New Mystery Rug-finished!-“Witch Winnie’s Great Pumpkin Hunt”-Sunnie/rug hooking/folk art-Day 13

Here we go with the Finished Halloween rug…Witch Winnie’s Great Pumpkin Hunt…!   🙂

Two photos today…the diagonal focus of the rug and the complete rug!   Here is the diagonal focus…


There were many experiments going on here as you know…but I really enjoyed all of them.   The Background… darks-to blue mottled-to purple mottled-starting at the lower left and moving up to the center and right top of the rug and then back down to darks made me think carefully about where to place all the different wools.

I really liked the papercut motifs for the upper border as they reminded me of hanging bats.   The black on lighter blue gave me the optical illusion.

Then on to the motifs… using the brights for leaves on the left, adding in the duller oranges for the pumpkins and then moving on to the witch using blacks and dulls for most of her character with only a little bright accents was a fun experiment.   I then went on to use some quieter wools for the broom (with some bright circles  in the background and his bright tie!) and finally worked on the heavy bright border.   Using only two borders was an experiment too.

Without the right side border, the rug lacked balance…so i worked from the top down and the bottom up to place the bright and the dull colours where I thought they looked best.

So here is the Finished 24 x 24 inch piece…very different from the idea I started with which featured a beautiful lady, a green “forest” and a bird…!!!!   I may still do that one.   I was going to call it, “The Message” and it was to be a bit of a mystery in itself.   

—————————————————————————If I hadn’t been a little goofy with my designing all of my life, the thought processes I went through to get to this rug were simply bizarre!!!   Joe used to think that I wasn’t entirely “human”…or at least some part of my brain lived in another world..!   …lol…    Our discussion about “Time, Space and a Parallel Universe” one evening made him believe it even more!!!!!!!   🙂

Of course, at my age now, everyone would think that I was just “losing my grip”…(!!!)…or getting a little senile, but not to worry.   As long as I am doing these goofy or funny or fantasy rugs, I am still “normal”!!!     (HA!)

My daughter and I decided that if I stopped eating and started spending all of my time playing Bingo, she would call the Doctor immediately!!!   



New Mystery Rug-“Witch Winnie’s Great Pumpkin Hunt”-6/2017-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 12

Quick post today…Here we go with the last 1/3rd of the rug!   🙂

This shows the character “Bizzy Broom”…who takes Witch Winnie on her Halloween night ride each year!   Of course, he is concerned about carrying weight (!!!) and to think of him carrying both Witch Winnie and that large pumpkin makes him shudder!!!!!   …lol…

Also, he is very worried about fire…so he does NOT want a jack-o-lantern with it’s candle blazing!   He is a very nervous broom!   But every year, he is overruled by Winnie.   (As you see, she is holding him back so she doesn’t have to hear him fussing and complaining!!!)   🙂

Also, you can see the strongly coloured border on the right side.   This balances the bright leaves and the pumpkin colours on the left side of the rug.   I will post a picture of the whole rug when I steam it and photograph the whole thing!!!  (Looks like I have a black thread invading the photo too!)

Happy Halloweeeeen (in a couple of months!)…and Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂


Mystery Rug-“Witch Winnie’s Great Pumpkin Hunt”-6/2017-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 11

Here we go with the next 1/3rd of the rug!   🙂

Right now, I am busily working on the right side border of the rug…placing colours where I believe they will balance out the bright leaves on the left side.

This Halloween rug tells the story of “Witch Winnie” who, on the first day of October, always goes out searching for a new pumpkin to ride with her on Halloween night.   She needs a jack-o-lantern to light her way through the dark night skies!   🙂

Unfortunately, this particular pumpkin has a fear of heights and is trying his best to “blend in” with the colourful leaves in the Autumn woods.   He certainly does Not want to be flying through the night sky with anyone!!!

Witch Winnie is not sure about him either…so we’ll never know just what her choice will be.   On the next 1/3rd of the rug, there is someone else trying to persuade her to overlook this particular large pumpkin!   This next character wants the smallest pumpkin possible and would prefer it NOT be a jack-o-lantern!

Witch Winnie’s dress is done in duller colours as the main focus of her character is her face!   The main focus of the pumpkin is also his face and the same goes for the next character in the final 1/3rd of the rug.   The “band of focus” is a diagonal line of faces.

So here is Progress on Day 11…as I’ve said before, I was inspired by part of an antique book cover and an antique playing card image of the Queen of hearts for this piece.   I also liked the curved parts of the trees and the curved part of Winnie’s dress.

Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂

New Mystery Rug-“WW Great Pumpkin Hunt”-6/2017-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art-Day 10

Hooray!   I am getting close to the finish of this 24 x 24 inch piece!   🙂

I’ve enjoyed this experiment because of the interesting colour problems and successes that have gone along with it.   The border “leaf-basketball-blob” problem has been solved and I think it shows off the center of the rug better than my earlier idea.   

Sometimes it works beautifully to put a touch of the center colour(s) in the border…but it did not do well on this top border!!!!!

There is still an optical illusion going on with the top border…but it is rather “creepy” and that goes along with the rug’s theme!

You will see that I am putting colours in the right hand border to balance the left side of the rug… so we will see how they do there.   It is easy to change colour in simple shapes when needed.

Since I am going to give you a picture of 1/3 of the rug today, you will know immediately that this is…a Halloween Rug!!!!!    (I know you are saying “oh, no…not again!!!)   …lol… but tomorrow I will explain how this rug came to be a Halloween piece and Not the design I had started out to draw!   

The top border design was papercutting and, when I put the paper on the border to try it out,  I immediately thought that, if hooked in black wool,  the shapes looked like bats.   Then,  I thought putting a bit of the bright colour(s) in a “leaf shape” in the center would be a nice touch…but it wasn’t…!   🙂

I have had a great time with colours on this piece…the next post will show the quieter, dull colours on another 1/3 of the rug.

Here is Progress on Day 10…I’ve had so much fun with this one!!!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂



New Mystery Rug “WWGPH”-6/2017-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art-Day 9

Always enjoy reading your comments about rug hooking or the fiber art and folk art that you do!    Also painting, quilting, collage…etc.   We all learn from each other and tips or advice about you use colours, etc. are always welcome!   🙂

Today is another colour “blooper”!!!   …lol…     I like to show you errors from time to time because if you hook experimentally like I do, then you know that an experiment might not work right…!!!!   🙂

Here is another photo today showing a colour that had unintended consequences!!!   If you notice the “kinda-leaf-like” (a technical term!!!!!!!) motif in the border center, you’ll see that it has a deep, dull wine colour  inside the dark blue veins.   Now that would probably be OK with that rust background…but when I sit back and look at the rug now, the shape and the wine colour (especially at night) it doesn’t look leaf-like at all but more like part of a misshapen basketball…!  🙂

So I will make a change there, even though it is not a very important part of the border.   It looks funny to me so I will do as you probably do with any mistakes you make…change it so it looks better.   I’ll try some bright and some dull colours.

Background is moving more into the mottled purple as I get to the right hand side of the rug.

Here is Progress on Day 9…not a lot of time yesterday to work…and I’m doing more outside work today but should have some hooking time later on…I’ll need the rest…!!!!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂


New “WWGPH” Mystery Rug-6/2017-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art-Day 8

Today I want to show you what happens when you have an idea that does not work out very well.   🙂      This is why I try out a colour on a small area before going forward with an entire motif, background or border!   That saves a lot of “reverse hooking”!!!!!!!

Also, as you know, sometimes there are optical illusions that you don’t know about until you hook something and then sit back and look at it…  and we all can see that illusion differently.   (If you remember some of the pictures that have two faces looking at each other but there is also a “vase” that can show between them in the dark space.)

To me, this is what happened with my upper border experiment.   I am using the rust colour in other parts of the rug so I tried the rust in the border.   However, I wanted the black curved shapes to stand out to make the border design…and just use the rust as background.   It looked fine up close as I was hooking a small section to try.   But when I sat back to look at it, the rust background was what I saw first…!   And my eye continued to jump between the rust and the black…!


Now there may be rugs in which I want the background to jump out at you, but this is not one of them!!!!   🙂

Sometimes, using a brighter colour in the border compliments the brighter colours in the rug…but it did not work this time.   So I looked in my wools for something “bland” that would go in the border background.   After all, if I am wanting the border to contain  and focus on the important center of the rug, it needs to be secondary to the center.

So here is my solution…I kept the rust line between the center and the border and found a lighter blue that echos a similar colour in the mottled center background.   There is still a bit of illusion between the black and the blue but it is less “jumpy” than with the rust.   🙂

Here is Progress on Day 8…and here is the difference in the border colours.    I hope you are having a delightful weekend with lots of summer fun!!!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂

New “WWGPH” Mystery Rug-6/2017-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art-Day 7

Quick post today!

I am working on a different part of the rug and the colour change to dull makes me think I am working on a primitive!!!!   🙂  

Many years ago, I used to work mostly on primitive designs with a #8 cut…and now that cut seems very very wide!!!!!   …lol…   Even a #6 can seem wide after working with #4 and 5 for awhile.

So here is Progress on Day 7…we’ll see if the bright and then duller and then some bright  again actually works!   Hope you are having fun with whatever you are doing!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