New Rug “Old Crow Farm”- Magdalena-style/Sunnie/rug hooking-Day 14

Didn’t think I’d have much time to hook for today’s post but got through my appointments and shopping, cat-caretaking and kitchen cleaning…And found some evening hours to hook!!!   Hooray!  🙂

Now living in a rural area in Vermont (or anywhere!!!!) we had some rabbits!!!   So I have drawn a Rabbit for my animal collection!!!   (I did another leaf too!!)

However, one interesting thing (interesting to Me, maybe not to you!!!)   …lol… about our 21 years in Vermont is that I saw more moose on our property than I did rabbits!   (Now some of you who know me are saying things like…Moose are bigger than rabbits so of course you could see them much better…You need your glasses changed…Perhaps you were not paying attention, dear…Etc.)   🙂

I will hook a rug with Moose one day, but couldn’t find a large enough space to put one on this rug!   I was so excited to see my first moose…a large bull moose!    I phoned my husband (teaching his last year at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA) and told him I was now a “real Vermonter”!!!!   …lol…   Of course, that does not make one a real Vermonter…but I felt like one. (I was in Vermont alone the first year) 

Well, enough chatter…you will note that I have not “outlined” the rabbit…just hooking her in light colours.  

The cow is not “outlined” and I am thinking about either outlining the dog or lightening his outer strips.   Again, you might be saying…why doesn’t she either outline all of her animals or not outline them and just use lighter animal colours against the background?  

As you know, for me, experimentation is all part of the fun of rug hooking!  

If I had to follow a set pattern and do each rug just like the rug before… or use “proper” planning, “correct” hooking,  “accurate” colour-planning and “precise”  strip cutting, it would take a lot of the fun out of hooking for me!   I appreciate those whose rugs are beautiful and who do all of the above things…  but that’s not the kind of “hooker” I am!!!   …lol…

So here is Progress on Day 14…I like my little rabbit and I got rid of several small pieces of grays and tans and some leftover woolworms too.   There are strip cuts #2 , #3, #4, #5, #6 and #8 in this rabbit..!!!   More woolworms used in the new leaf …I wonder if I should turn it over!!!   …lol… Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  🙂




Author: Sunnie-oldcrowfarm

I am a folk artist now living in Vancouver, Washington. We loved our Vermont "Old Crow Farm" but now I live in a little cottage with a bright yellow front door! I no longer have my business but still love designing and hooking rugs and experimenting with colour...! I do "mystery rugs" on my Blog and that is great fun!

4 thoughts on “New Rug “Old Crow Farm”- Magdalena-style/Sunnie/rug hooking-Day 14”

  1. I love the colors you used in your rabbit. You are getting to be a pro at choosing colors that goes well together or maybe you go by values.
    In any case, It’s beautiful…. A Vermonster, hahaha. Now that’s a good one.
    Stay warm. It was mighty cold this morning at -27 °C. or -16.6°F. but has climb to a balmy -17°C. or -1.4°F.

  2. Hi Julia…I think my colour choices are more “hit and miss” since I am using mostly leftovers on these motifs!!! …lol… But I think I go more by values and “low contrast-high contrast” choices than anything else!
    Hooking animals is really great fun!!!
    Happy Hooking! I think we are about 40 degrees this morning!
    Hugs, Sunnie 🙂

  3. Like the choices for the rabbit, Sunnie. I’ll be sure and show my granddaughter because she and I are about to embark on her new project — she wants to hook a rug so I thought it would be easiest to start w/ yarns using a punch needle tool. I got an Oxford needleon order. We have combed through my yarn stash and found some leftover Alpaca wools in a few beige tones for the project. She decided that she wanted to hook an elephant. We’ll need to go to a yarn store and select some greys.
    She’ll be delighted to see your rabbit and the greys. She’s quite the little artist, would be one of those ‘gifted’ kids if she were in public school.
    Anyway, rambled on long enough. Just know that little-eyes are watching your progress here….lol

  4. Wonderful, Lynn! I’m so glad your granddaughter wants to do some hooking! And how nice of you to be there to help! You will have to show me a picture of her elephant rug…what fun!

    My youngest daughter (the Grandmother of soon-to-be-5 grandchildren) does a lot of sewing and craft projects with her grandchildren. I used to do that with my grandchildren, but now I am enjoying being the “Great-Grandmother” with no responsibilities!!!! I had my time and enjoyed it…but I’m now enjoying seeing my daughter having the “Grandma fun”!! 🙂

    Happy Hooking (and punching!!) Sunnie 🙂

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