New Mystery Rug/August 2016-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs- “E or R?”…..Starting Soon!

I am working away on finishing the edge whipping and finishing my Halloween/October 2016 piece and am drawing my next rug on the backing!

I’m excited to get started on this rug as I hope it will be delightfully mysterious for me and for those following my Progress.    🙂

This design is one where I draw ideas and inspiration from ancient textiles, Illuminated manuscripts, my folk art,  papercutting and medieval woodcuts.

I believe my background will be dark…but I haven’t decided what colour yet.   Finding colours in my stash of wools is always fun!!!

Will probably be ready to start at the end of the week or start of next week.   Hope you are all well and having fun!!!    Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂

New Halloween Rug-2016-Sunnie/rug hooking/using leftovers/hooked rugs-Day 2

Here we go…

Today I wanted to give you pictures of the dull wools I am using behind the motifs.  They may be dull…but I love using these wools because the small plaids give some motion and interest to the background that solid wools, in my opinion, do not.   🙂


These both make wonderful primitive backgrounds and I think they give the impression of “nighttime” behind the Halloween figures without being dark blue, dark purple or black.

Besides hooking,   I also did some “marrying” of worms yesterday.   My friend Julia does this and recommends it for using leftover worms.    For instance, you can take several shades of  green (or red or blue, etc.) worms (some that have been hand-dyed) and soak them for 30 minutes in Dawn liquid soap and hot water.   The dyes will release from the wool and blend together.     Add a couple of “glugs” of vinegar (to set the colour) and simmer them for about 30 minutes.   Let them cool and then hang the worms up to dry.   You can then hook them in your rug and they will blend together well.   If you prefer not to deal with doing your own dying, this method works well.

So here is Progress on Day 2…things are moving along!!!!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂



New Mystery Rug-2016-YMMFLD/Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 18 FINISHED!

Here we go!   This rug was such fun to do!   🙂    Hooray, it’s FINISHED…!   🙂

The Experiment for me…to blend adapted motifs from ancient art – “Sky.Earth.Water”

with a medieval illustration – “The Musician” –

with “Flower Designs” from Czech/ Italian/ Mexican pottery –

with Pennsylvania Dutch fraktur images – “The Fish”

and put it all on a plaid background wool from Heavens to Betsy’s shop called “Milk and Honey”!!!    🙂

As I designed this piece, I also thought about a little story about the musician looking at his beloved on the other side of the garden and breaking into a dance!   Leo Sayer’s song from 1976 – “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” popped into my head and I thought I could also use this rug for the challenge on Rug Hooking Daily!    (a rug design inspired by a song or literary work)

As you know, I said earlier that there was a part of the rug that showed what happens when you don’t pay attention to what you are doing!   The figure is so focused on his beloved that he has danced right over the water and is in danger of sinking into the pond with the fish!!!

There are 2 or 3 more of these medieval figures and I thought they were funny when I first saw them in one of my Dover books.   I loved the little flags on their shoes and their baggy bloomers!   Bloomers reminded me of flowers and I started thinking about putting him/them in a garden setting.   The rug design then went from there to bringing in motifs from several time periods and countries, adapting them and putting them all together in a rug on a plaid background.

So here is Progress on Day 18 – FINISHED..!   Thank you for coming along on this adventure with me.   I know we are all busy with other things this summer but I appreciate your visiting me here!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂





New Mystery Rug-2016-“YMMFLD”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 17

Well, this has been  an interesting few days!!!!!   

We’ve seen a lot of political activity lately, plus natural disasters like fires in the West and flooding in areas farther east, the tragedy in Orlando and other areas of the world and now Britain’s exit from the EU.   Personally, I have been through a difficult experience with the plumbing company I hired to do some work for me on my home, updating some of my plumbing.  

Now my plumbing difficulty does not rise to the crisis level of the other world happenings (!!!!!) but I have to say that it was an exceedingly irritating experience.   Although the work was done well by the plumber and crew, the company office was terrible to deal with!   I have never dealt with a company of any sort whose communication and customer service was worse.   When I called to ask questions or try to find out when the inspections would be or when they would fill in the trench in my front lawn, I was either given a day to stay home and wait for the inspector or told that they would check and call me right back.   In both cases, the call did not come and/or the whole day was lost waiting for an inspector who did not come.   I would find later that the inspection was not even scheduled for that day.    This went on day after day.   One of my pet peeves (I have a few) is people who do not listen to what you are asking or saying before they start talking over you.   People in a business need to listen to the customer so that they know what is being said…!!!   You would think they would know that.   Thankfully, I am finished with them now and will not use them again.    😦   

Thank you for listening to me whine…I feel better now!   🙂

So…… while I was dealing with the incompetent and snotty plumbing office and watching all the news unfold on TV…I was also working on my rug!!!!   🙂

I told you that the top would be a bit tricky as I was not quite sure what I was going to do.   I had the idea but hadn’t gotten to the specifics yet.   Also, I was going to use a blue for the sky (sky above, water below) and thought that I could use some of the other blues used in the flowers and the fishpond.   I thought that would be best as I did not want the sky to stand out too much, just as I did not want the pond to be too dominant.

