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SUNIMEI am a folk artist now living in Vancouver, WA.     For 21 years, I was living and working in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont where Joe and I made so many happy memories!!!   I treasure my time there and all of the friends and family with whom we worked and played on many occasions!

Born in 1941, I am the grandmother of 17 and  a Great Grandmother of 9…!

Joe and I moved to Vermont from Washington State and we were  thankful that we had so many years to enjoy a peaceful, rural life in a wonderful small state with terrific people.    We also had family near, so that made it wonderful too.

I was so pleased that my art and craft work had been warmly received in Vermont and it was encouraging that residents and visitors alike found joy in purchasing a piece of original folk art created by my hands.   All of us who are artists or craftspeople appreciate the support and the kind words our customers give us.  Their delight in our creations encourages and stimulates us.

As many of you already know, my dear husband died in April 2013 of a malignant brain tumor.   We were in the middle of a move to Oregon to be closer to our children, but Joe passed away during the time of our move.   So I now am adjusting to life alone.   However, I do have my children and grandchildren (and great-grandchildren!) close to me and that is a blessing as I settle here.

I wrote these words below many years ago living in Vermont…and they still are true today for me.   Since only a few months have passed since Joe’s death, I am in the grieving process…but we celebrated 25 wonderful years together before he died.   I was so fortunate to have been able to share my life with him for that long.   He was a good and kind man, and we had years of fun and enjoyment in each other for me to remember!   The memories will always be with me! 🙂

Here is what I said then…(in 2007)

“I have come to greatly enjoy the serenity that I find in this place and in this time of my life.  Since my late 40’s and early 50’s, I have found the trivial and the petty dropping away and a gentle understanding of the important things in life coming forward.  I try to encourage others more, to give more hugs and to let friends and family know that I love them.  I find that reason is sweet and common sense is the order of the day.

I am able to face each day with a sense of joy, even as I pray for those who have no joy.  I have reasonably good health and I rejoice in that even as I remember those who face sickness and pain.  I find that I have more compassion for those who have faced temptations that I have never known and have forgiven myself for my own poor judgements, decisions and actions.  The result of all of this is the appreciation of each day of life and a hightened awareness of our individual role in caring for the earth and all who inhabit it! Let us all do our small bit…and the result will be great indeed.”

40 thoughts on “Meet Sunnie”

  1. Hi Again…

    Have to say that I love your sentiment here , also! I’ve been up in your neck of the woods and the winter peace must be wonderful.

    Hook-on! Loretta

  2. Hi Loretta!
    Thank you for the kind words!!! : )

    Yes, the winters here are lovely and we enjoy the quiet. We are not “winter sports” people although my husband did more ice skating, sledding, etc. in his youth. (As I did in Washington state)

    But now we really enjoy the beauty of the snow, feeding the birds and the wonderful peacefulness of it all. And…what a terrific time to create!

    Enjoy! Hugs to you, Sunnie : )

  3. Hi Sunnie,
    This may just be the best profile I have ever read. wow. you do sound centered. Thank you for being such a great role model for kindness and a genuine love and appreciation of life.

  4. Thank you, Laney, for such a nice comment! I appreciate it so much. Human life is filled wtih joy and sorrow, sickness and health, good times and bad…and all of us go through these times.

    I think my mother and father set a good example for me. They loved me every minute of every day and they loved and respected each other, even when they disagreed. Their love gave me strength in almost 30 years of a very difficult marriage.

    Now, married 20 years to a kind and gentle man who loves me, (even if I am a little “wacky”) LOL, I am very happy.
    He supports and enjoys my art, appreciates the simple life we lead and his heart is in this part of the world where he spent many happy childhood years. I love seeing him contented too and feel so blessed every day.
    May you have many peaceful and creative days in 2008.
    Hugs to you, Sunnie : )

  5. Sunnie:

    What a great blog by a lovely lady. You sure have it all figured out – maybe I will when I grow up too LOL. Remembering our workshop together in Searsport and all the fun you brought to all of us and continue to do through your work and your blog – keep it going. Perhaps we will meet again on the “hooking” road – I hope so.


  6. Hi Ken: What a nice message to greet me this morning!!! : )
    I visit your Maine hooked rugs website from time to time too and always enjoy your beautiful work!!!

    When you reach my “advanced age” (LOL), you will certainly have figured out Something!!!!! : )

    However, the wool dust in my brain makes me a little addled from time to time and I forget to be serene!! The sight of a little old lady tottering about on the wooden steps leading to a little house with a carrot-railing porch is a sight that would cause most Vermonters to faint…so you see there is a “down-side” to being ebullient!!!!

    I, too, hope we meet in Maine again or on the wool road to “somewhere”!!! Didn’t we have fun at Searsport!!!

