Be My Love-A Fraktur Valentine


 This is one of the rugs I’m working on from time to time between other rugs.   I really enjoy this design because it is so whimsical.  The ring that the gentleman suitor is offering his love is large enough  to go around her neck!!!!!  But that’s the terrific thing about fun and whimsy…no realism need be done!  LOL 

“Be My Love” hooked rug – (c) Sunnie Andress 2008


Witchlingg Glitches!


I think my little Witchlinggs have been playing around with my email lately! 

This one is my own special one.  She stands in my little office room upstairs… but I do suspect she frolics with the Santas, Elves and other little Witches and Pumpkin People when the house is quiet and we are asleep!!!  LOL


Winter Wonderland


We really got a lot of snow last night…I had a hard time finding the front porch steps this morning!  LOL  It was still snowing when I got up and the sun shining through the haze of snow was really surreal.   We feed the birds in the Winter here and the large pine tree and lilac bush in the front yard are filled with birds…we try to keep suet cakes out also.

Happy New Year!


Patriotic Rider hooked rug…design inspired by several fraktur and sampler images.  As you can see, all my images have a whimsical quality and it is such fun to be able to play with colour and themes!  The horse and rider combination is shown in many antique designs…some show soldiers carrying swords or guns, some show hunters or men and women simply “riding”!  I wanted my gentleman to carry a flag…almost as if he were in a parade on a celebration day! 

Patriotic Rider, (c) Sunnie Andress 2007 

May you all have a wonderful 2008!

Monday Morning


This is what the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont looks like this morning!  Absolutely beautiful snow!  We are so fortunate to live in such a lovely place!

I hope New Year’s Eve is finding you well and looking forward to 2008.  I just hope it doesn’t go by as fast as 2007 did!!  I felt like it was March and then, when I noticed again, it was October!!!!  Whew!!  I think my age is showing.  LOL

Anybody else out there with a December 21, 1941 birthday?  : )

Santas with Quilt/Patchwork Robes


All Santas copyright, Sunnie Andress 

Since I mentioned quilted robes for Santas I thought I’d post photos of some past work. 

Since I was a quilter and dollmaker for so many years, doing this patchwork and quilting gives me my quilt “fix”!!!  LOL  I get in the mood to make Santas for quilters and for rug hookers where the Santas carry things appropriate for those activities.  “Fat quarters”, pins and needles, little quilts (which I make!), and for the rug hookers, little hooks, wool strips and a little hooked piece too.  They are really fun to create!

More Snow Today


Living in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, we know how to deal with snow!!!  We are fortunate that we are retired and so do not have to be on the roads when it is stormy, snowy or icy…and the snowplows keep our dirt road pretty clear.

Winter for us is a good time to sit by the fire, reading, rug hooking and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors as the snow softly drifts on the woods and fields.  Winter is my favourite time here…I get lots of work done on rugs and Santas…even doing a bit of quiltmaking so I can cut it up to make Santa robes!!  I don’t cut up old quilts…although I know there are some so far gone that only a portion can be saved.  But I cringe when I hear that someone has purchased a “nice old quilt” to cut it up for placemats, etc.  So I make my own little quilts for Santa robes!  : )