“Birdie” close-up


This is the blue bird closeup. 

 I did not use roving but just a change in wool strips. 

As you can see from my images, we “primitive” rug hookers don’t have to have realistic portrayals of our chosen birds, people or animals!  LOL  Of course, primitive or “wide cut” wool strips can give a realistic view if we wish, but what I like about my type of folk art hooking is...I can do whatever I want!   A purple chicken, a yellow sky…whatever I want!  Just like a kid in a candy store!!!  What fun!  


Hooked Rug- “Fraktur Memories, Birdie Blue”


Fraktur Memories – Birdie Blue …copyright, Sunnie Andress 2005

 This rug was made in 2005 and was inspired by old fraktur images.  Fraktur was done by the Pennsylvania Germans and used to refer just to the “fractured writing” or the text of the birth records, marriage certificates, bookplates, etc. but now has come to refer to the watercolours and drawings as well.  A wonderful source for ideas!!!

Winter Thoughts


“Granny’s Old Blue Vase” & “Kitty’s Fantasy Garden”

copyright, Sunnie Andress 2007 

More rug images…these were such fun to do!


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day!

Because our families are all on the West coast and the weather here in Vermont is often icy, snowy and stormy at this time of year,  we prefer not to travel.  So we stay home and have a quiet day by the fire listening to beautiful Christmas music.

Old Crow Farm in the Autumn



Here is a picture of our “Old Crow Farm” at Autumn showing my little sign in the front yard.  I take it down in the winter because of the snowplow going by throwing snow all over it!!!  : )

Santas say Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Love those Santas!  What fun!


More Santas!


I really love creating Santas and other folk figures too!  It is a joyful pastime…and the rug hooking is a peaceful pastime.  You can never be grumpy making Santas…some have such funny expressions you can’t help but laugh.  LOL

More hooked rugs!


It is such a joy to work with wool!  I also enjoy dying some of my own wool or overdying to get special effects.  But all of my work is whimsical and seems to have earth colours and simple themes.  This was displayed at one of the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild’s shows at the Shelburne museum.  The theme was “Strong Women” and this piece was titled…Strength through Women’s Friendships.