“The Little Gardener” hooked rug-2018/Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs Finished! :)

Sorry to be so long away from my Blog!    Can’t believe how busy it has been…but I think things will come back to “normal” now!    🙂

I have been able to finish the hooking on this piece and am happy with the experiment with the dust-dirt colours on the border!!!!   This was fun to simply do colour and design experiments as I went along!

The leaves are done with a plaid on one side of the leaf and then leftover woolworms in greens on the other side of each leaf.   Of course, the background of the border is a plaid and the flowers are different textured wools.   I used some leftover worms in the blue sky, leaf veins and in the little girl’s dress.   The “path” is also plaid and textures cut worms and leftovers!!!

Here is the finished piece…I am doing the edge-whipping now.   My oldest daughter is a wonderful gardener and she loves this…so I am giving it to her!

Hope you all are doing well wherever you are.   Thank you for visiting me here today…I always enjoy your rug hooking comments!   🙂

Have a wonderful day…and Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂


“The Little Gardener” Hooked rug Progress-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art-Days-4-6

I am delighted to have found a way to hook the large border on this rug without taking away from the Center!!!!!!   🙂

Of course this piece could have been hooked in a more traditional manner  with the colours I thought about so many years ago…with the dogwood blossoms in the border done in pink or pale pink and cream and the little girl in pale pastel colours.   It could have been hooked realistically too…but, of course, that’s not my normal style!   And…since I changed the colours when I started, I had to either take out what I had done and start again, or deal with what I already hooked…!   I prefer to deal…!   🙂









Above are the pale “dirt” border colours I am using…

Next, the border flowers are no longer dogwood blossoms but are now “padulas” so that they will not draw attention to themselves.   They just softly blend in with the border background (the checked wool with the brown and green lines in it).

I am also using the green in the “wools” photo for the vines and half of each leaf.   the rest of the leaf is hooked in green leftovers!



Now I know that this border looks somewhat dull…(!!!)…however, if you can visualize these large flowers hooked in some of the colours I am using in the center, you can probably see that they would be overpowering and take away focus from the center figure.   Even if they complimented the center, some of the colours I tried (using small pieces of wool placed on the flowers) made the eye jump to 6 places around the border and then back to the center.   Again…not what I wanted…!

I did not put brown accents in the center flower but will try them in the upper left and upper right flowers when I get to them.   I thought the change to a different flower petal colour was enough for the center flowers.

Here is more hooking on the lower center…I’m glad to be getting farther along on the center as well as that big border!!!!!   I am going to take out the dark brown on the fenceposts…I find it too distracting!!!!

Off to get more of the house ready for the electric work…I will live in a “mess” in some rooms for a week or so…!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂



“The Little Gardener” hooked rug-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art-more hooking after 12 years!!!! :)

Feeling good and hooking again now on this unfinished rug that I started about 12 years ago!!!!   🙂

As I said last post, I have a bit of the wool I used back then so I decided to hook the sky and added new blue wool to the mix.   I said that I remembered thinking that I would do this rug in pastels…with a very light and white border.   (the border is wide!!!!)   I don’t remember why I changed my colours for the center section of this rug…but my changes make the “light and white” wide border a “non-starter”!!!!   …lol…

So….I am going to use a deeper group of colours and, as you already suspected, I am going to do the border in very odd colours that I believe will show off the center section!   (which is the focus of the rug)

Here is the photo of the work I have done on the sky…I am trying out a little bit of the “frame” around the center but am not sure if I want to use those colours.   Will hook more and see if they work on the 2 rows framing the center.   (I am not sure if I pulled a “frame” from another illustration to go around the center…too much time has passed for me to remember many of my reasons.)

I have also hooked the fenceposts and am trying a flower colour to see if it works.   I’m working in my usual way, not trying to be “realistic” but to present the focus area in such a way that the viewer “sees” her/his own reality of childhood gardening!!!!










I am not sure if the border was taken from an old illustration or if it was adapted from a stained glass image but both were taken from Dover books for artists and craftspeople.   I find that many of the Dover illustrations are great to use or adapt because that is what the books are for…and many of the designs are out of copyright and can be used without special permission! 

 Exactly Why I decided to pair the center and the border together is “lost in the mists of time”…but it certainly is a puzzlement…!   🙂

Since I have now used up all of the blue wool that I had folded up with the rug, I now will need to go to my own stash of wool and try to use colours that will go with the bodice of the dress (hooked years ago) as I hook the skirt.

Hope everyone is doing well and having fun with whatever art-craft you are creating!   (Not to mention, the garden magic you are creating too!!)   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂

Unfinished Hooked Rug-“The Little Gardener”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art


UFO…from 12 years ago!!!!!!   🙂

Recovering from a little surgery yesterday so I am resting and not hooking for a few days.   However, I was doing a bit of sorting last week and came up with a piece that I had started hooking on Monk’s cloth about 12 years ago.

This piece is called “The Little Gardener”…and although I don’t remember what “design vibes” were going through my mind back then, I know I was enjoying the hooking!!!!!   🙂

It is a combination of several things from Dover books and, when I drew out the design,  I remember thinking that I would do it in “sweet” pastel colours.   But for some reason (back then), I changed my mind as the little picture of the start of the piece has deeper colours.    I will carry on with those colours and see what I have in my stash that will go with what is already done!!!!!   

