Mystery Rug-“Sea LIfe C”_Sunnie/rug hooking/fixing mistakes-Day19

Today is a great time to talk about fixing mistakes as you are hooking a rug!!!!   🙂

It is especially relevant if you are doing a “design-as-you-go” rug like this “creative doodle” piece.   However, we all know that sometimes things look fine while we are hooking them and seeing them up close…but when we give a good look at them from farther away,  in a better light, something doesn’t seem to fit properly!!!

This is my mistake for today…

Yesterday, I showed a photo of my hooking with the blue spot dye going into the green…here is the photo below:


I thought it was looking good when I worked on it earlier on the previous evening.   I have an Ott-Lite that I use when hooking in the evening, but the rest of my living room does not have bright light.    When I pin my work to the display board before going to bed, it often looks fine and I don’t stop to study the rug.

However, in the morning, the piece looks different in the daylight.   I can see little areas that need to be adjusted and, of course, I can see the whole rug where you cannot…!!!!!

This morning, as I sat and looked at the rug before deciding what to work on today, I could see that I had made an error.  

1…The mottled blue spot dye was beautiful but instead of looking graceful and flowing, it looked “messy”.  

2…The colour mix was too close to the fish tail so the fish lost importance- and, it took away from the deep blue of the “cave” area by having the eye of the viewer jump back and forth to each of the dark areas.

So…how to “fix” it.   …lol…   About now, some of you are wondering why I didn’t figure this out earlier!

When you are doing rugs the way I do…and especially this type of rug where you are doodling and changing all the time…you can’t really plan ahead.   I have no vision of how this finished rug will look.   My sketches are no help because there are only a few things that are the same as on my sketch…everything else has changed.   I had no colour plan except to use as many of my 22 blues as possible and use some fun colours…so that’s no help either!!!!!

We all make errors, but some of us get frustrated and therein lies one of the problems!!!!   There are very few things in life that frustrate me and making an error on a rug is not one of them!   It is simply an exercise in logic, reason and problem-solving.    🙂      

( Fussing, berating ourselves or being grumpy takes away precious time that can be better spent looking, assessing and resolving the problem…yes???)

So…I pulled out all of the strips under the fish tail and around the top of the left side “blue-green-blue” thingy!!!   Using one of the quieter blue mottled wools, I filled in that section to give the fish his rightful place of importance in the water.   I found that by keeping a wavy line of the spot-dyed blue going into the green, it made a more graceful shape…and it fits in much better with the motifs around it, especially my deep blue cave.    (And on the view of the entire rug.)  

So here is my solution…it might not have looked like a problem to others, but it did to me.   So I changed it and now it is more pleasing and will fit in with what I am doing today for tomorrow’s post.

Here we go on Day 19…Happy Hooking, and may all your errors be tiny, easily fixed and not frustrating at all…!!!   Sunnie  🙂




Author: Sunnie-oldcrowfarm

I am a folk artist now living in Vancouver, Washington. We loved our Vermont "Old Crow Farm" but now I live in a little cottage with a bright yellow front door! I no longer have my business but still love designing and hooking rugs and experimenting with colour...! I do "mystery rugs" on my Blog and that is great fun!

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