“Stalking The Rare Wild Padula” Mystery Rug/Sunnie/Day 31-FINISHED

Hooray!!!   I pulled the last loops about 30 minutes ago and am now ready to post the results!   🙂

I’ve had such fun and I thank you for being with me on this adventure!   I explained some of the whimsy behind this rug earlier and I wanted to let you know why I chose the word “stalking” rather than “hunting” which was my first thought.  

    Stalking implies that you are following or making contact with the person/object in some way…and since the “padula” flower lives only in the mind of the designer, you would have to be stalking yourself..!   …lol…   Also, stalking could imply that the flower itself was moving…and that amused me too.   As I told you yesterday, padulas are not “rare” as they are everywhere!!  But they can be wild…I think mine is!!!   I love the guys and think of them as “old friends” by now, even though we just met a few days ago when I hooked the faces!!   So I am delighted to have the rug turn out just like my mental “vision”!  

                     —————-Here is the story for those who have not already read it…


This rug features the well-known personages, Sir Willifried Eggburt Whiffles and Dr. Horatio Ponsenbee Sopwortt.    The glorious books written by both authors have made awe-inspiring contributions to the higher echelons of knowledge in the areas of botany, dendrology, fertilizing and composting.

You will no doubt remember Sir Willifried’s splendid tomes:

“Barking Up The Wrong Tree”

“Leaf Me Alone” and

“Fabulous Saps I Have Known”

Many scholars have lost themselves in the intensive research notes provided to them by the author.   Some of them are still lost.

Known around the world for his ability to turn a phrase, Dr. Sopwortt’s book is truly a masterpiece!   

       ” Stepping Into The Wonderful World of Manure” is a majestic “coffee table” book with many glorious brown-toned photos!    The chapter on , “Is it cow pats, cow chips or cow pies…?”  is especially thrilling!    (a small pamphlet is included with this superb book giving jolly tips and hints for cleaning boots, shoes, sandals and bare feet…another thoughtful presentation by Dr. Sopwortt.)

However, the best is yet to come!   These two giants of the literary world are collaborating on a book that will become, no doubt,  the crowning achievement of their illustrious careers.   They have set out to capture a Padula and, if successful, the resulting book will be called…”Stalking The Rare Wild Padula!”  

So here are the aforementioned gentlemen adventurers…happy and proud to have been successful in reaching their goal.   After all…if you are going to search the world for something that is in your own mind, it is good to have a friend with you!!!!!      …lol…   Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  🙂 

(photo is cropped a bit close to the lettering but that won’t bother you, I trust…!)




New Mystery Rug, RTFDT coming soon!-Sunnie/rug hooking/primitive

Hooray…I have chosen my new rug design and am starting to put it on the linen today!!!   🙂

It is the one I told you about on the last post…

–Illustration of a Russian Proverb

–Adapting vintage German motifs (public domain) and adding my own designs and changes

–Finishing up with some Swedish, Norwegian, American (?????) folk art touches!   OR…adapting a quilt motif, I have not decided yet as I will design some of the border as I go!!   lol

I have a couple of wools that I want to use so, again, I will try to design around the wool.   Part of the background will be dark…I know that already, but I haven’t chosen the “dark” wool yet.

Since the last 2 rugs I have done…”Ancient Ornament” and “Halloween Friends and Fun” have had bright colours, this rug will be calmer and more primitive-looking (I hope!!!)   Of course, with me you never know…I may end up with something different than what I think I’ll do.   But whatever it is, I’ll have fun!!!!!    lol

I’ll be happy to have you along on this adventure!!

(…here’s a hint…it is NOT   “Riding Turtles Fights Disappearing Tides!!!…)   lol

So in a day or two…we’ll be off and running!!   Happy Hooking!     Sunnie  🙂



July 2014 HF&F Mystery rug/Sunnie/rug hooking-primitive-Day 16

I had some time today to hook on the bottom border and managed to get that all finished except for some tweaking I might do this evening!   🙂

I have another motif to do, some background and a section of border to finish…and then this rug will shout Happy Halloween!     This has been great fun…I DO love Halloween rugs and quilts!!!!     And…of course…the name of this rug is “Halloween Friends and Fun”!   You knew it all the time!!!!!!!   lol

A little about this rug…as you already know, I chose the background first and designed a rug that I thought would look good with this background.   I am happy with my choices.   All of the motifs are original sketches by me with the exception of the cat’s rear end..!!!!!!   lol…..I thought my book of holiday clip art had a better cat rear than the one I sketched.   So I used it..!   One of the motifs was sketched several years ago and kept in my “ideas” notebook.   The others were done at the start of this rug and filled in as I have gone along.

