2017-June-12 x 12-“The Rooster and the Rose” mat-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 5 Finished…!!!

I finished the rest of “The Rooster and the Rose” today…it was great fun! 

As I said, I used cut paper for the rose and some of the grass and flower “patterns” and just drew around them.   I just sketched the rooster, a favourite theme in old fraktur and sampler images and added little bits as I went along.

The Rooster really looks like he is up to something…that little smile means there is mischief afoot…!!!   …lol…

I think I’ll make this into a pillow and will show another picture here when it is finished.   Now to decide on my next 12 x 12…I have a couple of ideas for that but just have to settle on something.

………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Happy Hooking!   It is raining today so no outside work…more time to design more rugs!!!   Here is Finished Project on Day 5…   Sunnie   🙂


2017-June-12 x 12-“The Rooster and the Rose” mat-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 4

Hooray!   I accomplished the “rose” for today’s post.   🙂  

The weather has been a bit crazy lately…rain and cold, like the start of Spring days, and then heating up to Summer temps!   I am still running outside for a bit to work, then when the rain starts, I run back into the house.   I still feel like I am living a “cuckoo clock” life!!!!!!!   …lol…

But…I did get some hooking done…and the rose was fun to do!   For those who say they “can’t draw”…for the rose I just cut some paper in a rather angled circle, drew around it on the backing and then added a wavy line around it all.   Then, I just drew a rather “squared off” spiral for the center and hooked it in 3 colours!   That did not take much talent on my part…!!!!!   🙂   And now that the rose is done, those lower “flowers” look even goofier than they did before!!!!!!   (they look a little drunk)

Now I realize that the “bud” does not look like it will turn into a rose of that colour (!!!)   but that, as they say, is another matter altogether!!!!!

Not being a “real” gardener, I don’t know if this is a floribunda or a grandiflora or a hybrid tea rose (well, really a padula!!!!!) but I DO know I did not put any thorns on it.   I am the owner of a garden where some of the roses have been here for a long time.   They are beautiful and some of them have a heavenly fragrance, but they have large and wicked thorns.   The scratches on my hands and arms attest to that…!!!   Even when I put on gloves, the thorns catch me somewhere.     (Roses are sneaky)   🙂

So here is Progress on Day 4…Happy Hooking!   (and watch out for roses!!!!!)   Sunnie   🙂


2017-June- 12 x 12 -“The Rooster and the Rose” mat-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 3

12 x 12 inch pieces go so quickly, I hope you will try this size for a fun mat or pillow, etc.   🙂

I hope to finish the hooking on this one in a couple of days.   I am happy with the colours and will remember them when I design a larger rug.

Here is the Pendleton plaid I am using for the background:


And the plaid I am using for the rooster body:


As you can see, I am working on this from the bottom up…and I am liking the leaf shapes.   I might use that shape again…and they are easy to cut out of paper and just draw around for a quick pattern!!!

Here is the Progress for Day 3…Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂



June 2017-12 x 12 inch mat-“The Rooster and the Rose”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 2

I couldn’t believe that this blog program has “protected” me from over 18,000 Spam comments!!!!  I still have a few “spams” that come through and most of them are simply disjointed comments that have nothing to do with rug hooking or crafts of any kind.

I still have trouble understanding why anyone would spend time sending comments that make no sense or advertising comments to people who have Blogs about their homes and gardens, their art or craft projects or their families.    After all, they could be hooking or painting or embroidering or woodcarving…etc. with that time!!!!!   🙂

And now…On to “The Rooster and the Rose”….

As I’ve said, I am using this as an experiment with the background plaid and also with the limited colour choices.   Rather soft, primitive colours and lots of leftovers!!!   (that “S” kinda looks like a worm!)    🙂

So here is Day 2 Progress…that tan I am using for the rooster body is a plaid also, and a couple of the green strips are plaids.   Cutting the paper leaves was fun and the “lollipop flowers” look a bit weird…and I like that.   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂



New 2017 Mystery Rug-“WTTPG”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 1

Well, you just knew I couldn’t wait to start my new Mystery Rug!   I’ll be hooking a couple of things in January but I was excited to use the wools I pulled out for this…so I made a start before January 1st…!    🙂

I decided to hook something I thought was beautiful…rather a departure for me as “beauty” is not  usually the first thing that comes to mind when I decide upon a design!   I do have a place for this rug already…as I said, I will be sizing my rugs so that I can hang them to replace rugs already hanging in my home.   The changing seasons are perfect for changing the rugs around…so I’ll have fun!

