Ancient Ornament Mystery Rug/June 2014/Sunnie/Day 26-Finished!

Hooray…rug is finished in 26 days… and I am really happy with the results!   🙂    Size ended up to be 27 x 36 inches.

When I first saw the “entangled”  Man/Beast celtic drawing and saw that he had the tongue of the Beast and his beard held in his hands…I had to laugh!!!  lol      I just knew I needed to do something with this motif!   The original drawing of this design is far more elaborate than mine...but I told you that I was going to adapt celtic motifs and use them in my own, unstructured,  folk art style.

 Note:    I can copyright my rug design because I have adapted the center motif and the “Bull” motif in the upper right, added my own drawings and put them all together in a unique way!   However…You can go to the Original designs and make your own reproductions or adaptations in what ever medium you work!   I recommend looking in Amazon or in Dover books for celtic art designs for artists and craftspeople.   Using those motifs, you can feel confident that you are not copying anyone’s modern work which is a “No No”!    (you wouldn’t want to copy my work anyway!!)  🙂

I think I have given the look and “feel” of celtic art without using the precise artistry and construction that makes this art so beautiful.   And that is what my experiment was about..!!!   (You might think I am crazy but you’ve thought that before and I still keep doing this stuff!!!!)  lol

Here’s some more information:

-I hope you first saw the focus of the rug, the Man’s face and his wild orange hair!   And then you went from there to all the other motifs and situations!!!!

-You can see where I got the “tongue” motif..!   The Beast and Bull at the rug top and the fish and flying Dog-Pig at the rug bottom are using the child’s rude gesture to say “And Phooey to you!!!”   lol

-The Beast and Man will have to peacefully decide to let go of each other and carefully untangle themselves!   The naughty little bird will be in lots of trouble if the Beast gets free!   The bird is taunting the Beast because he knows that the Beast can’t get at him in his present predicament..!!!

-I am really proud of my Beast drawing in the upper left (!!!)…I drew him while looking at many, many similar drawings in the celtic design books.   Beast motifs are everywhere…many with entwined tongues in elaborate constructions!

-You will note the two right feet on the Man, done in the Egyptian manner.   And if you can put your arm in the position over your chest, over a Beast, behind your back and then grab the Beast’s tongue…I’ll give you a gold star on your chart..!!!!!

-And the “lug wrench” behind the man is simply a suggestion of a chair for the man to be sitting on!   In the original drawing the Beast’s leg goes under and around the man so he is not just hanging in the air!!!!   lol   ( It also is something for people seeing the rug to say…”what in the world is That?”)

-I chose a black background and other dark wools because I wanted a sense of mystery and because I thought the designs would pop or glow against the black.   If you imagine the rug with a lighter cream background, I think you will see that although the motifs would still be nice, the impact on the viewer would be less.

I thought that this design could be the cover for a large journal…either done in Russian enamel work or embroidered with silk threads on black velvet.   It could be a journal of my creative life and the joy that life has brought me for over 50 years!    Thank you for coming along on this latest Adventure!   I hope you have enjoyed it. 

Here is Ancient Ornament-Day 26-FINISHED  …….. Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  🙂





Author: Sunnie-oldcrowfarm

I am a folk artist now living in Vancouver, Washington. We loved our Vermont "Old Crow Farm" but now I live in a little cottage with a bright yellow front door! I no longer have my business but still love designing and hooking rugs and experimenting with colour...! I do "mystery rugs" on my Blog and that is great fun!

12 thoughts on “Ancient Ornament Mystery Rug/June 2014/Sunnie/Day 26-Finished!”

  1. Sunnie! Your mind works in wonderfully mysterious ways! I always enjoy looking at your rugs, and this one is great.

    1. Thank you, Deb! I know my mind works in very odd ways sometimes!!!! lol My husband would just shake his head and say “How DO you think of these things?” But he enjoyed my work and would just go off muttering…”She’s just NOT a regular human!!! lol
      Happy Hooking! Sunnie 🙂

  2. Yes, I, too, wonder what goes on in the mind of Sunnie!! I love the colors ~ deep and rich ~ and the design is extremely creative!! Can’t wait to see what’s going to be next!! Have a great week!!!

  3. Hi Sunnie, congratulations on finishing this new masterpiece. How do you ever come up with such intricate design,. Don’t bother to reexplain again, lol. our mind is a wonderful mystery.

    I never would have guess in a million years.

    Sorry if I didn’t followed lately, we are still without power since Hurricane Arthur hit. We are depending on generators and have to share with family. A lot of trees down on the power lines all over the city. Fredericton got hit the hardest this time and no one expected it would be this bad. Some parts have power as of yesterday and some gas stations and stores are opened here and there. What a mess.

    Take care, hugs.

    1. Oh Julia…I am glad that you are not sick..! I went to your Blog and saw that you hadn’t posted since a few days ago.
      I am happy you are well… but sad to hear that you were hit so hard with Hurricane Arthur!!!! I didn’t think much of it would hit you there in Fredericton…I thought it was veering off to the east of you!
      Hope all will be fixed and back to normal soon! Hugs, Sunnie 🙂

    1. Thank you, Julia…I had such fun with this and may do another celtic rug in the future. Now I’m thinking about my next mystery project…but I don’t know what it will be yet..!! lol Hugs , Sunnie 🙂

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