New Hooked Rug – Day 26 again!

I lightened this picture up so you could see the mix of wools in the dark border.  Two of the plaids I’ve used in the rug center have a bit of brown in them along with black, blue etc.   Here in the border I’ve also added some of the brown-black plaid I was trying out in an earlier post… and I have some odds and ends of dark wools I can use in the border  too!  There is some solid dull black in there too as well as some other “blackish” wools!!!  I like a mix!!  : ) It all “reads” black from a distance!



Here we go!!  Happy Friday!


New Hooked Rug – Day 26

I’m happy with my choice for the outer border…and glad I looked at it for awhile before deciding on the final colours!!! I chose to do the mixed black, adding into the mixture some of the brown-black and dark browns! : )

For some reason, I am having trouble posting the picture this evening. I’ll try again in the morning!!! I think it is my own computer acting up!

New Hooked Rug – Day 25

I’m trying a bit more of the brown-black so I can see it better…I don’t mind doing some work that I know will be taken out as it really helps me to live with it awhile before making a decision! : )  I’ll hook a couple of other colours too.


Hmmm, I’m still thinking about that border!   : )  Decisions, Decisions!!!!    LOL

New Hooked Rug – Day 24

Today, I decided to hook a little more on the outer border to see if I really like the choice of the antique black used in the center.  I thought at first it would be a good colour…but I’m not sure now!!  (We must not be afraid to change our minds if something doesn’t look quite right!!! )  And I have lots of wool for experimentation! LOL

 I have placed the rug on the floor and also hung it up and looked at it for awhile and I’m not sure the mixed black is correct for this small rug.   It might be too bold!!   But I love to experiment as you know (!!!) so I’ll try another colour (a Brown-black) to see if it makes a softer look, yet still makes a nice frame for the rest of the rug! 

I might use the smoky blue wool for the outside border…so I’ll experiment with that too!  Or even a deep green might do it!!!  LOL  What fun!


The black border below using the mix of blacks used in the center.  I think it may be too “black” …but I’ll have to live with it awhile and see!!!!  : )


And then the Brown-Black experiment below…


I know I’ll have to hook at least a corner here with the black/brown wool before I can really tell what I like.  As I’ve said before, sometimes what works on a very large rug is not the best on a smaller version.  I’ll live with my experiments awhile before choosing the final border.   Maybe one of these…maybe something else!!! : )

New Hooked Rug – Day 23

Here is day 23!!!  Do you notice how that gold flower in the smoky blue background (the one I changed/upper left) shows up a bit more with the “new” outline?  I just thought it needed to have a little more “zing”!!!!  LOL


Not a lot of time to hook today…but worked more on the large leaves and the golden brown background!  What fun! ; )

New Hooked Rug – Flowers, another Extra


As I said in my edit of my last post, because I chose the Antique spot-dye that I did for the large leaves in the golden brown border, I felt I needed to change this gold flower in the smoky blue border a bit so it was not so much the “same” as those large leaves!!!  I thought it needed something!!!   LOL 

You might be saying “She should have left that flower alone!!!”    So, my friends, when you do Your Bradley Primitive…you please yourself and do just wht YOU want!!!!  Hooray, that’s what’s fun!!!   LOL

 Here is the gold flower “Before”…


Here is the gold flower AFTER change…


Do you see why I did this?  And you see why I say that I like to be “unpredictable” in my choices?  I could have done just an orange outline or one colour outline on the flower I changed…but I like the primitive look better!!!!!  : )  You might have done it in an entirely different way which would have been terrific  and pleased you!!!  : )

 When I do my entry today, you’ll see how my change looks with the rest of the rug! LOL

New Hooked Rug – Day 22-EXTRA!


Extra Entry –  For those who have asked about the wools used and the technique of hooking flowers similar but not the same!!!!!!!  : )

Picture below…Large green plaid used for the large leaves in the smoky blue border!  Outlined by the dull orange as you can see from earlier pictures.  I cut the strips so that I used the darker strips for the one side of the leaf (with the addition of another as-is green, and the lighter strips for the other side of the leaf.


Picture below…Center scroll stripe, lightened to show the different colours in this wool…see the scrolls for how this wool hooks up!  (It looks gold-ish in the scrolls!!) : )


Also…closeup of flowers below showing how odds and ends of wools are used to make motifs less “predictable”!  See what is the same and what is different about these flowers.  : ) 

Picture of flowers on the right…


BELOW…Picture of flowers on the left…I will change some of this gold flower outline as… since I made my choice of the spot-dyed wool for the large leaves in the golden brown border…the gold flower now looks a bit “same as-same as” theose leaves!!  LOL  Do you see that too?


I hope this answers some questions and helps a bit!!!!!  : )  I’ll do todays’s entry (Day 23) later in the day!   Enjoy!!!


More leaf and golden brown background today!  : )


I love this rug more and more as it progresses!!!

Happy Sunday!  : )