New Hooked Rug – Day 19 ~ Helen’s Tapestry

Hooray!  I now think my elephant is a little more discreet as he has “done his business” someplace back in the woods and not on my flower!!!  LOL  I do like the new tail position and his back foot with the adjustments I’ve made so that pleases me. 

Did you notice that I took out the light blue line hooked over the lion’s head?  I thought that showed up too much and took away from his sleeping face!!!  : )  I need to change the stem of the upper right red flower because it gets lost in the background…and I’ll decide if I need to add more flowers or foliage to the upper left after I fill in the black background.  I didn’t want to take away the focus on the elephant!  : )

(Not too much time to hook today but I did want my elephant to have good manners!!! ) LOL

Tomorrow I’ll fiddle more with the upper pond… I didn’t want the elephant gray to blend with the pond water blue, but I think I’ll take out a little of the lighter blue at the water line!  : )  I will be doing a couple more rugs now at the same time I’m doing this one…so that should be a hoot!!!  Gotta get ready for my November show!  (And the Gallery too)  : )

Happy Hooking,  Sunnie  : )


New Hooked Rug – Day 17 ~ Helen’s Tapestry

Today I worked on the upper part of the rug, backgrounds, water and the elephant.  (Just couldn’t resist!!)  LOL  The mottled gray wool Phyllis dyed for me is working out well and, of course, I am not having to do a lot of fine shading.  However…It would be fun to do this elephant on a background for fine cut and try to do shading and wrinkles, etc.  I’ll bet it would look great and very realistic!!!  : )

Have a great evening…and let me know what you are working on!!  Anyone doing the Bradley Primitive rug or something similar to this rug? 

Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  : )

New Hooked Rug Starts Today! “Helen’s Tapestry”!

This is part of the large “Helen’s Tapestry” rug patttern that I will be starting today.  Watch for the first progress post this evening!  This rug is 32 x 54 inches and will be done in the narrow cut wools (#3, #4, #5…and maybe a #6 in some places!!).  It is designed by the Harry Fraser Co.  and is a lovely pattern.

Because I am a primitive folk-art style rug hooker and have never worked with narrow cuts (except for a class taken in 1998 where I learned to shade the petals of a rose with an 8 value swatch!!!) : ) …this will be not only a challenge for me but I’ll be learning as I go!  Also, as you know from the Bradley Primitive rug adventure…I don’t colour-plan my rugs in advance.  I just get a general notion of what I want and then plan as I go!!!!  We’ll see if this works on this rug!  LOL

I have a good friend online who has promised faithfully to puree vegetables for me and arrange for hair transplants if I lose my teeth and clumps of hair while doing this rug…so at least I have planned for that!!!!  LOL  (Get ready, JoJo!!)  : )

I hope you enjoy the creation of this rug along with me!  Hopefully, we’ll all learn a lot…!!! I’m going to start at the bottom of the rug and I’ll post a picture of that part this evening.  You can’t see the bottom of the rug here.

  This is waaaayyy out of my “comfort zone”!!!   : )   If anyone has done this rug or anything like it, I can sure use information along the way!!!  Hre we go, ready or not!!!  LOL  

Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  : )