New Hooked Rug – Day 14

Today I worked on some of the antique black background and the branches on the second half of the center.  Again, I’m using the same wools in the circles (with the blue centers) but not in the same way or in the same order.  This half is easier because I have my completed work on the first half to guide me!!!!  : )


Can’t believe I had to dig myself out today just to go to the store!!!!  LOL  But the snow is still beautiful!!  Especially with the sunshine!  : )


New Hooked Rug – Day 13

I’m really happy today at how the rug is progressing!!!  It’s such fun to enjoy each day of work and learn from your choices, successes and mistakes!  : )  On something like this, I think it is important to have some motifs stand out a bit and others recede…and I want the center of the rug to be the focal point.  You’ll notice that the green leaves in the smoky blue background are subdued because I want the small leaves in the center to be noticed too!!!  That is why I am experimenting with the leaves in the large golden brown background border.  I put a spot-dyed outline on one leaf to see what that does.   I want them to enhance the whole rug and not be so bold that all you see is “big leaf border, big leaf border, big leaf border”!!!  LOL

I’ll try a few more things with the border leaves before I decide what my favourite colours will be.  I have to remember that there will be 20 leaves in these colours!!!  Not just a few…and that makes a difference in my choices.  : )


I love hanging a rug up and really looking at it for a long time!  It helps me see anything that needs a little “fixing” and lets me enjoy the work that’s done.  A photo does not show the beauty of the wool, as all of you who hook rugs, make quilts or do penny rugs know only too well!  : )


Maybe it would help a bit if I said a bit about why I have chosen these particular colours.  I liked many of the colours in the rug I saw in “Celebrations”, especially the antique black center, the blue-gray first border and the golden brown second border.  Because my rug is smaller and doesn’t have all the scrolls, leaves and motifs of the large rug, I needed to decide what my flower and leaf colours would be to go with the colours I chose for backgrounds.  Martha chose Pendleton plaid skirts for her scrolls that had a lot of browns in them.  (I wanted golden scrolls…not bright though) 

I also liked the orange and gold leaf sprays that were close to the scrolls in the large rug so I chose a multi gold stripe (as is) for the scrolls and a spot-dye orange for the outline of the leaf sprays. 

Then a warm spot-dyed golden yellow for the inside of the leaves.  Those were my starting colours and I knew I wanted reds and oranges, blues and rose pinks, dull and brighter golds, etc….all to have that “folk art or primitive” look.  : )

As you can see, I have completed the blue flowers and the rose pink ones on each section of the center.   They are not exactly the same but use almost all of the same wools. 

Happy Friday!!!

New Hooked Rug – Day 12

Today, I didn’t have much time to hook…so I worked on a blue flower (on the left) and filled in some dark background!  It’s really nice to do the background as you go and not wait until later to do it!


And now, a bit of Spring weather!!!  LOL


This is what Spring looks like in Vermont!!!!!!  Hmmmm! Huntin’ for those Easter Eggs is gonna be tough!  LOL

New Hooked Rug – Day 11

I was looking at the rug today and decided to try out “big leaf” colours!!  LOL 

I finally decided to try out an antique gold spot wool for the leaves in the golden brown background.  I tried several different golds, greens, etc. before the gold spot…putting a bit of wool in the leaf sections and standing back to get a good look at  the effect.

  Many of the colours I tried just were too “bold”!  : )  Or they looked too “formal” for this primitive rug.   I thought I’d do a couple more big leaves in the gold spot and live with them for awhile.  that always helps me when I’m not exactly sure what I want!!!  : ) 


Here is the closeup of the leaf colours.


I just about was unable to post today as we lost power for an hour or so.  We didn’t know if we’d be in the dark until morning or not!  LOL  But, Hooray- power’s on again!!  : )

New Hooked Rug – Day 10

Here we go with day 10.  I went to Hooking group again today…so did get in several hours of hooking!  And talking!!!  LOL


I’m working on the second half of the inside section.  It is surprising how long one scroll takes to do!!!  : )


Had a great time at my Hooking group…and did get some done!!!   Filling in some background doesn’t look like much…but I did get the scroll done!! LOL

New Hooked Rug – Day 9

Today I was doing a very important thing, especially on a large rug such as this or larger.  You’ll note the zigzag red lines on the linen…I needed to be sure to do the stitching around this pattern before the rug got too heavy!!!!  Sometimes I wait until I finish the hooking on a chairpad or small rug to do the stitching because it is easy to hold and sew around a small piece.  But not so a large rug!!!!  LOL  : )  Now I am starting to “tweak” the colours …standing back and looking at the designs and seeing if some of the colours are too dull or too much the “same”.  Also, I reshape some of the designs if they don’t please me!  : )  If you look carefully at the “in progress” images from the first, you can see what I’ve changed or reshaped.  : )


I was asked about a close-up of the plaid used for this leaf!  It is a large green plaid, outlined with a #6 cut of orange,  and I used the lighter stripe for one side and the darker (with another green added!)  : ) for the other side.  Then a spotted gold for the leaf veins.  The orange outline is allowed to sink into the background in places…unlike the antique rose strips around the 2 purple flowers.


As you can see from the progress pictures, I sometimes use odd strips to hold my place (veins in unfinished leaf!) and then hook my finish colour so that it stands up a bit from the background of the leaf!!   Happy Monday!   : )

New Hooked Rug – Day 8

Today, I’m continuing around the rug and also working on the leaves in the smoky blue border.  I was thinking about dip-dying the leaves in this border from dark to light at the tips…but I tried one green I had and didn’t really like the result!!  It looked too “formal”, if you know what I mean.  Then I decided to try a mix of greens like the mixes in the smaller leaves but I didn’t care for that either.  The leaf looked too messy and I thought it took away from the smaller leaves!!!  LOL

  I happened to come across a large green plaid that I wouldn’t really have considered for these leaves…but I tried it using the lighter strips on one side and the darker on the other!    I like this leaf and it picks up the colours of the spray of light berries with the blue centers…but it is different from the other leaves.  I just need to change the leaf veins so they show up now as I just left the earlier experiments in place!  There are only four of these leaves, 2 on each side, and I want them to be subdued!!! 

I usually know just what I want…but on these leaves, I had to experiment!!! : )


I’m also filling in spaces I’ve left and checking the underside for “holidays” so I don’t have to do that when the rug is bigger and heavier…so that doesn’t show a lot of progress!!!!!!!  LOL  Happy Sunday! : )