Although the borders and motifs do not match (and I have purposely made things a little “off” (!!!) which makes them more fun for Halloween) I try not to have my work look “sloppy” or just thrown together.   I usually have a reason for the things I do!!!   🙂

Also, especially on a rug like this (or a “carnival rug” , etc.) I prefer not to have my motifs “predictable”!   For instance, if I were hooking a dancing skeleton, I might have all of his bones hooked in white with the exception of his toe bones which might all be shades of light purple!   So I sometimes don’t match the skin tones on hands and feet or I might hook a tiny nose on a face that really needs a big nose to balance it out..!

So here is Progress on Day 16…Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  🙂



July 2014 HF&F Mystery rug/Sunnie/rug hooking-primitive-Day 14

Hooray…I am back zipping along and having a great time!   I DO love rug hooking!!!!!!   🙂

I really hope that you will try a rug where you start with the main characters and make up and hand draw the other motifs as you go along!!!!!        Just sit back from time to time and look at the rug to see what it needs.   If I am not sure, I sometimes cut out computer paper with ideas or templates and pin them to the rug.   That way I can see if the head with the banana nose or the curled up skinny feet (!!!!!) really work on the piece I am hooking!!!!!   lol

So here we go on Day 14…I have some things to do today but can hardly wait to get back to the hooking frame!    I love working on my “creepy tree” and am still tweaking it!!!!!     But what fun!     (Also, I have some ideas rumbling around for my next rug!!!!!!)   lol

Here is Progress on Day 14…I hope you have an absolutely marvelous day today!!!   Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  🙂


July 2014 HF&F Mystery Rug/Sunnie/rug hooking- primitive-Day 2

Hooray…I’m coming along!!!

With today’s post you will know just what the theme of this rug is…and the different motifs, as we go along, will be obvious!!!!…but I’ll still keep giving you “bits and pieces” of the rug until the finish!   lol

By the way, I am doing this on my usual linen burlap (MCG textiles), the rug is 29 x 33 1/2 inches right now and the cuts are #3, #4, #5 and #6..!

Today I want to show you the picture of the background wool I am using…!   I love this plaid but I know that it would not have been my first choice as a background if I was just looking at my design and gathering wools that are typical for this type of rug!   However, since I started with the background wool and decided to design something that I thought would work on it, I came up with this!   At least you will see what this plaid looks like hooked up!!!   lol


July2014HF&Fday 2

From a distance, the plaid blends and makes a really nice background with the lights and mediums and a touch of green in there too!!   I am outlining my motifs with black so they will stand out no matter what the colour!  Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  🙂

Ancient Ornament June Mystery Rug 2014/Sunnie/rug hooking-Day 25

I am really enjoying working on something besides dark background and borders!!!!!   lol

I don’t have too much more to go before being finished… Hooray!!!!!…but I am going to take the 4th of July weekend off and  I’ll post the picture of the finished rug on Monday, June 7th!  🙂

This really has been one of the most enjoyable rugs I have ever done…and if you had told me a few years ago that I would even use celtic art in a rug I probably would have laughed and said that I loved the art but didn’t think I would try something like this myself..!!!

I also have another rug in the works…a smaller piece in the 24 x 24 inch format that I will be posting in July !

Also, starting sometime in July, I will be starting another rug “experiment” for a mystery piece!!   This time,  I am gathering some wools that I want to use and experiment with…and will design a rug to suit the colours!!!!   lol 

Rather a backwards way of doing a rug!!!!   But I know, knowing me, that you are not in the least surprised..!!

Now a little more information on this rug…

In my Ancient Ornament rug,  you will find that I have hooked two right feet…in the Egyptian style…and have used feathers on motifs other than birds.   That naughty little bird doesn’t have feathers!   The positions of the central design figures are really impossible (!!!) and quite funny!   

You will understand why I have hooked 4 of the motifs acting out that childish rudeness when you see the center…I just couldn’t resist it.   (Well, I didn’t try very hard..!!!)   lol

So here is Progress on Day 25… Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  🙂   I just Love the colours I am using…they are so pleasing to me and I believe that they really celebrate the motifs I have chosen!


2014 New Mystery Rug starts today/Sunnie/rug hooking/24 x 24- Day 1

Happy New Year!  

It feels like a very long time since I posted…way back in August.   And…I probably need to have my head examined (!!!) but it is a New Year and I am ready to do a Mystery rug with daily posts!  🙂

Because this one is so simple…I will be blocking off parts or you would know it right away.   (You will have to decide if this is something that concerns my move from Vermont to Oregon!)   LOL

I have set some limits for myself, partly because I am too lazy to buy or dye more wool (I have enough to start my own shop!!!) and because I want to use up some woolworms and small cuts of leftovers.   Because of the nature of this piece, I can do this with no problems!!!!   Hah! 

I am hooking this with wool on linen and it is in the 24 x 24 inch format because I love this size and it goes fast…if  I put my mind (and hook) to it!!   Here is Day #1 and you get 2 photos…aren’t I generous?  LOL        Happy Hooking, Sunnie  🙂