    However, I might need to have you help me across the street after I become a great-grandmother!!! Were you a Boy Scout? LOL

    Happy Hooking! Sunnie : )

  7. Hello Sunnie
    Greetings from a snowy Scotland. Have just visited your site for the first time. Your work is lovely and your sentiments too, if only everyone could think like this. A more peaceful world we would surely have.
    Nice to find me on your blogroll. This technology is really great for ‘hooking’ up with folk from around the world.
    Happy creations.

  8. Hello Moy…How nice to hear from you! : )

    I can’t remember how I came across your Blog but I enjoyed your work so much that I just had to visit from time to time to be inspired! : )

    Your use of colour is wonderful and uplifting and, of course, the “sky, fields, animals and homes” themes speak to me. I love them too!

    Yes, I am so pleased we have the internet too…especially here where we are in rural Vermont…the connections we can make are great!!
    Enjoy!!! Sunnie

  9. Find a comment. Leave a comment. Visit a blog – link to a website, take a trip to Moy’s Scotland – journey back with a new appreciation and energy gained by a short, fulfilling trip.
    What a wonderful time to be an artist. Aren’t we all lucky!

  10. Hi Wendie! I’m so glad you visited me…isn’t it fun? I enjoy your Blog too and will visit often. We can take a trip around the world without leaving home!!!!! LOL

    And the inspiration I find in the work created by all the artists and craftspeople on my bloglist is wonderful!

    Happy Tuesday!!! Sunnie : )

  11. Hello Sunnie (what a LOVELY name) and greetings from Queensland.
    I dropped by to thank you for visiting KenMaursCorner.
    I sometimes wonder at “how” people find me.

    It’s truly great , meeting with people who are centred and enjoying life,no matter what is thrown at them.

    I loved visiting and meeting with you,and truly enjoyed the gorgeous snow pictures.
    Living in a sub tropical area,snow is something I have yet to experience first hand.

    It’s just over 12 months since we moved from our idyllic rural home to suburbia.,and four months ago my darling supportive husband of 46 years lost his battle with cancer; he was the wind beneath my wings,and I owe it to him to keep going forward….
    Best wishes,

  12. Maureen, I am so glad you visited me! Thank you!

    My heart goes out to you and the loss of your beloved husband…but I rejoice that you had the joy of him for 46 years! : ) And the memories will keep you moving forward as he still is there beneath your wings!!

    Joe and I are planning to move to a smaller, more easily cared-for place in 2011 as our wonderful rural home just takes more care than we can handle as we age. I will be 70 in 2011 and Joe will be 80. We still have reasonably good health but aren’t getting any younger! : )

    I’ll be visiting your Blog from time to time to see what you are working on…and to say “Hello”!!! My son lived in Australia for 10 years (Sydney) and just loved it!!!!
    Warm Regards, Sunnie : )

  13. Hi Cousin Joanne!

    That’s what we called her in her youth, folks! Your latest hooked rug is going to be beautiful. I also play with wool, as in knitting, and have recently become hooked on quilting. So the sewing machine is consuming most of my time these days.

    I am writing from Kodiak, Alaska, and we too, still have snow. We will have spring by June, and then a summer day or possibly a week, in August, then in September back to rain, rain, rain before the snow, snow, snow.

    Our small town is a great community of very creative artists, and there are lots of things to do and learn here. I have learned beadwork, grass basketweaving, knitting, and quilting, and enjoy being here very much. I do miss the Eastern Washington desert country a lot though, and miss my horses.


  14. Hi Cousin Karen!!!!

    I’m so glad to connect with you!! : ) Remember all the fun we had when we were children and all the times you took me out to ride horses!! (I always chose the slowest one and you always chose the liveliest!) LOL

    Isn’t it interesting that we both find such enjoyment in art and crafts at our “advanced” ages!!!! : ) Your community sounds great and I’m glad you are having a delightful time living there.

    Unlike you, I never felt that I Ever belonged in the Eastern Washington desert community even though Mom loved it so much. I knew I was meant to live in a place with trees…lots and lots of trees!!! : ) And a place where it was more “Endless Winter” than “Endless Summer”. Vermont is ideal for me and Joe loves it here so much.

    Love to you and Ray…and to all the family!!!
    Cousin S/J : )

  15. Dear Sunnie (Joanne),
    It’s amazing what one can learn about another just by reading a blog. Now I know your ‘real’ name (although Sunnie seems to fit you better), your age (you’re 10 years older than I am) and that you’re also on a second, wonderful marriage. My first, which wasn’t great, lasted 7 years, until he walked out, leaving me penniless with a 6 year old and a 3 year old. But God, in His all-knowing way, knew what He was doing. He sent Gerry into my life and next March, we celebrate 25 wonderful years together. He is truly my soulmate.

    You already know I’m one of your most ardent fans. I do hope that one day we’ll meet at some time and some where along the woolie highway.

