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Since I do a lot of “Mystery Rugs” on this blog, I thought I might start posting on a new Blog about smaller items like pillows, chairpads, etc. along with ideas and techniques that have helped me when I was a beginning rug hooker.   Would love to have you visit…and happy too have you comment too!   🙂

I also thought I might try hooking a small rug or design where you can actually see what I am doing (!!!)   🙂   I did this many years ago and people seemed to enjoy it.

A “mystery” rug is, of course, a mystery so you can’t see the design as I hook it.   But I thought I might enjoy showing some experiments and , perhaps, changes that I make to the pieces…and that could be on the “sister” Blog.

Also, I have a Blog that I did a very long time ago when I hardly knew what I was doing.   I will try to take some of the content from that blog that hasn’t been used for a very long time.   It might be helpful to someone…and the work was more primitive too.

The link is on the “Links” list (BLOGROLL) to the right…AA “Sunnie Andress Rug Hooking”

Hope you are staying either cool or warm this Summertime.   I am ready for the hot weather to be over!!!!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂

New Mystery Rug-“WW Great Pumpkin Hunt”-6/2017-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art-Day 10

Hooray!   I am getting close to the finish of this 24 x 24 inch piece!   🙂

I’ve enjoyed this experiment because of the interesting colour problems and successes that have gone along with it.   The border “leaf-basketball-blob” problem has been solved and I think it shows off the center of the rug better than my earlier idea.   

Sometimes it works beautifully to put a touch of the center colour(s) in the border…but it did not do well on this top border!!!!!

There is still an optical illusion going on with the top border…but it is rather “creepy” and that goes along with the rug’s theme!

You will see that I am putting colours in the right hand border to balance the left side of the rug… so we will see how they do there.   It is easy to change colour in simple shapes when needed.

Since I am going to give you a picture of 1/3 of the rug today, you will know immediately that this is…a Halloween Rug!!!!!    (I know you are saying “oh, no…not again!!!)   …lol… but tomorrow I will explain how this rug came to be a Halloween piece and Not the design I had started out to draw!   

The top border design was papercutting and, when I put the paper on the border to try it out,  I immediately thought that, if hooked in black wool,  the shapes looked like bats.   Then,  I thought putting a bit of the bright colour(s) in a “leaf shape” in the center would be a nice touch…but it wasn’t…!   🙂

I have had a great time with colours on this piece…the next post will show the quieter, dull colours on another 1/3 of the rug.

Here is Progress on Day 10…I’ve had so much fun with this one!!!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂



New Mystery Rug “WWGPH”-6/2017-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art-Day 9

Always enjoy reading your comments about rug hooking or the fiber art and folk art that you do!    Also painting, quilting, collage…etc.   We all learn from each other and tips or advice about you use colours, etc. are always welcome!   🙂

Today is another colour “blooper”!!!   …lol…     I like to show you errors from time to time because if you hook experimentally like I do, then you know that an experiment might not work right…!!!!   🙂

Here is another photo today showing a colour that had unintended consequences!!!   If you notice the “kinda-leaf-like” (a technical term!!!!!!!) motif in the border center, you’ll see that it has a deep, dull wine colour  inside the dark blue veins.   Now that would probably be OK with that rust background…but when I sit back and look at the rug now, the shape and the wine colour (especially at night) it doesn’t look leaf-like at all but more like part of a misshapen basketball…!  🙂

So I will make a change there, even though it is not a very important part of the border.   It looks funny to me so I will do as you probably do with any mistakes you make…change it so it looks better.   I’ll try some bright and some dull colours.

Background is moving more into the mottled purple as I get to the right hand side of the rug.

Here is Progress on Day 9…not a lot of time yesterday to work…and I’m doing more outside work today but should have some hooking time later on…I’ll need the rest…!!!!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂


2017-June-12 x 12-“The Rooster and the Rose” mat-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 5 Finished…!!!