Hooking on monk’s cloth again will be different too…but I enjoyed it back then and will probably enjoy it once again!!!

Here is the picture of what was hooked about 12 years ago…I had a few strips of the original colours that were with the pattern…but will have to improvise on the rest of the rug.   Hope you are all doing well…Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂

Crazy Couple of Months!!!!-Father Christmas in progress-rug hooking-hooked rugs-Sunnie-folk art

Sorry to have been away so long!!!!!!

I can’t believe I have been so busy in March and April…!   Very unusual for me to live such a “hectic” life!!!!   🙂

However, I did have a great time at Rockaway Beach, Oregon at Rug Camp the first week in April and learned a lot from my teacher, Laura Pierce!!!

I had decided to do the head and shoulders of a Santa (more like a Father Christmas-not the “jolly” guy) and had hooked the right side of the rug  before camp…with the blue, gray and off-white plaid for the sky and the reds for his coat.   

Since I wanted him to be “different” (like Mr. Morty!!!), I decided that his Grandma had knitted a scarf for him (!) and he is wearing that around his neck instead of the traditional fur.   This Santa is adapted from an old postcard that shows a full Santa figure sporting lots of fur with a large bag of toys, etc.   However, I wanted to focus on what was really important…and I narrowed it down to a head-and-shoulders portrait.

Since Laura does wonderful portraits herself, I wanted help with the face and beard to have him look realistic.   As you know, realism is not my “thing”…so I knew this would be difficult.   It took me all week to do the face and beard and start the hat...but I learned a lot and am very happy with the rug so far!   I wanted him to be quite serious but not look too stern or have a mean expression!!!   …lol…  ( Some of the Father Christmas illustrations look rather severe!)

It is about 22 x 22 inches and uses mostly #5 and #6 cuts and here is Progress so far…..









Hope you are all well and enjoying life…we are having a roller-coaster Spring with rain one day, cold the next, sunshine and warm temps and rain+cold again…who knows!!!!!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂 

New Mystery Rug coming soon!-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art-designs in progress!!!!! :)

Can’t believe it is almost March…the time just flies by when you are having fun!!!! 

 I’m getting my home decorations, etc. ready for Springtime and that means putting away the deeper colours and getting out the lighter, more “Springtime” colours.   Home decor is fun too and I always enjoy decorating for the Seasons.   🙂

I am busy steaming and getting ready to edge-finish my Cat rug and enjoying it myself!!!   …I feel greatly blessed to be able to enjoy such a fun art-craft…one that gives me great pleasure!!!   🙂   I hope you all have something that brings you fun and enjoyment too!!!

I am working on several designs that I’d like to do but haven’t settled on one quite yet.   But even the design process and the “thinking” is a pleasure.   So many ideas to explore. 

 I haven’t done a “Creative Cutting” rug for a long time…this one was a hoot to design and hook.   I just cut different shapes out of copy paper and arranged them on rug backing to see if a design would emerge.   Some of the paper pieces reminded me of vegetables and leaves…and “Dancing At The Vegeta Ball…” was born!!!!   This method really tests your creativity as there isn’t much to start with except shapes.   But if you are experimenting…it is really fun to do!!!   (Also, I love plays on words…so this one did that too!)






Often, I try something quite different after working on a rug with a very distinctive style…so we’ll see.   However, the freestyle folkart rug is always a favourite of mine so I don’t know if I can resist doing one!!!   

Hope you are having a lovely day…I will keep working for a few days (and resting after that marathon of hooking too!!!!!)   …lol…   and then get started on the next adventure.   

Often, I find a colour that I want to use and that dictates the flavour of my design.   I have a lot of the darker plaid wools from my “primitive” hooking days…but I might be looking to lighten up for Spring!

I also have a Chairpad Challenge on Rug Hooking Daily…and a “Soul Selfie” Challenge there too.   So I’ll be busy…but happy too.


Happy Hooking…see you soon, Sunnie   🙂

New 2018 Mystery Rug-“…ATBTC”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art-Day 8

Quick post today…….Hooray!   I was able to do quite a bit of hooking over the weekend…!   🙂

However, about 4 hours of that was on a part of a motif that is about 6 inches square!!!!!!!   …lol…   and that you can’t see yet.   That’s what happens when I use a #3 and #4 cut.   🙂

I did get some more background and Sunflower hooking done as well as part of a fish.   I know you were just waiting for me to hook a fish…yes?   So I am!!!!!   I decided not to do the fish scales as they were just distracting…so I am hooking a couple of mottled blues on this fish.   I am not sure why the fish is grinning…maybe he knows something we don’t…!

Another of my experiments is with realism and with fanciful motifs.   It is combining a bit of realistic presentation within a fanciful design.   It might just be a so-so experiment…but I am having fun with it.   It just takes me longer to do something with which I am not familiar!   (And those tiny strips can drive me nutty if they shred…!!!!!)

So here we go with Progress on Day 8…hope you are all having fun with your rug hooking or whatever in the world you are doing today!!!!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