  16. Hi JoJo!

    Yes, it is amazing what we learn from these blogs!!!!

    Aren’t we lucky to have wonderful second marriages? Joe and I celebrated 20 years together this year! : ) (I was married 27 years in a difficult first marriage)

    I already feel like you’re part of my family…and that is one of the terrific things about the internet! It connects us in ways that might not be possible otherwise. : )

    I know I have been helped and encouraged in my rug hooking life by our Snippets friends-and-family group and that has brought me much joy! I think that my “fearless” hooking adventures are possible because I know that even if I fall on my face and hook a real disaster, my friends will help me up, puree those veggies and encourage me to try, try, try again!!! LOL

    Hugs to you…and I hope you are feeling better these days and not trying to do too much!!!!! : )

  17. Hi Sunnie, I just wanted to tell you I finished my chair pad and I think it came out nice, It was’nt hard at all to put on the rug binding and whip the edges, thank you so much for showing me how to do it,
    See you at Brenda’s in August,

  18. Hooray!!! Wonderful, Annette!! I’m so glad you came to hook with us Saturday and your work is looking so good! I’ll be waiting to see how you finish up your new hooked project!! August, here we come! LOL

    Hugs to you, Sunnie : )

  19. Hello Sunnie, My name is Anita Tabbytite, age 53. I live in Tucson Az. I found your website on a Rug Hooking link. I’ve just discovered Rug Hooking and fell in love. I’m trying to get started on my first ‘Welcome’ rug… (that I designed). Ive gone wool gathering @ a nearby secondhand store, I picked up a few colorful wool blazers, jackets and skirts, ripped them up and they r all ready to throw in the wash and dryer. But gosh girl, there is so much fake wool out there. You can no longer feel fabric, you have to read the labels, LOL. Also I picked up a few rug hooking books on Amazon, a great place to shop. Anyway- I was on your blog and saw the huge tapestry rug you are working on, what a beauty. I’m hppked and will continue to follow your daily progress. I have a question? Do you hook it on the floor or do you have it on a frame all tight and tant then take it out to take your pictures? Seems like a lot of work but everyone has their own way of doing things. One never knows. Okay, also I wanted to say, I do love your website, your blog showing US your work in process, how great is that? And your own rugs. such gems they are. Now if i could only finish a rug of my own- Happy Hooking ~Anita

  20. Hello Anita! I’m so glad you have discovered rug hooking! It is just a wonderful art and craft! : ) Thank you for visiting.

    Yes, it is important to find 100% wool for your wool strips unless you are doing some branching out to use ribbons, trims and all kinds of fabrics!!! LOL

    For rug hooking, you really need a frame to work on that will hold your backing taut. It can be a lap frame, table frame, floor frame or even a large rug hoop. Some hookers use a large floor frame (rather like a large quilting frame) and roll out the rug as they work on it.
    (for rug hooking, you need the frame, the backing of your choice, your hook and your wool) You can purchase frames at your local rug hooking store or on eBay!!! : )

    I mostly use a Snap Dragon Frame on a Puritan floor stand. It is easy to put a rug on and take it off …and I DO take my rugs off the frame and put them on the floor to do these quick photos. : )
    (see my frame photo) You might start with a small “learning” frame that is not so expensive and then graduate to a better frame when you know you will be hooking more and more!!! LOL

    Your books will help you and, if you have a chance to take a class or workshop with a rug hooking teacher in your area, you might find it very enjoyable! It is really a matter of learning to pull your loops up to approx the same height and checking the back of your work to see that you don’t have crossovers or lumps. You will find your own comfort zone!!! : )

    Feel free to ask any questions you might have…and if I can’t answer them, I can certainly refer you to more experienced hookers! : )

    Warm Regards…amd Happy Hooking!!! Sunnie : )

  21. Sunnie….You are the best!!!I love all of your work, it is so inspirational as well as spiritual. You express what I feel….and that is wonderful. I look forward to seeing all of your work

  22. HI Win…thank you so much for visiting!!! : )

    I have a great time with my folk art pieces and I think it is so important to do what is meaningful and joyful for you. Not necessarily what someone else thinks you should do!!!!! : )

    I feel very blessed to be able to express myself in words and wool…and to live in this beautiful state. I always wanted to live “down a country lane”…and now I do!!! Hugs, Sunnie ; )

  23. Hi Sunnie! For some reason tonight I decided to check the world of Rug Hooking Blogs. I was lead to your site and had to write to say how much I enjoyed your writing. I am 63 and can really relate to what you said about your new priorities and outlook on life. I had to retire early (at 54) with health problems. It took me a few years to regain some semblance of good health and to adapt to my new, slower, quieter life. I used to be a big city single, carrer woman working in Commercial Interior Design, designing and furnishing offices, doctor’s and hospital hospitality areas, etc. When I got sick I could barely walk and finally had to accept that I couldn’t keep up my old pace.

