New Mystery Rug 2017-“A Strange Encounter On the Tulip Balcony”-Sunnie/rug hooking-Day 16 Finished!

I Finally had some time to hook on my rug and get it finished…!   🙂   Hooray!

“A Strange Encounter On the Tulip Balcony” has a lot of silliness in it (!!!!)…and there are 3 different stories that could be told with the design of this rug!   🙂

My story at first was a case of Misdirection where a young lady running for a Cab shouted out at her new admirer, “I’m on Village Street, just look for  the 3rd floor balcony with the tulips!”, as she rides away.    He is thinking, “I’ll climb up to her balcony and surprise her!”         —Also, at the same time, a very nice Bird lady calls out to two gentlemen birds as she flies by… “I’ll be roosting on the balcony with the Tulips!”   They are thinking, “We’ll fly up to that Balcony and surprise her!”

Unfortunately, both the young lady and the Bird lady forgot that in the Spring, EVERYONE on Village street puts out Tulips on their doorsteps and Every balcony is filled with Tulips and other flowers!   So unless visitors know to look for the painted metal tulips on One building…AND they know which third floor balcony is the one mentioned, they can get confused.

And, of course, the young man and the gentlemen birds were confused…!

The young man is climbing up to the wrong Balcony and the two dapper gentlemen “birds about town” (!!!) have mistakenly visited the wrong Balcony too!   🙂   By her posture and expression, the young lady is thinking “What on earth is going on here?”

One day, as I worked on this and was looking at it from a distance, I got to laughing because another story came to mind.   As we all know, the Stork brings babies (!!!!!!!) and these two birds could be storks, letting the young woman know that her soon-to-be-born baby will be a Boy (by the blue flowers!!!)  

Unfortunately, they are visiting the wrong Balcony because this young lady is NOT expecting!   🙂    She might be thinking, “What kind of a joke is This?”

AND…my Third story would be that this Rug is a celebration of the song “Come Fly With Me” written for Frank Sinatra by composer, Jimmy Van Heusen, with lyrics by Sammy Cahn. (1957)   Check the lyrics and you’ll see it fits almost too well…!!!!!   …lol…

Here we go on Day 16, FINISHED!   Happy Hooking!  Sunnie   🙂