I finished the rest of “The Rooster and the Rose” today…it was great fun! 

As I said, I used cut paper for the rose and some of the grass and flower “patterns” and just drew around them.   I just sketched the rooster, a favourite theme in old fraktur and sampler images and added little bits as I went along.

The Rooster really looks like he is up to something…that little smile means there is mischief afoot…!!!   …lol…

I think I’ll make this into a pillow and will show another picture here when it is finished.   Now to decide on my next 12 x 12…I have a couple of ideas for that but just have to settle on something.

………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Happy Hooking!   It is raining today so no outside work…more time to design more rugs!!!   Here is Finished Project on Day 5…   Sunnie   🙂


New Mystery Rug 2017-“WTTPG”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Days 18-19

Finally can get back to my hooking!!!!!!      Hooray!

I almost have this piece completed…so I will post the finished rug on Monday!  

It has been fun…and an interesting experiment.   The focus is on a bird…but I have been trying to keep within a limited colour scheme for what is essentially his “background”.   The background should be interesting but not overshadow the bird…!    I was also experimenting with colour lights and darks…balancing them across the rug…and I tried extending some of the motifs into the borders.

I have tweaked part of the motifs above the Welcome sign and re-hooked my initials which were too prominent in the brown “twig” colours!   The initials are less noticeable now and I find that much more pleasing.   After all, this is not a rug about me!!!!!!!!!

Here is the “Story” of this rug:

When I saw the little bird in the border of that large antique tapestry, I loved the bird and the position he was in…sitting on a branch.   He was quite alone…resting there.     Of course, although it had nothing to do with the large tapestry that had lots of people animals, etc. and this was just a tiny bird in the border, I got to thinking about the bird’s “story”.   

Perhaps, he had been a pet who had flown away from his home after his elderly owner had passed away.   Many birds live a long time!

So…I decided that he had traveled until he found a garden in a small village that was just right for a new home!   The village residents named their Garden after him…loving and caring for him so that he could live out the rest of his life with them.   He is a happy bird…and his is a happy story!   🙂

When finished, this rug will hang in my entry as we go into Springtime and I change my cottage decorations after a strange Winter.   I think everyone is looking forward to Spring!!!

So here is Progress on Days 18-19…thank you for coming along on this rather “sporadic” journey with me!   I hope you are doing well and hooking away at something you love!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂



New Mystery Rug 2017-“WTTPG”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 13

Finally got away from background hooking (!!!) and was able to spend some time on more motifs!   Part of the time used on this rug is re-designing and changing things as I go!

Now you might think “She’s so scatterbrained” or “Perhaps her mind is actually going now!” or something else (!!!!)…but I really do have fun designing and adapting a design as I go.   It would be more difficult for me to draw out a design and follow it all the way to the finish without changes.  (Many of us change as we go!)    I say all the time that I like to be surprised when I come to the finish of a rug!   Only rarely do I complete a rug where I can see it in my mind and I follow that vision all the way!   🙂

So here is my Progress on Day 13…I also worked a little on a part of the rug that you can’t see yet.   But most of the time yesterday was spent on the motifs and, as you can see, I will be filling in background again today!!!!!!

Hooray!   Our snow is almost all melted…and life is moving along again outside my house!   Thank goodness I have had rug hooking, reading and old Perry Mason DVD’s (!!!) to keep me company during these last 2 weeks!   And now that we have very little snow, my snow shovel arrived today!!!!   I have a feeling we are going to have an “interesting” year!

Here is Progress on Day 13…Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂



New Mystery Rug-“FO”-Nov 2016-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 9

Quick post today…must go shopping for a few ingredients to make a Pumpkin-Pecan crunch cake for the Thanksgiving celebration!

I certainly am thankful for all of you who go along with me on these hooking adventures!!!   🙂

So here is Progress on Day 9…I am working on two other areas of the rug, some in the center and some in the upper left of the design.   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