Autumn Colours Coming On – Sunnie, Old Crow Farm

I just love Autumn!!!  My very favourite season of all..!!!

Always makes me want to use all the wonderful colours in my rugs!!

We usually get our peak  Foliage season here in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom in early October…so the colours are definately coming up.  So beautiful.

I  am busy working on Santas now, to get ready for my November show.  So I have little bodies and heads all over the place!!!  LOL  Now the trick is to get them put together with some delightful clothing!!!  Soft sculpture faces are fun…so different a look from the clay faces (like the witches)  ; )

Hope you are all enjoying the weather wherever you are…our hearts go out to those who were hurt by the bad weather all over the country.  We were not affected up here in Vermont…but the south and other parts of the state were really devastated.   We hope they all will get the help they need.

Happy Hooking!  Sunnie   😉

Welcome Autumn in Vermont!!! Sunnie-hooked rugs, Halloween fun, etc.

Wow…it has been along time since I posted here!  We have had a Spring and Summer so busy I couldn’t believe it..!!  : )  We are usually so quiet and boring!! LOL

I have been busy…here are some of the “Twisted Pines” Halloween witches I’ve been creating.  They are certainly whimsical and funny…and I love to sculpt the green faces with the bloodshot eyes!!!!  LOL  I do a lot of laughing as many of them look rather like my family or people I know!  (without the green skin!!!)

These “ladies” are…(top)  “Grizzledean…the cook who loves the weevils in  her flour used for her famous Spider Surprise(!!) because they give her baking that extra crunch!!”

(middle)  “Creepelle”…she and her cat love spreading little dead things around the house!  (our cat does that too!!)  LOL

(bottom)..”.Wykedella”…a “partygirl” witch who is a terrible flirt…especially around handsome ghouls or zombies!!!   LOL

Husband says they all look a bit like my family!!!!!  LOL (I’ll start on his family next!!!)  Happy Halloween!!  They are heading off to the Grand Isle Art Works Gallery to do some haunting there! : )

I have been working on a new pattern design and trying to find a way to sell paper patterns so the cost will not be so high and people can put the designs on their own choice of backing. (I only use primitive linen)  Hopefully, I can find a way!  ; )

This little rug is half of the “Sunflower Lane” runner and it can be hooked by itself as “Sunflower Cottage”!  (Of course, the runner has the sunflowers in the middle, two houses facing each other and the larger Sunflowers on the sides.)  I love the Autumn colours!!!

I have so many woolworms that I made this little runner for on old chest from leftovers from other projects!  So simple!  (edge unfinished)

I am also working on a realistic portrait of my father as a young man (probably in his late teens or early 20’s) 

 I was not born until my father was 29…so did not know him as a young man.    This is done in #3, #4, #5, and #6 cuts and is different from most of my hooking work which tends to be whimsical and folk-art or primitive style.  : )

Just some of what i’ve been doing…so you see, I haven’t been idle!!!!!  : )

Happy Thursday…hope you are all well and having fun!!  Sunnie   😉


Santas-Folk Art-Rug Hooking/Sunnie-Nov 13/Extra

I’ve been working like crazy on Santas so my hooking has taken a back seat for a week or so!  : )  But in a day or two, I’ll be back hooking again!!!!  Stay tuned!! ; )

You might enjoy these pictures!  They are such fun to do!!

A 29 inch “Old World” Santa in Burgundy


Another “old world” larger Santa in Burgundy


A large 31 inch Santa in a beautiful brocade done as a special order!


Happy Creating & Hooking!!!  : )

Hooked Rugs, Santas, Folk Art – Sunnie Andress/Extra

I thought you might enjoy seeing what I am working on while I’m working on my rugs!!!  Getting ready for my November show!!  : )  I love doing the little guys and using soft sculpture means that they are always whimsical and bring smiles with them!!!!

…larger Santas and a couple of “Mrs. Santas”!!!  : )

and more!!!  LOL

Happy Hooking!!!   and  Happy Holidays too!!  ; )

January Thaw & Red Hat Ladies

We’re in the middle of a January Thaw…going from below 0 temperatures up to the mid-30’s above 0 if the predictions are correct!  All we know is that everything is dripping and the ice and snow buildup keeps sliding off the roof with crashes and bangs!!!!

Red Hat Ladies




Several years ago I was making Santas and just had an urge to create a few Red Hat Ladies!  Probably because they were ladies with “attitude”…and, of course, I am of that age group too!  (Love purple!!!)

They were such fun to do!  Just a hoot and people seemed to enjoy them!  Although I am not a member, I understand that it is a terrific organization!!!  : )


Witchlingg Glitches!


I think my little Witchlinggs have been playing around with my email lately! 

This one is my own special one.  She stands in my little office room upstairs… but I do suspect she frolics with the Santas, Elves and other little Witches and Pumpkin People when the house is quiet and we are asleep!!!  LOL


Santas say Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Love those Santas!  What fun!


More Santas!


I really love creating Santas and other folk figures too!  It is a joyful pastime…and the rug hooking is a peaceful pastime.  You can never be grumpy making Santas…some have such funny expressions you can’t help but laugh.  LOL