New Hooked Rug – Day 47

I had a chance today to work on the center section and fix the right hand leaf in the center of the golden brown background.  I just need to check the center for “holidays” on the back and check each of the center motifs to see that they need no more adjusting.  : )  Then the center will be complete!  And away we go on the next section!!!!!  LOL

It’s really a joy to see it come together!  : )


New Hooked Rug – Day 46

Hooray!  I finally had some time to hook more that just a few loops!!!  LOL  I will have to narrow the right hand leaf (center) because the pattern had that leaf larger than the other and I made it too large when I hooked it!  I think I’ll correct that tomorrow and finish the center hooking.  : )

I’m getting excited to be getting closer to the “finish line”…as some of my blogging friends say about their creations!  : )  This has been a really great project to work on!

May you all have a great Memorial Day and weekend!

New Hooked Rug – Day 45

Today I chose to work on the golden brown background and the center leaves. 

I’m off to bed!!!  Hope you all had a great day!  : )

New Hooked Rug – Day 44

I’m zipping along with the outside border…since I didn’t have time to do a lot today! : )  When time is short, grab that plain border!!!!!  LOL

Here we go!!!  It really seems like I’m on the home stretch!!!  : )

Hooray!!  LOL

New Hooked Rug – Day 43

Today, I decided to work on the black border so it won’t be left for last!  I try to work on a plain border as I go along because hours and hours of doing just one border in one colour isn’t my favourite thing…so I don’t want to do all of it last thing!!!  : )

I know many rug hookers do the border last…and some do the border first…and some do it as they go along!  As I said,  I like to do it as I go so I don’t have just a long session with one colour!  Kinda boring!!!  Especially after all these fun motifs!!!

New Hooked Rug – Day 42

More work on the brown background and the leaves.  For some reason, this end I’m working on is a bit different than the other end…the motifs are a bit “off”!  But that’s no problem.  I’m just hooking fairly close to the pattern and will adjust the sizes later.  I need to have the two ends of the rug look balanced so my motifs can’t be too far off!  : )  Of course, with the rug so large and the frame I’m using, a smaller frame, I can’t see the motifs on the other end when I’m hooking.  Only when I lay the rug out on the floor!!!  But it just takes a little time to figure out!!!    : )

I find that sometimes it is better to hook a motif and then adjust it, especially if the rug is large and you can’t really see what the matching motif on the other end looks like!!!  : ) 

I know I’ll have to adjust the center leaves in the golden brown border.  This pattern was printed with some different sizes and pattern orientation on each end.  I don’t know if that is the regular pattern or if it is just a little “off”.  I don’t mind some variations but I don’ t want too many size differences so that one end of the rug has much larger leaves, etc. than the other end!!!!  LOL

I’ll adjust the leaves tomorrow and check for other adjustments I might have to make too.  If you are looking at the rug each day, you might notice where I have done a motif one day and changed it a little on the next day!

New Hooked Rug – Day 41

Not a very exciting day today!!  LOL  I just worked on some of the brown background and adjusted a couple of the leaves a bit to make them closer to the size of the leaves on the finished end.  They may need a bit more fiddling!!!  : )

I can see why folks who do larger rugs sometimes use a large floor frame to work on them!!  I must finish this one before summertime or I’ll be buried under a big wooly rug and get heat stroke!!!!

Happy Hooking!  : )