More Hooked Rugs

I love to make what might be called “Memory Rugs”.  These are rugs that evoke memories of my childhood or what I imagine women of the past might be feeling as they make their rugs or quilts or other decorative or functional items for their homes.  This rug, “Granny’s Old Blue Vase”, was designed because I remembered that my Grandmothers, Aunts and my Mom all seemed to have an old homely blue vase in their collections.  Everyone used them for flower arrangements because they were such a good size!  After I hooked the main part of the rug and was deciding on a border (I don’t plan out all my rugs in advance!!!!) I suddenly remembered the knitted and crocheted afghans that all those ladies had draped over their sofas and chairs during that period of time!  I decided to make the border look like those ripple afghans!!!  It was such fun and I thought about all the women in my family and their creative work for their homes and families.  And I smiled a lot!!!  LOL


This Country Farmhouse rug below was made for my own home.  Because we live in the country, I wanted a dark colour for my rug as we walk over it every day and can’t take off our shoes each time we come in! 

As I designed and hooked it, I was thinking about a country woman of the past who was making a rug using wool from  old and worn clothes.  I thought about the brown from old pants and knickers she’d saved and, perhaps,  some dark burgundy from an old skirt of her own.  How happy she would be if a friend or her mother or sister came by with a basket of wool scraps of other colours so that she could make a happy pattern on the rug instead of plain brown and burgundy! : )  As I thought about this, I was so thankful for the wonderful selection of wools and fabrics that we have today. 


As the pieces above show, we can design a rug around a story or memory and enjoy the entire process as we hook!  Added to the fun of doing these rugs were the memories they evoked while I was hooking them.  I know many rug hookers create rugs that celebrate the lives of friends or family or depict special moments or events.  I enjoy doing that and I hope you do too!  : )


Summerhouse & Whimsical Details

I’m really having fun with the Summerhouse! : )


Carrot Porch Railing started



On my Vermont Rug Hooker’s Blog I had a question about our little summerhouse.  I love it when artists and craftspeople add touches of whimsy and fun to buildings or to their gardens…so when we built this little house years ago I wanted details to make people smile!  The bunny wreath on the door meant that I Must have carrots on the railing…so I am slowly making them and putting them up.  I haven’t made it around to the front of the railing yet!!!!  But what a hoot!  : )

Snow Melting- Rug Hooking


I’ve said that I love old frakturs and samplers!  This chair pad above and the “Summer” hanging below are based on old frakturs.  They are wonderful sources of inspiration!


I am hooking a small group of seasonal wall hangings or mats that can be hung on a cupboard door and changed with the seasons.  I have done Summer, Autumn and Winter but haven’t gotten around to Spring!  : 0 ) Maybe this year!

All images copyright Sunnie Andress 2007


We certainly are losing a lot of snow here.  Temperatures are rather balmy, shirtsleeve weather.  But we do often have a January thaw during our winters!

January Thaw & Red Hat Ladies

We’re in the middle of a January Thaw…going from below 0 temperatures up to the mid-30’s above 0 if the predictions are correct!  All we know is that everything is dripping and the ice and snow buildup keeps sliding off the roof with crashes and bangs!!!!

Red Hat Ladies




Several years ago I was making Santas and just had an urge to create a few Red Hat Ladies!  Probably because they were ladies with “attitude”…and, of course, I am of that age group too!  (Love purple!!!)

They were such fun to do!  Just a hoot and people seemed to enjoy them!  Although I am not a member, I understand that it is a terrific organization!!!  : )


Be My Love-A Fraktur Valentine


 This is one of the rugs I’m working on from time to time between other rugs.   I really enjoy this design because it is so whimsical.  The ring that the gentleman suitor is offering his love is large enough  to go around her neck!!!!!  But that’s the terrific thing about fun and whimsy…no realism need be done!  LOL 

“Be My Love” hooked rug – (c) Sunnie Andress 2008

Witchlingg Glitches!


I think my little Witchlinggs have been playing around with my email lately! 

This one is my own special one.  She stands in my little office room upstairs… but I do suspect she frolics with the Santas, Elves and other little Witches and Pumpkin People when the house is quiet and we are asleep!!!  LOL


Winter Wonderland


We really got a lot of snow last night…I had a hard time finding the front porch steps this morning!  LOL  It was still snowing when I got up and the sun shining through the haze of snow was really surreal.   We feed the birds in the Winter here and the large pine tree and lilac bush in the front yard are filled with birds…we try to keep suet cakes out also.