New Hooked Rug – Day 21

Photo Just Added! – Answer to a request to photograph the rug outside!!!  This photo below is in natural sunlight!



It’s been really an extra joy to work on this now that the outer leaf colour has been chosen!!!   Since all the major colour choices have been made, it is easier to look at the other motifs and see if I need to change a bit of wool here and there to tie the borders in with the center…or if all is OK!

Even though I usually have a “vision” of the completed rug when I start one,  I never really know how the colours I’ve chosen will work together!  LOL  I think I know…but it is sometimes a real surprise!!!!  : )



I thought I’d work more on the leaves in the golden brown border for awhile and then go back to the black background and some of the smoky blue border!!  : )

Happy Saturday!!!  : )


New Hooked Rug – Day 20

Hooray!!!!  I’m so happy with my outer leaf hand-dyed wool choices!!!!  : )  Although the leaves look a little “washed out” in this closeup picture (flash) they really have a lovely mottled colour and the blends go with the rest of the rug motifs that have an “Autumn” feel, at least to me!!!!!  LOL  The colours are deeper and richer than the pictures show. 

I wanted the leaves to look like they were “dancing in the breeze”…perhaps on a lovely Fall day!  : )


My flash makes these pictures a bit brighter than the wool actually is!!  We are having another lovely snowstorm today so the light is pretty poor!!!! : )


The regular Antique Gold Spot is done over gray wool. I had a half-yard of it at home and ordered another yard asking that it be dyed over beige with more yellow dye.  Because I had looked at my “leaf experiment” for several days, both with a narrow orange outline and a brighter #8 cut orange spot-dye outline, I decided that I didn’t want an “outline” as such.  The brighter spot dye seemed to draw too much attention to the individual leaves…and as I said before, I wanted the leaf border to be attractive but not take over the rug!!!!    LOL

So I decided that the more yellow/gold strips of the AGSpot would be used for the outline and the greener, grayish, dull yellow strips would be used for the inside of the leaf…with a few odds and ends of other wools thrown in.  Also, I did not want the veins to “match” on any of the leaves…just random.    This left me free to use leftover wool “worms” here and there in the veins and leaves, even if they were colours not used in other parts of the rug. 

This is the Antique Gold Spot from Phyllis at Winterberry Cabin.


Sometimes it is not the beauty of the wool when it is dyed in yardage, but the effect it gives when cut into strips and hooked!!!  (I learned that rather early in my rug hooking because one of my “ugliest” hand-dyed pieces made a beautiful green lawn on one of my country scene rugs!!!)  LOL  I loved it hooked up!!!!  : )

I’m so pleased with how this rug is turning out!!!  It’s such fun to see it come alive with both hand-dyed and as-is wools…and I’m having a great time while the snow is drifting outside and all is peaceful and quiet.

New Hooked Rug – Day 19

I’m almost finished with the center!  And then for the blue border!!!  Hooray!  : )

(As you can see, I’m using the light blue leaf veins at first so I can put the correct colour in later. )


I may fiddle with the leaves a bit more!!  LOLbradleyclose19.jpg 

It’s really nice to see the rug actually looking more like a rug these days!!!  LOL

New Hooked Rug – Day 18

A little more done today on motifs and background!!!  : )


I’ll be going around the rug neatening up motifs and checking for “holidays” gaps on the backside too.  : 0 ) 


Outside, snow flurries come off and on.  Today we’ve had snow, rain, sleet, wind, a power outage last night, a telephone cable failure this morning…hmmmm, it must be WinterSpring in Vermont!  LOL

New Hooked Rug – Day 17

Working on more padula flowers and background today!  I think you would really enjoy doing this rug and doing the background as you go!!!!!   : ) It really makes it much more fun than filling in after all the motifs are finished.  : – ) 


Would you believe we’re supposed to get more snow tonight!!!!  I’m Still hunting for those Easter eggs…it’s a lost cause!!!!  LOL

New Hooked Rug – Day 16

I redid the leaves on the lower scroll today and started more of the “padula” flowers.  Also, some of the antique black background and the little purple berries.  I’ve really enjoyed making my own decisions on the motifs after choosing some of the colours used on Martha’s large rug!  That’s why it would be difficult for me to have someone else “colour-plan” my rug!!!  I’ve said before that I like to make my own mistakes and experiment.  To me, this is one of the joys of rug hooking…but many wonderful rug hookers always have help in the colour-planning of their rugs and they love to do theirs that way!!!  Aren’t we glad we have so many choices!!!!  LOL


It’s really fun to see the rug coming along!  I’m so glad I saw Martha’s rug in the Celebrations magazine!!  I didn’t know it would be such fun for me!  : )

Happy Hooking!!!!!

New Hooked Rug – Day 15

Today, I worked on the gold leaf sprays, some black background and the leaves near the scroll.  I have to redo the leaf that points down as it is too large and needs to be neatened up!!!!  LOL  Sometimes, the printed pattern is a little odd and sometimes I hook a little odd!!!!!  I think this is a bit of both!!!  But I’m making progress!  : )


Hope you all had a Happy Easter Day!