Snowing, Snowing and “Sharing the Footstool” hooking!

This is what it’s like at Old Crow Farm this morning!  Lots more snow!


 Finishing up “Sharing the Footstool” chairpad!  (You can see who has the greatest share…just like our cat, Cassie, who takes over my chair!!!) LOL


I’m heading back for the rug frame and hooking some more!!!  I’m getting a lot done – and need to start on my third shepherdess rug soon.  Also I have  a commission rug to do so I’ll be busy, busy, busy!!!  What fun!  : ) 


Hooked “Vacation” and Wednesday Snow

I’m still hooking like crazy!!!!!   Another goofy chairpad…”What a Great Vacation”!  : )  I’m having such fun creating these…why have a plain old pad for an antique wooden chair when you can have a touch of unexpected whimsy with a little “chair painting in wool”! LOL  All original wool designs here (c) Sunnie Andress 2008


Snow in the Kingdom this morning!  We lost some, we gained some!!! : )



Hope wherever you are today you are having a pleasant time!

Finished…”B” Hooked Rug & Dancin’ Chairpad

Hooray!  Finally finished hooking and whipping the edge of my “B is for Bountiful Harvest” rug…the second in my Alphabet shepherdess series!   I just have to steam it, finish sewing down the rug binding and putting my label on the back.  Some have asked how I finish the edges of my rugs and two pictures below show the technique.


Sew rug tape close to the edge of the hooking, fold tape and backing to the back and whip wool or wool blend yarn over the edge, steam the rug flat, finish sewing down the loose edge of the tape and then add your label to finish!



Finished!  “Sometimes I Feel Like Dancin’…Hooray!!!! : )


I’m glad to have finished (almost) the B is for Bountiful Harvest rug too…but it was such fun to work on I can hardly wait to start another in the Shepherdess series!!!!  : )

Beautiful sunshine in the Kingdom today!!!

Sunnie’s New Rug Hooking Website Now Live!


I’m really excited to announce that my new website:  Old Crow Farm – Hooked Rugs & Folk Art

has now gone “live”!  : ) 

It’s great to have a gallery to display my work and I will be offering some of my designs in patterns for others who would like to hook them!

Because I am primarily a folk artist and not a “shop”, I’ve been dithering for a year over the website and finally just decided to do it!!!!  Hooray!  LOL


Sunday Snowstorms & Dancin’ : )

A wonderful Winter snowstorm going on today here in the Kingdom!



We are in the middle of a snowstorm again…but it is beautiful!  I say that every time I post a “snow” picture…but here in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, it is really true!  Those of us who love the Winter here find it a time where stillness and calm are the words of the day.  Because we are retired, with no demands upon us except the “caretaking” of our wonderful cat and the house, life goes along with virtually no stress.   We don’t have to BE anywhere but home.   We are very thinkful for that! : )


Above is the chairpad in progress… “Sometimes I feel like Dancin’… belonging to the Feet Feats series I’m doing just for fun!!!  : )  (all designs (c) Sunnie Andress 2008)  Especially when the weather outside is so snowy and/or stormy, it’s delightful to work on something that makes you smile!!!  Happy Sunday!  : )

Chicken in the Garden


Hooray!  I’m finishing up the fourth chairpad in the “chicken” group…working on it when taking a break from “B-Bountiful Harvest! 

I love using plaids in hooking…the colours are so nice and blended.  Backgrounds especially are great using soft plaids because they give the mottled look that I find more interesting than flat colour! 

We have beautiful snow and will, if the predictions are correct, receive some more this weekend.  I see a few flakes drifting down now as I write!