2014-Feb New Mystery rug-FINISHED/Sunnie/rug hooking/24″/Day 10

Hooray!!!   Summer rug Finished!!!   🙂

I was surprised, when looking at the Spring rug and Summer rug together how different the two figures look!   It is a good lesson showing why several people can hook the same pattern and, if they do not see the other rugs, have those patterns come out differently..!   I think my Summer self looks more sturdy with a more assertive personality…and my Spring self looks more tender with smaller “bones”!!!   LOL   Now I didn’t start out to do that…but that is what it looks like to me!!  🙂   (also, in Summer, I look like I have only 2 teeth!!!   That always made me laugh while I was hooking the piece!)   LOL

Now the hint was…S. H. A. B. B………and, of course, that is “Sunnie Holding A Beach Ball..!   You knew it all the time!!   And I did try to make the beach ball look rounded coming towards the viewer!   LOL

This rug was great fun!… I might even add some “bling” to the top of the sunglasses, like beads or pearls after the final steaming is done.   And now, when you are looking at a beach scene, try to put one of my wonderful “Old Lady Sunsuits” on all the women and see how much more beautiful the beach will be!!!!!   LOL  🙂

Here we go….Mystery Rug-February…Apartment sign…SUMMER

febmysteryfinish500And here, again, is Spring…Mystery2014Final300You can see that by flipping the design  and adjusting the figure…I can get a very different look using the same base pattern.   However, there are added motifs in the Summer one and that gives a very different look…at least to me!!!   I hope you have enjoyed the adventure with me…and I am working on designs for Autumn and Winter too!   Stay tuned for another Apartment sign adventure!!!   LOL  🙂

I have some other rug designs I want to do also…so after some time to get things ready, I’ll be posting again in a few days!!!   Hope you are staying warm…Happy Hooking!!!   Sunnie  🙂



2014-Feb New Mystery rug/Sunnie/rug hooking/24 x 24-Day 6

Quick post today…I’m zipping right along and I’m happy with the results so far!!!   Maybe a little “tweaking” here and there but I’m still laughing at this one!!!!!   🙂    The design of this one was easy because when looking at my first Apartment sign, I realized that I could do my second one by simply making one decision…and that would make life very simple!!!!   LOL

So here is progress on Day 6…



FebMysSAT3Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  🙂

2014-Feb New Mystery rug/Sunnie/rug hooking/24 x 24-Day 5

I’m really laughing at this one!!!!   I had a chance to work on parts of the rug that you can’t see yesterday…along with filling in the parts you can see!!!!   LOL

Using up woolworms, experimenting and using wools that fray or are a little stiff, etc. is a great way to pare down my stash.   I like soft wools that pull through the backing smoothly…and some wools that I have bought in the past are not my favourites!    🙂

goldenafternoonThe piece I am working on now reminds me a bit of this 24 x 24 rug that I did some time ago!!!   Using bright colours and funny motifs…but the one I am doing now is so much goofier!!!!   LOL

Here is progress for Day 5:FebMysGGI am really enjoying this…and using up a lot of woolworms too!!!!!!   LOL

Happy Hooking!  🙂


2014-Feb New Mystery rug/Sunnie/rug hooking/24 x 24-Day 4

Quick post today!   I had a chance to do some border hooking as well as motifs for today’s post…so things are coming along!   :)I found several really bright dyed or bright plaid wools in my stash that I don’t use often in the rugs that I do.   My colours are usually more greyed or subdued…but I do break out and do some brights once in awhile!    These “sign” rugs are perfect for using some of these wools…just for fun!

In my craft room organizing, I have come across a rug that I started about 8 years ago on monk’s cloth…but got stuck on colour choices for part of the design.   I hated Monk’s cloth  until I got my Snapdragon frames…then I enjoyed hooking on that backing!!!    After 8 years, I think I have a solution for my problem (!!!) and might hook that rug here on the Blog too.   I love the design…but it will be “tricky”!!!!!   LOL

So far, I am happy with the red plaid I am using for the border…although it is not a colour in the rug, I think it will do quite well..!!!!   (Famous last words???)   🙂

Here is progress on Day 4:

Happy Hooking!!!  🙂



2014-Feb New Mystery Rug/Sunnie/rug hooking/24 x 24-Day 3

Working on another part of the rug for today’s post.   Keeping the bright plaid here as no other motifs are affected.  🙂

I think I will add some of the border today to see how my colour choice works!!!   I was told early in my hooking “life” (!!) that a border should use a colour from the rug center and not add another.   But I often experiment with a totally different border wool…sometimes it’s fine, sometimes, it looks dreadful..!!!   LOL   I like to do a corner, stand back and look at the rug from a distance and then take it out if I’ve goofed!

