“Lady Nesta Birdwhistle”-new/2018 mystery rug/Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/Hooking Information

I appreciate your comments and am happy to answer any questions you have if I know the answers!!!!!!   …lol…   I’ll post “Lady Nesta’s” Day 2 progress later today!    🙂


Julia asked me about the “higgly piggly” hooking that I mentioned on yesterday’s post.   It is the section with the greens and yellows right under the bird feet.







I hooked the above “bird” section a bit differently…hooking more in lines because of the rounded shape of the motif…but below is a picture of the “real” higgly piggly hooking.   (From the “little gardener” rug.)   You can see the loops going in all directions!   (I left some little spaces and added the red in After the yellow and green was finished.)







Holding the two strips close together, you bring them up and pull them through together…hooking in different directions as you go along.








If one of the 2 strips ends up behind the other, you can just nudge the loop out with your hook and keep on going.

My normal hooking below.   I was taught to hook “neatly”…so I either hook in curving lines or straight lines, with neater loops going the same way for the most part.  So,  “higgly” was a “strange” technique for me…but I really like it for certain situations.   🙂   

Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂





New Mystery Rug 2011-Starting Wed. Jan 12th/Sunnie/Old Crow Farm!

Happy 2011…and are you ready for a new Mystery Rug? 

 I’ll give you one hint (!!!)…it has a touch of humor!!  🙂 (Why are you not surprised..!!!) LOL

Because of my heartfelt desire to give you a wonderful clue to this hooked rug mystery, I have decided to give you a peek at part of the pattern!!!  Here it is!!

Now if  THAT photo doesn’t give you a lot of information (and, by the way, show what a creative and intelligent rug hooker I am!!!!!!) LOL…I don’t know what will..!  🙂  I can see the solutions to the mystery and the descriptions of the rug rolling in right now!!!

Please be with me on Wednesday, Jan 12th, for the first loops of the New Mystery Rug…and my daily posts!!! 

 We’ll have fun with this one!!!     Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  🙂   (whoops…now the date is right…Wed the 12th)

New Hooked Rug-Little Allerton-Day 36-FINISHED! /rug hooking/Sunnie

Little Allerton – Day 36   …..primitive hooked rugs, creativity, Creative Life, fiber art, folk art, colour, color, wool


The 36th day and the hooking is finished!!!  What an enjoyable project this rug has been…and I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy doing a floral, especially one where the design is so much “the same”!  But if you want a wonderful cottage floral for your cottage (!!)…and you love using a #6 cut (I do!)…I think you would really enjoy this pattern from House of Price! 😉

So here is the completed rug (except for the edge finishing, of course!) 😉  (my flash on the camera makes it look a little “light” in spots but I think you can see it fine!!!)

I may adjust a strip or two and check again for “holidays” as I often do after hanging the rug up and looking at it for a time…but this has been great fun!!  😉 

 Thank you for following along with me!!  I appreciate it.  Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  😉 

New Hooked Rug-Little Allerton-Day 35/rug hooking/Sunnie

Little Allerton – Day – 35     …..primitive hooked rugs, folk art, creativity, fiber art, hand-hooked rugs, folk artist

For today’s post, I had time to finish the three leaves on the other side of the border.  Hooray…I have only two flowers to go!!!  😉

Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  😉

New Hooked Rug-Little Allerton-Day 34/rug hooking/Sunnie

Little Allerton – Day 34    …..primitive hooked rugs, creativity, folk art, fiber art, colour, color, rug hooking lessons

For today’s post, I decided to work on the background and the leaves on the other side so that my finish would be the two center flowers!!  (Always fun!!!)

When finished, I will display the entire rug and set it in my “edge-finishing” pile!!!!  (I like to do the edge finishing at my hooking group or on the road as it is easy to do and you can visit or look at scenery when you do it!!!!  )  😉

Here we go…

I’ll see how much I can finish for tomorrow’s post!!!  Happy Hooking!!!  Sunnie 😉  (Oh yes, I think I have decided on a “Mystery” rug to do…but I keep laughing about it so you know there will be something funny in there somewhere!!!!  I think it will be a hoot!!!)

New Hooked Rug-Little Allerton-Day 33/rug hooking/Sunnie

Little Allerton – Day 33   ……hooked rugs, creativity, rug hooking lessons, primitive rugs, colour, color, wool

Wow, I can’t believe it has been 33 days!!!  But I have been working on several things so the time goes fast!!    Since I didn’t have a lot of time to hook for this post, I decided to do three of the leaves!!!  😉  So here they are in living colour!!!!  lol

I was glad that I ordered enough of the 6 value swatches for the leaves and the flowers…but searched out some wools in my stash too! As I said,  I already had the background wool and I do love it!!!

Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  🙂

New Hooked Rug-Little Allerton-Day 32

Little Allerton – Day 32     …..primitive hooked rugs, creativity, creative life, hooked rugs, colour, color, wool

Well I went to town on those scrolls and just ran out of a couple of “scroll” wool strips while I was hooking downstairs last night so I have to cut a couple more strips today to finish that last scroll!!  😉  

So for tomorrow’s post, I’ll see if I can get more background and a flower done and maybe even a couple of leaves!!!  lol 

 I have to go in today to have my leg looked at by my Doc, just to make sure all is OK!  It seems to be doing fine but the purple and yellow has gotten to that really ugly stage…not the bright purple that went so well with my rug!!!!  😉

Here we go with today’s post…

I’m getting excited to have this rug finished…and I really have enjoyed doing it.   I’ll rest a bit after this rug and then do another “Mystery” rug…I love those!!!!! 

Have a lovely day…and Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  😉