    I moved out into the country to find affordable housing and really had a bit of an adjustment to the country life. But now, nearly 7 years later I abolutely love my life! My 4 big interests are my gardening, my cats, my rug hooking and politics (the last I keep to myself! LOL)

    I would be ABSOLUTELY LOST, though, without the internet to keep me connected to the bigger world. I find, more and more, I am drawn into the world of Rug Hooking. I take classes with Peggy Hannum in Lancaster County, PA and she inspires all who meet her. Peggy is 77 and runs rings around all of us. I don’t know if you know her work. She has written for RHM and often has her rugs featured.

    You are so lucky to have found a happy second marriage – what a blessing for both of you. I have been divorced for 23 years and never met anyone else I could have pictured marrying. I had what I would call a happy marriage and a miserable divorce…… but life goes on. I always try to focus on what I have and what I can do, instead of mourning what I used to have and what I could do. Compared to so many people in these troubled times, I have been blessed and thank God every day for his blessings. Finding a new world of friends through rug hooking has been one of the real blessings in my life. I will be following your blog and look forward to learning more from you!
    Sincerely, Pat (My Yahoo! Rug Hookers name is Patchdee)

  24. HI Pat…thank you so much for visiting!!! I am really glad you have found the world of rug hooking so delightful. I find it that way too!!! 🙂
    You have such a good outlook…to focus on what you have and what you can do instead of what you can’t. I, too, feel greatly blessed. All of us have difficulties and problems in life, but with our family and friends we can come through the problems and out the other side.
    I see that my “Meet Sunnie” info is not up to date. LOL I better put my advanced age (LOL) in as well as the 6 Great- Grandchildren I have now!!!
    Hugs to you, Sunnie ; )

  25. Hi Sunnie, I am glad that I was the one to inspire you to update your profile. With 6 great-grandchildren you need to claim the credit! What a joy they must be to you. I now have 2 adorable baby great-nieces, 16 months, 5 weeks and will be getting a third next month! Some day I need to start thinking about doing a rug for each of them!

  26. I have really enjoyed following the progress on your mystery rug – love the hawk – the colors are stunning. I also enjoy your comments on the Welcome Mat and Rug Hooking Daily – all these sites keep me connected to the world of rug hooking. One question, if I might. Where do you get the Dover books, I can’t find them in any bookstore, and the site doesn’t seem to specifically list their publications as copyright free – or am I missing something when I browse around there? Looking forward to your next mystery rug!!

  27. Debbie, if you go to amazon and type in “Dover “in the books section, you will come up with a lot of Dover books. Many bookshops also carry them in the Arts and Crafts section!!!
    Also, simply Google “Dover books for artists” on Google and you will find the Dover site where all their books are on display!!!! You can even sign up for free samples of their designs comiing into your email on Wednesdays! : )
    Thank you so much for the kind words…I really appreciate the encouragement..!
    Hugs to you, Sunnie 😉

  28. Hi Sunnie,

    My name is Jayne and I am one of the Crescent Lane Hookers in Athens, Georgia. It is my pleasure to meet you! I have fallen in love with the “Bradley Primitive” rug, but I am having a difficult time locating the pattern. I saw that you hooked the rug, quite beautifully I might add, and I wanted to see if you might have the pattern. I would be interesting in purchasing a copy of it, if you had it in your stash.

    Feel free to let me know when you have a chance. Thanks so much, and I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!


  29. Hello Jayne…The Bradley Primitive rug pattern is available from Harry Fraser Co.

    It comes in 2 sizes and I did the smaller one. I think you would enjoy doing the rug. I had great fun! : )
    Sorry to be so long in responding…my husband’s care takes up my time at the moment. But he is doing well so we feel blessed!!
    Warm Regards, Sunnie ; )

  30. Hi Sunnie,

    We just read your updated profile… such a journey for you! Clearly you’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff, and to accept each day for the gift it is. As you say, “Let us all do our small bit…”

    Frances and John

  31. Hello Sunni, I now have Internet,and check your blog when I have time,I am happy to see your cute little cottage,and that you are happy in your new life,still miss our little gathering,but life changes,I now hook alone,but I like my own company. Ha,ha.. Enjoying the Internet,and all it offers, rug wise. Wishing you happy holidays.

  32. Hey Pat…so good to hear from you!!!! I
    miss you too…and the life in Vermont…! 🙂 However, I am happy here with my family and I do love my little cottage home. As you can see…I am hooking away and having a fun time, as always!!! Due to have my #10 and #11 great-grandchild in the next couple of months!!!!! At least I’ll have a lot of people to help me across the street when I need it…!!!!! …lol… Happy holidays to you and family too…Hugs, Sunnie 🙂

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