New 2017 Mystery Rug-“WTTPG”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 6

Didn’t have a lot of time to hook today but did get in about an hour and a half…!

Still working on the right side of the rug from almost the top to the bottom.   This design is very enjoyable, especially because of the cold temps outside.   I’m glad to be inside hooking with wool…!

Those darker leaves shown in yesterday’s post are done with individual strips of several colours.      The new ones below them are done with a dip-dyed wool that goes from the deeper blue-green colour to the light green.   I wanted some changes in the leaves.   And, of course, doing more background.   🙂

So here is Progress on Day 6…

Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   :)


Moments and Memories + Chairpads-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-2016 Oct

Here we go with more progress on the two 12 x 12 pieces I’m working on!

A Moment of Rest:

resting2and the next one…A Moment of Recognition   …This one is using up a lot of leftover woolworms as it is not as “formal” as my first one!   recog1

I thought a fun series for those who are also quilters would be doing a series of quilt blocks.   I’m sure people have done this already but it would be fun to see a group of these if you have done them!

I am already enjoying these “small treasures” as I get instant gratification!!!!!   Listening to audio books while the rain and gray is outside and I am cozy inside is a great pleasure!

Now I also have finished the Spring chairpad so here is a photo of the entry chair with Spring!springchair500

Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂

New Mystery Rug-“E or R”-Aug/Sept 2016-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 24

“We wondered if the darkness had a message for us.   So we waited…but we only heard the sigh of the wind.”


Here we go on Day 24…

I am doing more border hooking (whew!!!!) but did hook one of the corner leaves.   I had left them all blank because I had not decided how I would hook them.   Now that the rug center is almost finished, I know how I want the border to look…and the symbolism I want to convey.   🙂

I have more drooping branches today as well as the leaf…!   Then, I’ll be hooking a small stretch of border and the rest of the corner leaves and the rug will be finished… Hooray!!!

I think this rug was good for me to do at this time because the transition of Summer into Autumn is always a blessing for me.   Not being a hot weather person (!!!!) the cooler weather and the beautiful Autumn colours bring me a lot of enjoyment.   I feel more energetic and love to decorate with the golds, oranges, rusts, burgundies and greens…even though my cottage is done in pinks, yellows, creams and lighter greens.   My home may look like a pastel + bright blend for awhile but I’m sure nobody will be surprised at that.

Here is Progress on Day 24…Hope you are all well and enjoying the transition from one season to another also.   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂


New Mystery Rug 2016- “E or R”-Aug Sept/Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 23

Here we go on Day 23…!

“It was a time when we thought light had flown away to another world…never to return.   And we saw the edges of our world soften as we looked into the darkness.”


I had a great 3 days at the “Autumn in the Northwest” Hook-In last Thurs,Fri and Sat…!   It is always fun to see friends and enjoy all the wonderful rugs they are working on!

I most often take edge-finishing work to do, whipping or binding and adding hanging sleeves.   I am making a good part of my home into a rug gallery so I can enjoy many of the rugs I have hooked over the years.  Since I do so little colour planning, I need to be home with my wool when hooking a piece.   However this time I actually hooked a little chairpad that I will make into a paper pattern…and I wanted to do it for myself and my Autumn-Halloween decorating!!!   🙂

In Vermont, I used to do edge-finishing when my husband was driving us somewhere.   I could still enjoy the beautiful scenery and get lots of work done too!!!

I’m actually able to work on my Mystery rug again…so I’m planning to finish it next week.  (if all goes well…!!!!!)    I now have the bottom left corner finished and the border around it too…except for the corner large border leaf.   Hope to hook that today!!!!!

It has been fun…but that’s a LOT of border hooking!   However…it was needed!   I don’t think this rug would work very well without the border!!!!!!!

Here is Progress on Day 23…Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂



New Mystery Rug-“E or R”-Aug 2016-Sunnie/rug hooking/ hooked rugs-Day 7

“It was a time of calm…and of resting. And many of us felt the need to sleep so that we could change locations.”


Quick post today!   I was able to do more border experimenting and although my first thought was to choose which one for the whole border I am now considering doing the dark blue/black background on  the right and left borders and the plum background on the top and bottom borders.   I won’t make a final decision now but will do a bit more on the dark border background just to give me a better idea when looking at the rug from a distance.

 (If I am careful, I can pull out the background on the borders and use the pieces for something else if I decide to do a different colour when the center of the rug is finished.)

I have decided to put a darkish green/gold/tan plaid in the corners and will do the large leaves when the rug is almost finished.   That way I can see what colours the rug needs in those places.

I am now going to head up the right side so that I can see how it looks to have the backgrounds and motifs completely finished in this right side area.   It will also give me an idea of how much wool I will need on the other side.   I have cut my wools in half and kept half for the left side.   Then, as I said, I can use different wools in the center if needed…or blend them.   I have a limited supply of the blue sky background…so doing this is needed.

So here is Progress on Day 7…I am really enjoying this experiment and all the stories that are possible to spin from the design.   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie     🙂



New Mystery Rug-“E or R”-Aug 2016-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 4

“We thought we saw flowers in the garden moving.   And yet, when we looked again…all was quiet, dark, serene.”


On Day 4 , I am still trying out my starting colours.   This time, I want to see if a duller rusty red will work for the flower closer to the lower right corner of the rug.   I want to also do a couple of small motifs in this section so I want each of them to stand out.  

I like my choice of the “yellow-greens”  leaves and stems against the dark background…so I will use a lot of different wools and leftover worms in those colours.

I am getting a good “feel” now for the colours I want to use on this rug so going forward I have this experimental section for my guide.   Other wools I use will now be chosen to go with these.  

I will also work on the Border in this lower right corner and test a couple of ideas here.   Again, choosing a smaller corner section of any rug I start to experiment with gives me an idea of the look of the finished rug.   I can see it in my head as I go along.

I always say that I work on the background as I go (!!!!!) but that is very important to me.   I am excited about getting to my motifs so hooking the background around what I have already done ( especially if the background is mostly one colour)  makes me feel like I am getting closer and closer to another fun motif…!    It is like holding that “motif” in front of me,  just out of reach,  so I hook background like crazy to get to the “prize”!

If I wait to do background until many motifs are hooked, it seems more like work.    

So here is Progress on Day 4…I hope you will try out this “freewheeling” way with rug hooking if you are a person who loves experimenting!!!   Let me know how it works if you try it…!  

Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂



New Halloween Rug-2016-Sunnie/rug hooking/using leftovers/hooked rugs-Day 13

Quick post today!!!   

More progress made with background and motifs.   The friends picked the brightest orange pumpkin they could find for their Halloween Jack-O-Lantern mascot.   Along with the candlestick and the crookedy broom, they have some good props for their celebration!!!

So here is Progress on Day 13…I must go out and do some gardening today and do more hooking later!!!!    🙂

Happy Hooking!   Sunnie     🙂