New Hooked Rug-Day 4

I did manage to get quite a bit done at my hooking group!  As I’ve said, any group or person that you can hook with has something to inspire you!  You should see the beautiful rugs and mats that our group is hooking on…and the planning of future lovely rugs!    We love the great books on antique hooked rugs and folk art that are out there too.  They have a lot of ideas to inspire you !!!  : )


I’m trying to decide if I want to dye some wool for the large leaves in the “first border”…(the smoky blue one outside the “antique blacks” center).  If I do a dip-dye or casserole dye (from dark green to light) it might be a nice touch.  Hmmmm…what to do! : )  I won’t be able to hook so fast for the next couple of days!  Would you believe I have something else to do?  LOL


New Hooked Rug – Day 3

One of the fun things about this rug is that you can put in little leftover “wool worms” that are similar colours and values…because this rug is a primitive.  I’m not sure how old this pattern is.   I ordered it on primitive linen and it is very easy to work on.  I tend to hook my rows closer than some other primitive hookers, but if the rug steams flat at the end of my hooking, I feel it is fine. 

I’m doing a little adjusting of the pattern where I think it needs it…but am staying pretty close to the printed image!  Unusual for me!!!  LOL


I am going “hooking” with the local hooking group today so hope I get a lot done!!!  We really enjoy getting together and are inspired by the others…no matter what kind of rug hooking we do!  : )  Beautiful day here in the Kingdom but still lots of snow!!!!!

New Hooked Rug-Day 2

This is Day 2…a very enjoyable rug to work on.  I am using wool from my “stash” and not yet purchasing wool specifically for this rug.  (I liked some of the colours used in the picture I saw… so I am using similar colours in some areas!)


Here is a close-up!


I’ll hook a little on the rug today but must do something else!!!!  My paperwork needs filing, I should do some dusting, etc. etc. 

You know how that is!!!!   LOL   Happy Monday!

New Hooked Rug-Beginning Day 1

Here we go!!  The first  loops pulled!!!  This is the Bradley Primitive pattern done in a #8 cut of wool.  I saw this rug in one of the Rug Hooking magazines and loved it.  I think it was in one of the Celebrations issues.  I’ll look it up again and see who did the hooking on the larger version of this rug.  It comes in two sizes and I am hooking the smaller,  38 by 52 inches size,  ordered from the Harry Fraser Company. 

 I’ll keep posting the progress as I work on this in between doing my other hooking.


I’m going to enjoy doing this rug. (I hope!!!) LOL  Since most of my rugs are original designs or an occasional interpretation of an antique rug, it’ll be fun to do an older pattern and see how I like it.  Wish me luck!!!!  : )

Hooked Cottage and Snow! Again!

I’m working on a small hooked rug for the wall featuring a Quilter’s Cottage.  I love quilting too (hand-quilted my patchwork items for years) and this is for all the wonderful quilters out there!!! 

A very peaceful scene!  I think it will be about 18 by 16 inches…$135.00.  Just a portion of the rug is shown.     I am experimenting with scalloped backgrounds and this was fun to use two light plaids!  (Yes, they both are plaids)  It is not a new technique…lots of people hook these “backgrounds-skies” in swirls or scallops but I usually don’t do it. 

My technique is more like the “B is for Bountiful Harvest” rug that I showed earlier.  Either one plaid that gives colour variations or many strips very close in colour and value for the backgrounds. 


We had lost some snow and gained some ice…then came last night and we got just enough new snow and ice to coat the trees again!  Thank goodness we don’t need to be out, although as I’ve said, the snowplows keep our dirt road plowed and sanded.


Hope everyone is having a nice Saturday…doing something fun!

Sunshine and Snow & A Rug Hooking Challenge!

The sunshine is beautiful this morning in the Kingdom!  However, it was 6 below 0 last evening…I’m not sure how cold it got overnight.  We were snuggy and warm inside!!! : )


I’m involved in the “New Life” rug hooking challenge at our Wool Snippets online group.  Our litle rug needs to be 12 inches by 20 inches and have the theme of “new life”…whatever that conveys to us. 


Part of the challenge for our rug hooked piece is that we can’t show the design until it is done!!!  But here is a “sneak peek”!!!  Isn’t it beautiful?  LOL 

I’ll show the funny little rug when I can…after the challenge is over!!!

Snowing, Snowing and “Sharing the Footstool” hooking!

This is what it’s like at Old Crow Farm this morning!  Lots more snow!


 Finishing up “Sharing the Footstool” chairpad!  (You can see who has the greatest share…just like our cat, Cassie, who takes over my chair!!!) LOL


I’m heading back for the rug frame and hooking some more!!!  I’m getting a lot done – and need to start on my third shepherdess rug soon.  Also I have  a commission rug to do so I’ll be busy, busy, busy!!!  What fun!  : )