Snippets of Rug Hooking


All images copyright, Sunnie Andress 2007 

Here are a few little pictures of hooked rugs!  I do love rug hooking!


Old Crow Farm in the Autumn



Here is a picture of our “Old Crow Farm” at Autumn showing my little sign in the front yard.  I take it down in the winter because of the snowplow going by throwing snow all over it!!!  : )

Santas say Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Love those Santas!  What fun!


More Santas!


I really love creating Santas and other folk figures too!  It is a joyful pastime…and the rug hooking is a peaceful pastime.  You can never be grumpy making Santas…some have such funny expressions you can’t help but laugh.  LOL

More hooked rugs!


It is such a joy to work with wool!  I also enjoy dying some of my own wool or overdying to get special effects.  But all of my work is whimsical and seems to have earth colours and simple themes.  This was displayed at one of the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild’s shows at the Shelburne museum.  The theme was “Strong Women” and this piece was titled…Strength through Women’s Friendships.

Celebrating Rug Hooking!


Welcome to Old Crow Farm in Vermont! 

This Blog celebrates the wonderful art and craft of rug hooking!  I have been creating original rugs since 2005 and am having a wonderful time. 

Although I began with simple designs, my work quickly evolved into pictorials with more detail and meaning.  I get my inspiration from old frakturs, samplers, ethnic designs from around the world, antique painted furniture and the natural world.  We live in the peaceful and beautiful countryside of Vermont and the tranquility of rural life comes through in my designs.