( I have a piece of thin plywood that I have covered with fabric.   I pin the rug with clothespins onto the board and set it in front of a chair so I can look at it while I am having lunch, etc.   I usually can spot any problems, even little ones, right away by just looking at the rug for a while.   It also helps other ideas pop into my mind…or changes, etc.!!!)  🙂

Here we go on Day 3…

Happy Hooking, Everyone!!!


2014-Feb New Mystery rug/Sunnie/rug hooking/24 x 24-Day 2

Hint…As you know, I am hooking another season for my next Apartment sign (24 x 24), so I am in there somewhere!!!     I need to do one for Winter, Summer and Autumn so I can hang them when the time comes!    And my idea for this Season popped into my head so it will be S.H. A. B. B. and enjoying the delights that the season brings!!!   Also, you know I will have some sort of “high fashion” in the piece…so now it is all clear…yes?   🙂


SPECIAL NOTE:   Redo of part of the multi-colour section!  I usually don’t pull a lot of strips out and, if I do, I mostly wait until a section is finished first.   But I needed to change the multi-colour section shown today as it was too busy in this part of the rug for the surrounding motifs.   So here is the redo…a dark blue…and it shows a bit more of the rug too!  🙂



I’m having fun getting out woolworms, grabbing some very “interesting” plaid wools that I have wondered what to do with (!!!) and then switching to some lovely hand-dyed pieces!   LOL   I am working on different areas of the rug, like I did before, but I have a section that I haven’t decided what to do with it yet..!!!   🙂   I’m sure something will hit me!!!   (I think I have said before on my blog that once I changed my whole colour palette on a rug because I dropped a whole stack of wools on the floor when putting them away and they looked so pretty that I put away my choices and used the scattered colours instead..!!!)     I’m sure you understand now why I don’t “teach” rug hooking!!!!  LOL

Now when my husband said that I had fixed him a “very interesting” dinner…he was probably eating one of my many “experiments”!!!!!   LOL     So you know what kind of wools I am using on this piece!!  🙂

I have brightened the photos up a bit this time so you can see the many colours in some of these plaids I am using.

Here we go on Day 2…Hope this helps you figure out what I am doing!!!!   Maybe I’ll figure it out myself..!!!

Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  🙂



2014-February New Mystery rug/Sunnie/rug hooking/24 x 24-Day 1

I know I said “February”!!!   But I couldn’t wait to get started..!!!   LOL

I decided to start with the prettiest, most detailed part of the rug (!!) so that you will know right away what it is!!!!! 🙂

Also, since new rug hookers ask me questions (any rug hooker who actually Knows anything about me never asks me questions!!!!)   I thought I would answer some of those most frequently asked.   ( One of the most often asked  is “how in the world can you think up stuff that is so absolutely goofy?”…but we won’t deal with that here!!!!!)  🙂

1.   Dear Miz. S….how do you hook a rug? (“unsure” in Toasty New England)    Dear “unsure”…I start and when I come to the finish, I stop!

2.   Dear Miz S…how do you decide on a design?  (“stumped in Swahoming”)    Dear “Stumped”…when something pops into my head and all my rational senses say “Don’t do it, Don’t do it”…I do it.  🙂

Enough Twaddle…Here is my progress on Day 1…

FebMystery1If that doesn’t have you shouting…”What a Masterpiece!!”…I don’t know what will.   LOL   I wish I could take credit for the beauty of the wool and say it is my expert dying that brings out pleasing shadings…but it is 2 pieces of mill-dyed wool and both are plaids!!!!!!!   Happy Hooking!   and I am sure you know already exactly what I am doing!!!  🙂