New Hooked Rug – Day 41 (rug back-extra)

This is an Extra!!  I’ll post my progress on the Front later today!!  : )

I have no idea why I thought that someone out there would be interested in the back of this rug…but I’m showing it so that the one person interested will be able to see it!!!!  LOL

As I said, I’m not sure if anyone is really interested in the back side of this rug…but I know that I enjoyed seeing the back of rugs when I first started hooking.  I remember being amazed at one well-known primitive rug hooker whose rug backs had large spaces between the hooked rows!  I later found several primitive hookers doing the same thing!  But not many people seem to show the backs of rugs!!  LOL

For some reason, I have always hooked close rows with narrow spaces showing on the back.  I felt that if my rug  steams flat and smooth after hooking,  I am doing alright with my spacing.   Of course too close spacing can buckle the backing and weaken the rug.  Beginners who have tried hooking in every space have found that out fast!!!!  : )

See you later today!  Keep on Hooking!  : )


New Hooked Rug – Day 40

Here we go on Day 40!  : )  I know some of you wonder why I skip around so much and work on different parts of the unfinished rug rather than finish up the center, the the next border, etc.  That would be too “reasonable” for me!!!!!  LOL 

But really, I simply choose my part of the rug to work on by my mood or the colour I feel like using or whether my back is bothering me so I want to hook in straight lines and not lift the rug around and around circles and curves, etc.    : )

Also, as I’ve said before, I am used to designing a rug as I go…and it is somewhat difficult for me not to be changing “this and that” while I work.  I still like my random, wacky freewheeling style of working best, but I really am enjoying this rug and will do other commercial patterns in the future in addition to my own!  : )

Oh yes…I know that it is usual to do the design and then the background, but with some of these leaves and flowers I want to check out the size  as compared with the other images on the other end of the rug!   It is easier for me to do that by hooking the background around them first.

 The leaves and flowers are mostly not exactly  the same, but on one corner (the one I’m working on now with the brown background) the leaf in the center of the three leaves was printed a bit “off”.  So I changed the leaf to look more like the other corner leaves.  You can see the angle on the past photos of that leaf.  It’s a bit weird!  : )  I may have to adjust the leaf a bit more, but not a problem!!!  I don’t want it too close to the edge of the background.

Happy Hooking…and thank you to all of you visiting and following my progress on this rug! : )


New Hooked Rug – Day 39

Here we go on Day 39!  I worked on the leaves and brown background today!

(Just a note here…if you don’t remember the size  of this rug, it is the 38 inches by 52 inches pattern.  There is also one available from Harry Fraser Co that is much larger!  Whew!!!  I won’t be doing that rug!!!  LOL)  : )

I’m really having fun with this rug again!!   : )  Sometimes it is hard for me to “match” the flowers, etc. that I’ve already done because I’m so used to designing and choosing colours as I go along!!!  And…not matching things…kinda free-wheeling!!!  LOL  The Bradley Primitive rug is teaching me discipline!!!  : )

New Hooked Rug – Day 38

Today, I worked on the flowers in the smoky blue background and did some of the background too.  I’m feeling better now … I guess the virus, the travel, the lingering cough and all the whirlwind family visiting in April just left me pretty tired.  I know I’m no “spring chicken” but I don’t like to feel really  tired and draggy!!!  LOL

I find I’m having a little trouble with the weight of this rug!!!  : )  I’m so used to spinning my SnapDragon frame around (on a Puritan stand) that I’m finding it cumbersome to turn my frame with the weight of the finished part of the rug!  It’s heavy!!!  LOL  I guess I’ll have to have someone stand and hold the finished side and turn when I turn!!!!!  : )

Hope my friend, JoJo is feeling better today!  She’s really had a tough time this year with illness and broken bones.  At least we can send our love and good wishes to her…hoping that she will mend soon and feel much better!  : )

New Hooked Rug – Day 37

I’m Back and Hooking again!!!   : )    Had a wonderful visit with family and was there when my first great-grandson was born.  Of course, he’s adorable!!!  : ) 

As you can see, day 37 has me working on the smoky blue background and gathering the wools for the center flower.

This was a quick photo so the colours are a bit goofy (!!!) but I’ll do better tomorrow!  : )

When I came back from my trip I was so tired I took the first week in May off!!!  Didn’t do much of anything except rest!    : )     Since I’m a Great-Grandma now I can play the “age” card!!!  LOL 

Happy Wednesday!

New Hooked Rug – Day 36

This is my final post for this rug until the first week in May!   I’m visiting my children and grandchildren…and, hopefully, I’ll be there when my first great-grandchild will be born! 

I did finish another leaf in the golden brown background today!!! : )

Below is the New Life Challenge little rug I spoke about in an earlier post!!!  I designed this rug for my youngest daughter who is expecting her first grandchild any minute now!!!  : )

Thank you for following my progress on the Bradley Primitive rug!!! 

I’ll be back posting on its progress the first week in May!

Happy Spring!  : )

New Hooked Rug – Day 35

Working on a couple of the leaves in the golden brown background!  Feeling better today!

Tomorrow – Sunday- will be my last post on the Bradley Primitive for a while as I will be away until May 2nd.  I’ll resume my rug hooking on the Bradley then!  : )

Happy Spring, Everyone!!!  : )