I think you will be just as confused as I will be!!!!!    🙂

I can hardly wait…it will be quite an adventure for me!

Happy Hooking…I hope you are all enjoying life, your art and the weather!!!   Sunnie  🙂


Author: Sunnie-oldcrowfarm

I am a folk artist now living in Vancouver, Washington. We loved our Vermont "Old Crow Farm" but now I live in a little cottage with a bright yellow front door! I no longer have my business but still love designing and hooking rugs and experimenting with colour...! I do "mystery rugs" on my Blog and that is great fun!

6 thoughts on “New Mystery Rug coming soon/Sunnie/rug hooking! : )”

  1. Sunnie, you approach a rug in a different manner than I. I need to feel in control of what my rug will be when finished and you just let the rug guide you as you go along. You follow clues like a detective and that’s probably why you love mystery and surprises. It works for you beautifully. It would be nice to see how other rug hookers approach hooking a new rug. That might be a good discussion subject.
    Thanks for this.

  2. I think you are right, Julia!!!!! It really would be a great discussion!!!
    Most of my rug hooking friends in Vermont thought that they would NOT enjoy rug hooking very much if they did it the way I do! Like you, they want to be in control and visualize the lovely finished piece.

    I guess it was the gathering this last 3 days, and answering questions, that got me trying to think about what I really do when hooking a rug.

    One of my very favourite rugs, the “Tom Foolery” was just starting with the feet and legs and the big baggy pants…and then just went from there. I had no idea what my border or what the upper part of the rug would be!!! I had such fun and I think that experience set me on the “surprise” path..!!! lol
    Hugs, Sunnie 🙂

  3. The way to tackled that Tom Foolery rug is almost like when I start doodling, never know what the finished doodle will end up looking like. After all, it’s a doodle that got me in trouble with my blog., lol…

    I still have all my 24 missing posts in my Google email account and all the pictures are there, just as I have posted them and all the comments are still in my google email account except I have to open each email to read the comments.

    I think that I can print my posts from my emails but I don’t think that I would want to open every emil to print the comments. That would be a big job.

    I’ll ask my son in law and he’s pretty computer savvy and he might know a way to retrieve my posts as they were. Thanks so much for wishing you could help me. It’s just a little burp in the road, nothing major but it was frustrating when it happened. I guess I have a lesson to learn in this. I need to let go of control…


  4. Yes…I think you are right..!!! It is like a doodle where you start and then just wander along until you have something!!!!!! LOL I do find a few others who do what I do with rug hooking…but not too many. Mostly, the rug hooker likes to be in control…and not the rug!!!!!!! 🙂

  5. In the writing world, that’s known as “pantsing”…doing it by the seat of your pants instead of carefully planning. 🙂 I’m a hardcore planner, so I envy people who can relax and just let the creativity flow. Your rugs are beautiful, so obviously that method works!!

  6. Aha!!! Thank you, peachpod!!!! A great term for it. 🙂 (and thank you for the kind words!!!)

    I think that I have always been “relaxed” and not really worried too much about whether or not anyone else liked what I created…! Except for my children… When I sewed little original toys for them, they loved them even if they were rather oddly done!!! lol And I needed that appreciation from them as they were made for them to love.

    Although I try to do my best on whatever I am creating at a particular point in time, it has been something flowing gently or joyfully from my spirit.
    Perhaps an interesting experiment or a celebration of a particular colour… or a funny moment in time!

    But now at age 72, it seems more important to me to be doing something that “just flows”, that makes me happy as I create it and that carries with it no stress, no worry and no struggle. And yet there is some planning involved…!!! I have to start somewhere!!!!! LOL

    Happy Creating! Sunnie 🙂

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