New Mystery Rug-“TMAMOM”-2017-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art-Day 5

I had some time to hook some background and hook on another part of the rug.   As you know, I like to skip around and I don’t want to have a lot of background to fill in the final days of hooking!!!    🙂

Here is some information about this rug…and a little about the story.

“Mr Mortimer Marmaduke enjoys living in the city.   He has everything he needs close at hand and, because he is older, he appreciates not having to drive a long way just to get his hair cut (what little hair he has!!!!) or to buy pickled beets!

    But he does have times where he looks out of his apartment window, sees all the concrete, steel, streets and cars and wishes that the scenery was not so much “the same”.   He wants to have it “different”.

Thankfully, although he looks like a typical “little old man”, Mr. Morty has a secret….”

And so we start the adventure with Mr. Morty!!!   🙂  

This rug is approx 24 x 33 inches and uses many plaids and many leftovers!   It is done mostly in a #5 and #6 cut and I am designing and changing the “first draft” as I go along!   …lol…

Here is Progress on Day 5…I am using some lovely mottled greens on this too…not my own dyeing but several pieces that I have in my stash.   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂

Today, I am remembering the people that we lost during 9-11, the people who have gone through so much with the natural disasters and people all around the world facing extreme difficulties.   Donating to the Red Cross and other charities seems so little for me to do…but it helps a little and it is good to see people helping each other.





Author: Sunnie-oldcrowfarm

I am a folk artist now living in Vancouver, Washington. We loved our Vermont "Old Crow Farm" but now I live in a little cottage with a bright yellow front door! I no longer have my business but still love designing and hooking rugs and experimenting with colour...! I do "mystery rugs" on my Blog and that is great fun!

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