I am experimenting with a border this time…trying out a plaid wool that is a different colour from my plaid background…but not too much!!!   I think my background wool reads as “warm” and the border wool reads as “cool”…so we’ll see how it works.   🙂

Tomorrow I will show you the 2 wool plaids I am using so you can see how they hook up.

So here is Progress on Day 1…Happy New Year Everyone!   And…Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂



Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Joyful Celebration and More!-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs

I’m planning more rugs in my head these days now that I’ve finished my “Fish and Owl…etc.” rug!     I probably won’t start another mystery until after the holidays…but I am doing more organizing in my studio room. .. I like to tidy up after each rug I hook.   (I tend to be messy!!!!!)    🙂

Now that I have a lot of rugs hung up in my home, I am thinking about sizing my rugs so that they can be changed occasionally with others of that size!   I’m also doing those 12 x 12 inch pieces that can be interchanged.   I have a couple of other things I’d like to do also but we’ll see if those things are practical later on.

In choosing colours for the FO rug, I thought it might look nice at Christmas…so here it is as part of my cottage decorations.  Have a wonderful December, however you celebrate…and a Happy New Year!

Happy Hooking   Sunnie   🙂


Mystery Rug-Nov 2016-“Fish And Owl Arrive With The Leaves At The Trumpet’s Call”/Sunnie/rug hooking/Finished

Well…this week did not go exactly as I planned (!!!!) but I am finally back to my hooking!   🙂

This would be Days 13-14 and I was so close to finishing that I thought I’d do the last border part and show the entire rug today!

I don’t usually share my political views or my pet “peeves” here since this is a rug hooking Blog (!!!)…however, I do have an opinion on this subject and when I designed this piece, I chose to make it a symbol of one of my concerns.   Of course,  it can simply be a hooked rug!!!!!   …lol…


This is a design symbolic of our world and the responsibilities to care for it.   The 10th century Angel figure calls us to account with the sound of the trumpet.

As you can see, the fish (water), owl (air), leaves and plants (earth) have arrived right away.   However the total human race has not responded….with only the hand showing up representing the people who not only show us by the way they live their lives but also work tirelessly to remind us of the part we humans play in the care of our world.

I am always amazed at those who feel that we can exploit our planet for short-term gain as long as there is money in it.   If the soil, the water or the air is polluted by their labours, they feel it is alright if it is not in their own back yard.   Common sense tells us that if we continually  make our world a gigantic garbage dump, there will be a price to pay.   

My oldest daughter has always loved the saying, “If we all swept in front of our own doors, the whole world would be clean.”   🙂     

This is a whimsical piece too, not only a serious symbolic one but a funny one!!!   When I first saw the Angel illustrations from that 10th century illuminated manuscript, I had to laugh.   The costumes made me think of the “spare tires” that we complain about when we gain weight…!   I know these are draping folds in a costume but it just struck me funny.

The pictures I saw were in colours of green, orange, blue and yellow…quite bright.   And I have adapted the figure so it is not exactly as the original illustration shows…after all I am not doing a reproduction.   I also saw fun in the owl figure from the 1500’s since the owl is sitting on a very slender  stem that certainly would not hold his weight.   And the Celtic fish is up where the air would  normally be…although the scallops around three sides can be either waves or clouds!   After all…this is an experiment…!!!   

I‘ve had a great time hooking this and also had time to think about the serious side of the piece.   I try to do my part with recycling and caring for my own little place, but I look at my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and wonder what kind of world we are passing along to them.

So here is the Finished Rug…right off the frame!!!!   Thank you for visiting  and coming along on this adventure…I appreciate you all…!!!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