Lady Nesta Birdwhistle-mystery-2018/Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art-Day 8 Finished!

Lady Nesta’s hooked piece is FINISHED…!      🙂

………….Note:   After blogging here on WordPress since 2007, I will be taking a vacation from posting this summer…and will decide how I proceed in the future!      With so many blogs, classes, Facebook groups and forums available to rug hookers now, my blog is not as active now as it was in earlier years.   Back then, those of us doing original rugs, using different styles and experimenting were presenting some new ideas.   And that information helped others who wanted to try something new also.

I appreciate all of you who have traveled the adventures with me through the years…and I have enjoyed your comments.   It has been such fun for me… and I hope you have had fun too!    Hopefully, I have added some helpful information on rug hooking  by my experiments!    (and my mistakes too!!!)   …lol…

Lady Nesta’s hooked wall piece is a perfect place to stop as it is good for a chuckle…such a funny bird and her “gushing magazine article”!       Bill Murray recorded a goofy song in 1907…”Always Leave Them Laughing When You Say Goodbye”…so Lady Nesta is my “swan song” for now.   We’ll see what the future brings!   

 I hope you have a wonderful day, wherever in the world you are!   I have enjoyed traveling this folk art road with you!    Happy Hooking…and creating art of many kinds!   Sunnie   🙂      



The radiant and glamorous Lady Nesta is all smiles as she is photographed arriving at the Round Robin Royal Garden Party  which was held last week.    With photographers and reporters flocking around her, she elegantly stepped across the deliciously rounded lawn towards the magnificent Vulture Gazebo…the center of the festivities.

Looking gorgeous and impressive as always, Lady Nesta is wearing a breathtaking hat from that fabulous designer, Lotta Tweets.   She carries a majestic fashion bag from that thrilling young bag creator, Iva Wing, whose work will certainly soar to new heights because of Lady Nesta’s grand patronage.

Lady Nesta’s derriere is applauded and envied each time it is photographed!   Many upper class lady birds race to the Justa Swansong Clinic to have their posteriors “lifted” or “enhanced” after seeing photos of the awe-inspiring Lady Nesta.   (none of them grouse about the results!)

Lady Nesta’s feather stylist, Fowler Cheep, has arranged her fantastic feathers to perfection.   He has added several of the new tints and, of course, “wing bling” to add some sparkle and shine to her magnificent body.   Fowler has also persuaded Lady Nesta to visit his Spa where her remarkable legs show just a light tan over brown.   (Fowler is the son of that incredible stylist, Frank Lee Cheep of CHEEP, CHEEP & MOORE SALON and SPA, the destination of many celebrities and high flyers.)

Special note:   Lady Birdie Featherbeek, Lady Nesta’s dazzling sister, was unable to attend the festivities due to a spot of molting.   She sent a short squawk on her Squwitterertz networking service sharing her disappointment.   (now let osprey for her full recovery)

(article from  MI RUFFLED FEATHERS magazine.. 2018- by Chirpy  Buzzard, intrepid reporter and wealthy young bird about town)

story (c) sunnie andress 2018






Author: Sunnie-oldcrowfarm

I am a folk artist now living in Vancouver, Washington. We loved our Vermont "Old Crow Farm" but now I live in a little cottage with a bright yellow front door! I no longer have my business but still love designing and hooking rugs and experimenting with colour...! I do "mystery rugs" on my Blog and that is great fun!

6 thoughts on “Lady Nesta Birdwhistle-mystery-2018/Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art-Day 8 Finished!”

  1. Dear Sunnie, you are going out with a BANG!
    It has been a pleasure to follow you on your creative journey and I’ll be missing your funny stories and your unique rugs.
    I understand that you want to go on with your life and keeping a blog is time demanding. I wish you well in your pursuits this summer and I hope that you have a relaxing, safe and enjoyable summer.

    I’m not sure if this means that you are also leaving the Great Stash Deworming Marathon but if so, I understand that also. Please let us know.

    Lady Nesta has turned out to be a magnificent rug full of fun and silliness. Your work is always true to your style.
    I enjoyed this last rug making with the silly story.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. You will be missed! I have always enjoyed your “silly” folk art rugs, and have learned from your creativity. Check in with us now and then! Have a wonderful, creative summer.

  3. Thank you, Julia and Debbie…it has been a great time!!! 🙂

    I do appreciate everyone for the last 11 years that have come by this blog and enjoyed the fun with me. Part of the problem is that everyone is so busy these days, including me!!!! Without my dear husband to do the outside work and other tasks that go with owning a home, I am the one who does it all. 🙂 🙂 I really enjoy it and am glad I can do it…but it all takes time. I don’t have the time to faithfully follow everyone else’s blogs either…like I used to do.

    Nope…I won’t be leaving Rug Hooking Daily and the Great De-Worming!!!! …lol… That is one of my delightfully enjoyable Groups! Wouldn’t want to miss what my friends are up to!!!!!
    I’ll continue to post on Facebook and on Rug Hooking Daily with the rugs I do…so I won’t be totally “away” (unless I go gaga…and then I won’t remember anything!!!) …lol… I’ll decide where I go from here in the Autumn.
    Have a wonderful day…and Happy Hooking! (I’ll go and do some edge finishing on Lady Nesta!!!!) Hugs, Sunnie 🙂

  4. Oh, sunnie,,,
    That mat is amazing, what a treat,,, to follow ur blog,,, came to it late,, but have enjoyed all the fun mats u have created,,,,,
    And the stories to go with them!
    Glad u will be , around and about, at rug hooking daily , and keeping in touch at the deworming group,,, love it!!
    Thanks for all u have shared,,, and cared,,,
    You are a treasure! @♡♡

  5. Sunnie, I’m so glad you are staying with our deworming group. Enjoy your summer and have fun doing what you enjoy. Hugs, Julia

  6. Thank you, Elaine…I have appreciated all of you who have traveled with me on these adventures!!! I’ve had a great time…so I’ll see you on RHDaily and on the Facebook rug Group too!!!! It is all such fun!!!! Hugs, Sunnie 🙂

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