New Mystery Rug coming soon!-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art-designs in progress!!!!! :)

Can’t believe it is almost March…the time just flies by when you are having fun!!!! 

 I’m getting my home decorations, etc. ready for Springtime and that means putting away the deeper colours and getting out the lighter, more “Springtime” colours.   Home decor is fun too and I always enjoy decorating for the Seasons.   🙂

I am busy steaming and getting ready to edge-finish my Cat rug and enjoying it myself!!!   …I feel greatly blessed to be able to enjoy such a fun art-craft…one that gives me great pleasure!!!   🙂   I hope you all have something that brings you fun and enjoyment too!!!

I am working on several designs that I’d like to do but haven’t settled on one quite yet.   But even the design process and the “thinking” is a pleasure.   So many ideas to explore. 

 I haven’t done a “Creative Cutting” rug for a long time…this one was a hoot to design and hook.   I just cut different shapes out of copy paper and arranged them on rug backing to see if a design would emerge.   Some of the paper pieces reminded me of vegetables and leaves…and “Dancing At The Vegeta Ball…” was born!!!!   This method really tests your creativity as there isn’t much to start with except shapes.   But if you are experimenting…it is really fun to do!!!   (Also, I love plays on words…so this one did that too!)






Often, I try something quite different after working on a rug with a very distinctive style…so we’ll see.   However, the freestyle folkart rug is always a favourite of mine so I don’t know if I can resist doing one!!!   

Hope you are having a lovely day…I will keep working for a few days (and resting after that marathon of hooking too!!!!!)   …lol…   and then get started on the next adventure.   

Often, I find a colour that I want to use and that dictates the flavour of my design.   I have a lot of the darker plaid wools from my “primitive” hooking days…but I might be looking to lighten up for Spring!

I also have a Chairpad Challenge on Rug Hooking Daily…and a “Soul Selfie” Challenge there too.   So I’ll be busy…but happy too.


Happy Hooking…see you soon, Sunnie   🙂


Starting A New Rug after July 4th, 2016-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs – Halloween rug

The Next Rug…

As you know, I have been having fun experimenting with different motif combinations and having fun designing pieces with my own and antique motifs combined.

This next rug will be done a bit differently…it isn’t really a “Mystery” because you know it is a Halloween rug and I am telling you about it…!!!!   🙂

Also, I will post the pictures as I go along and not hold back any parts.   I think I will either start on the right or left side and move across the rug.   I’ll try to use this as a “using up leftover woolworms” rug too as Halloween designs are really great for this!

I wanted to do this one because I want to show how my little sketch from years ago could be used to start a rug design, even though the sketch was intended as a “line or paragraph” divider for my long-ago website called “Grinning Cat Primitives”.     I did a lot of Halloween-themed dolls, craft items, etc. at that time and I thought this would be a fun divider to use on my pages for the Halloween Holiday. 

I was sorting through my files of pictures and sketches the other day when I came across this and thought that I could use it as a hooked pillow or hooked sign or banner.   After fiddling with it for a bit and adding the words “Happy Halloween” I thought that I could have a fun rug by adding more to the motifs…and making it a bit bigger!    I cut out shapes using “used” copy paper and moved them around until I had motifs that worked for me.   If you have not used what I call the “Creative Cutting” technique to cut paper shapes, arrange them on your backing and then see what those shapes say to you about a rug design or theme, I encourage you to try it.   I find it great fun!!!!  

So this rug will start after the Holiday and we’ll see if something a simple as a line divider for my old website pages can turn into a Halloween celebration rug!   Happy Canada Day, Happy July 4th, Happy Holiday and Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