Sunday Snowstorms & Dancin’ : )

A wonderful Winter snowstorm going on today here in the Kingdom!



We are in the middle of a snowstorm again…but it is beautiful!  I say that every time I post a “snow” picture…but here in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, it is really true!  Those of us who love the Winter here find it a time where stillness and calm are the words of the day.  Because we are retired, with no demands upon us except the “caretaking” of our wonderful cat and the house, life goes along with virtually no stress.   We don’t have to BE anywhere but home.   We are very thinkful for that! : )


Above is the chairpad in progress… “Sometimes I feel like Dancin’… belonging to the Feet Feats series I’m doing just for fun!!!  : )  (all designs (c) Sunnie Andress 2008)  Especially when the weather outside is so snowy and/or stormy, it’s delightful to work on something that makes you smile!!!  Happy Sunday!  : )


Chicken in the Garden


Hooray!  I’m finishing up the fourth chairpad in the “chicken” group…working on it when taking a break from “B-Bountiful Harvest! 

I love using plaids in hooking…the colours are so nice and blended.  Backgrounds especially are great using soft plaids because they give the mottled look that I find more interesting than flat colour! 

We have beautiful snow and will, if the predictions are correct, receive some more this weekend.  I see a few flakes drifting down now as I write!

Thursday Snows


The snow today is just beautiful!  As I’ve said before, I love the large flakes drifting around…so peaceful!  May you all have a peaceful time today..with at least a small slice of time to do something relaxing , just for yourself.

I love working with wool on these days!  Lovely colours, softness..even cutting the wool cloth into strips is a pleasant pastime today.  And sitting quietly by the wood stove, hooking and keeping snug and warm.  It just doesn’t get any better than this for me!

B is for Bountiful Harvest


Original designs in hand- hooked rugs based upon old frakturs and samplers. …unfinished-B for Bountiful Harvest rug (c) Sunnie Andress 2008 

I am starting a series of original rugs based upon old Frakturs and Samplers…starting with A and making a rug for each letter of the alphabet!  This one is B – for Bountiful Harvest – and is already sold when it is finished.

 Each rug features a shepherdess and her sheep in some way as the old samplers, especially, have so many designs with this theme.  I don’t copy the old ones exactly but try to draw similar designs using them in new ways.  It is great fun although I might be a little insane to do this!!!! LOL

As you can see, I had thought to do a scallop in the border but when I hooked a little of it and stood back to look at the whole rug, I decided that a plain border framed the interior design more softly and it was more pleasing to me! : )

  However, I have completed the first rug – A is for Autumn Meadows…and it was shown at the Green Mountain Rug Guild’s November show (2007) at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont.  I will photograph the rug and put it in another post!  I really love doing these.  The next one I’ll work on will be “M is for Market Day” and I already have the design for it drawn out!  Can’t wait to start but I have other things to finish first!!!  : )


Hooked Chicken Chuckles!

I have another pad to do in this four chairpad group using similar colours and the chicken-bird themes!  Whimsy! LOL


Above is “Chickens Chatting”!


Above is another in this group… Primitive Chicken and Stars!


This is the finished hooking of the chairpad “Birds and Bonnets” in “Birdbrain” below!!  : )

Birdbrain Hooking?



I am doing a series of different funny chairpads and this is one of the  “bird” or “chicken” pieces.  It’s fun to combine bright and more primitive colours and just enjoy the whimsical hooking!!!  (“Birds & Bonnets” chairpad (c) Sunnie Andress 2008) 

As I’ve said before, I really love having fun with colour and design and not being too serious!  Probably my wacky personality coming through!  LOL

Saturday and Snow


We awoke to a lovely snow again this morning…just a few flakes drifting down.  Very fluffy snow!  It is always so quiet here at Old Crow Farm, especially in winter.  It seems easier to think and dream in such a tranquil setting and to be thankful for what we have.  Contentment and serenity is such a blessing.   

I keep my family members in my thoughts and prayers…especially those serving in Iraq and those going through hardship.  We always wish we could spare our friends and family pain in their lives, but human life is always a mixture of joy and sorrow…and we cannot “ride in and save the day”for other adults!  Also, as I know from my own poor judgements or unfortunate choices (!!) that we have to live with the results!  If we don’t like the way we are living our lives, and the results that come from that way, we can change!

 For those who will listen and accept advice and help, there are those who have been through difficulties of their own and who are willing to do what they can to lift others up.  I normally don’t give “advice” unless asked…and then I tell the truth as I see it.  (However, I always tell friends or family members or whoever is asking that they certainly are under no obligation to take my advice!)  : )   But I have lived 66 years and in that time I have learned a few things!  LOL  : ) 

Today, in this peaceful place and at this time in the morning, while the sun is shining brightly on the snow, I am thinking about all who are suffering and keeping them close to my heart.  May you have a day of calm and a day of renewal in body and spirit…and may you also have joy!