So I have hooked, pulled out and re-hooked parts of the sky with 4 of the wools I used in the pond and flowers.!!!!!!!   None of them looked right!     So…..I found a blue plaid that was not in the rest of the rug at all and was rather dull and it seems to work!   Hooray!!!


I am getting close to the finish line!   I said that this piece was part of a challenge on Rug Hooking Daily where we were to take a song or a character from a literary work, etc and interpret it in our own way.   Since I was doing an experiment with this rug anyway, it actually fit in with the title of a popular song from 1976 by Leo Sayer.   (YMMFLD)    The center figure is a Medieval illustration that I first saw many years ago in one of my Dover books.   As I’ve said, I am combining simple flowers often seen on bright Mexican, Czech and Italian pottery with the Medieval figure and adding Ancient Art used to illustrate the sky above and the earth and water below.   I thought this combination would work well with the plaid I had chosen for the background.


I should be finished with the piece in a couple of days and I really have enjoyed it a lot (except for the pulling out..!)   So here is Progress on Day 17.   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂


New Mystery Rug-2016-“FLD”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 16

Quick post today!   I had some time to work on the right side of the rug and am proceeding slowly (!!!!) towards the top.   🙂

I am so thankful that I hook the background as I go…I would not want to hook all of it at once when the motifs were finished.   In my early rug hooking life, I  heard several people saying that they wish they hadn’t left all the background for the last.   I learned from them early on and always hook the background as I go.   There is so much of it, even when you are filling the rug with motifs and you really like the wool you are using!!!!!

So here is Progress on Day 16…I am going to have to put the rug on my board and sit back to see what I should do with the top., as I am getting close.   I have several ideas but who knows if any of them will work…!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂



New Mystery Rug-2016- “FLD”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 15

Hooray…I finally got the pond and second fish finished after about 6 hours of hooking!!!!!   Whew!     🙂

But I am happy with my choices of blues for that pond.   As I said, the blues could be overwhelming so I tried to keep to the dyed lighter blue for the top part and a couple of blues for the pond bottom.   I stuck in a few strips of the “flower blues” and put a few lighter strips in under the fish for just a little highlight.

The bottom part of the rug is finished so I will go up the right side now and fill in little parts of the center as I go.   You will notice that the right side flowers are larger and fewer than on the left side…I am experimenting.   And…because I can’t leave anything alone (!!!!!) I made one large flower with 6 petals instead of five!   Remember, I am always asking myself…”What if I do this or do that…I wonder what that would look like.”

I am thinking now about the top of the rug.   Both the top and bottom are motifs that are found in ancient and modern folk art and I am trying to think about an unusual and interesting way to finish the top.   However, just as in other parts of the rug, it can’t be Too interesting or it will take away from the center motifs!!!!!!!   (Yeeeeks!)

I also am happy with the fish.   I think they are colourful without being “standouts”…and I used the tail pink wool in a couple of dots in other parts of the rug.

So here is Progress on Day 15…I am making good time but that is a Lot of background as well as fairly large motifs to hook.   Hope you are doing well and enjoying whatever brings you happiness and serenity too.   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂




New Mystery Rug-2016-“FLD”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 14

Well “life” intervened a bit yesterday but I still had time to do some hooking!!!   Since much of it was filling in background, I thought I’d wait until this morning to post a bit more!

I have been thinking about hooking initials since I posted yesterday and found I was thinking even more about how to creatively put them into a rug!   Maybe hooking initials made from small fish into a mermaid rug or a sea rug…or making the initials out of little balls in a juggler rug…or out of flowers in a floral, etc.   There are many alphabets already done with illustrations, flowers, etc. so ideas can be found everywhere.   We can get Dover books filled with them.

Now I know that most people wouldn’t get all excited about the initials that they put on their rugs (!!!!!).   They are mostly interested in hooking a delightful primitive or a wonderful floral or a fun folk art or a personal photo and don’t sit around thinking about initials!!!!!!!   But, of course, I would.   (Since I am an old lady, it doesn’t take a lot to amuse me!!!!!!)   …lol…    🙂

I’ve been asked where I start hooking on my rugs.    Sometimes it is the center working out to all sides.   Often, it is starting with one side and working across to the other.   One of my favourite rugs started at the bottom and worked up to the top.   Usually, if I have lettering at the top, I do that last.   I think it depends upon what motif I am excited to see first…!  

Also, I have done rugs where I hooked the faces first so I could see who I am dressing (!!!) and rugs where I did the face almost last.   I think I just enjoy being free to start and work on a rug without thinking that I “should” be doing this or doing it that way.   After all, if I make a mistake, I can always correct it later.   (If I am hooking a Cat in fancy clothing and decide closer to the finish that I would rather make it a Mouse in fancy clothing, I can simply change the head and feet to a mouse!!!!!!!!)

But enough about all that…Here is Progress on Day 14.   I am working on finishing the center and the lower right pond corner.   I have another fish to do and more water there.   Then, I will work on the right side and finish up at the top of the rug.   On this rug, there isn’t any profound reason for doing it this way…I just haven’t decided what to do at the top of the rug yet…!!!!!!!!!!     Happy Hooking!      Sunnie  🙂