New RTFDT Mystery Rug/Sunnie rug hooking/primitive-Day 12


I almost have the top of the rug center finished…just a few leaves and sky on the left side!!!!!   🙂

I must say that I am getting quite attached to Hagatha Smoth and her problem…but I know she will be happy to have it solved…! (as will all of you to see all this silliness come to a close!!!)   lol


Calmed by the handful of oddly-shaped twigs, Mrs Smoth sat on the floor and started to think logically.   “Could I set a trap for the large dark shape?”, she muttered to herself.   Given her house distance from Pond Scum Road, she decided it wasn’t possible to set a trap.   She decided a sign saying “No _____ allowed!” wouldn’t work either as reading in the dark wasn’t easy.

   She looked sadly at the pile of electric bills in large envelopes.   “I guess it is just up to me and my ____!, she moaned.

…to be continued…


Here is Progress on Day 12…Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂  

(I thought adding my initials in “oddly shaped twigs was appropriate!!)

(I will be experimenting with another plaid that I love for some of the border…I hope it works!!!)



Author: Sunnie-oldcrowfarm

I am a folk artist living and working in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. I specialize in original Santas, witches and other folk characters and original hand-hooked wool rugs. We live a peaceful life here at Old Crow Farm and enjoy our retirement!

1 thought on “New RTFDT Mystery Rug/Sunnie rug hooking/primitive-Day 12”

  1. I love how you color your leaves. Very pretty. It’s a long weekend Sunnie, surely you could reveal more of your hooked mystery rug… p-l-e-a-s-e. lol… you teasing woman…
    Hugs anyway…

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