New Mystery Rug-“TMAMOM”-2017-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art-Day 3

Today, I had to make a change in clothing!!!  

“Mr M.” did not like what I had started hooking for his knickers!!!!!   …lol…   So, of course, I had to change them.   (There is nothing worse than having your tailor create something hideous for you…and he simply put his foot down and would not wear the item I had started to create…!)

As you know, if you have been with me through several of these latest rugs, you know that I love working with plaids…and this piece is no exception.   However, the plaid I had chosen first for his pants just did not work, so I chose another that was much better. 

I probably have said this before, but plaids are wonderful for clothing as you can use the lighter parts for the garment, the darker parts for shading and the bright parts for accents.   and they all work together.   Feel free to ask questions …I’ll try to answer if I know the answer!!!!!!   🙂

Here is the plaid I chose the second time…I’ll see if I can find the first plaid  to photograph but I was using leftovers first so I’m not sure if I have a larger piece left.


When I show the hooked part, I hope you can see the difference in the forward pant leg and the shaded one behind.   When this plaid is hooked, there is not the large difference that shows in the fabric photo here…but there is a difference.   Plaids can really be like having several pieces of wool in colours that, though different, really work well together.   And, if there is a colour that you don’t like in the plaid, just save it for another time.

My characters often have very definite ideas of what they should wear…so I try to satisfy them when I can!   🙂

This rug brings together ideas, inspiration and adaptations from several sources…plus my own drawings.   As you know, I choose images from Dover books, public domain illustrations, ancient art and medieval drawings too.   It is almost like cooking where you bring together lots of ingredients and see if you can make a delightful dish or a tasteless mess!!!!!   …lol…

Let’s hope this does NOT turn out to be “a tasteless mess”!!!!!!!

Here is Progress on Day 3…I’m feeling good about what I have so far…but, of course, I have a lot to do yet…!   Stay safe, everyone, wherever you are!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂





New Mystery Rug -“SABI…”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs starts soon!

Since I finished my little “Time 4 Tea” piece for my kitchen, I have been trying to decide which design I will hook next.   I have several, but I think that the “SABI…” one will be my next rug.

As you know,  I often go back to rugs I have sketched in previous years (or designs from old samplers, frakturs, vintage rugs, ancient art, mosaics, etc. that have attracted me!) to see if I can adapt them or be inspired by them in some way in the present.   I prefer to do hooked pieces that others are not doing…as that makes it more fun for me!   🙂   Also, I am careful about copyright although if I hook a couple of squirrels in a tree, lots of people have done that…!!!!!   

Sooo…I will choose colours and make my final decision over this weekend (while everyone else is watching the Superbowl…lol…)

I hope to start sometime next week!     Often I find that the colours I want to use decide the rug design…so we will see if I stay with the “SABI”  or go off on a tangent.

I hope you will enjoy coming along on this next adventure with me!

Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  🙂

New Mystery Rug TYF-Day 10/Sunnie – Rug Hooking

Today’s post is one of those really exciting pictures!!!!  (NOT!)  LOL 🙂

As you know…some parts of our rug designs are rather “ho-hum” (!!!)  but they have to be done!!!!!  I had some time to hook yesterday and decided to finish a tree trunk and some background!  So if you love tree trunks and backgrounds…this post is for you!!!  LOL

Here is Day 10…

I love to be excited about a rug I am doing!  😉

 I guess I can say that every time I do a rug, I am having fun and enjoying the process…but some are just such fun that I can hardly wait to get to the hooking frame and continue with the design!!!  This is one of those…fun colours, fun design, thoughts of family,  totally different direction than I first planned and great using up leftovers!!!!  LOL 

May you have fun today…whatever you are doing!!!     Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  😉

New Mystery Rug TYF-Day 9/Sunnie – Rug Hooking

More leaves and a fun mix of grays and browns today!  And, of course, more background!!!!  🙂

I’m about 2/3 done now so it won’t be too much longer!!!!  LOL 

Here is progress for Day 9…

Snowing again today here in Vermont…!!  We’re having a late Winter!!!  Hope you are staying warm…or cool!!…as the case may be!  😉

Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  🙂 

New Mystery Rug TYF-Day 8/Sunnie – Rug Hooking

Boy, did I hook leaves yesterday!!!!!  And got rid of a LOT of green leftover woolworms!!!!!  LOL  🙂

Also, I am surprised at the amount of wool I am using for the background!  When I look at the design, it doesn’t seem like there is a lot of background to do…but I have gone through 1/2 yard of background wool already!!!   (background is all done in a #6 cut)

Good thing I always have either a lot of the background wool on hand before starting a project… or I mix several wools together …OR…I leave spaces in the background so I can add a wool similar in value if I am short of my chosen wool.  By doing this, I never have to worry about running out of background wool..!!!!!  🙂

Here is Day 8…you are beginning to see things that actually make sense…yes?  LOL

Sunshine in Vermont today…but we are looking at more snow!!!!   I’m staying inside (except for filling the bird feeders (!!)…and hope to get some hooking time in today!  At least, I’ll pull Some loops today!!!!  Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  😉

New Mystery Rug TYF-Day 7/Sunnie – Rug Hooking

Aha…with this post, you begin to see the rug design emerge!!!!   🙂

This one is really fun…the background wool looks black, but , as I said before, it is a beautiful deep blue-green plaid.  I tried to show the wool in the “lightened up” picture earlier…but it doesn’t really do this wool justice!    I have to laugh when I think of my earlier design for this piece and how different this one is turning out.  But you know I love to “go with the flow” and head in an entirely different direction if I want to experiment!!!  LOL

I’ll tell you what my original design plan was when we come to the finish.

I think I am almost half finished with this rug…and I’m excited to finish it up!!!

On my Blog post on Rug Hooking Daily, I said that I am going to continue with this 24 x 24 inch format…and I already have 3 designs ready to put on backing when I finish this one!     They won’t all be “Mystery” rugs, but I will post my progress on  them on this Blog!!!!  I might try to do 24 rugs to really have fun with experimentation!!!  LOL  Hooray…we’ll see if I can do that and not drive myself nutty!!!  (a short journey, to be sure!)  lol  🙂

Here we go on Day 7…

Snowing again today here in the Kingdom!!!  Great hooking weather…and the woodstove is so warm and cozy!  Enjoy your day! 

And…Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  😉 

New Mystery Rug TYF Day 6/Sunnie – Rug Hooking

Here we go for Day 6…I’m zipping along and also working on the hidden parts that can’t be seen until later!!!  🙂

Another hint…the title of this rug has three words and either begins with “The” or “Two”…the title can be either word and it means the same thing!

Here is Day 6…

 Hope you are having time to hook and enjoying what you are hooking on!!!!! 

Happy Hooking!  Sunnie  😉