New Mystery Rug coming soon!-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art-designs in progress!!!!! :)

Can’t believe it is almost March…the time just flies by when you are having fun!!!! 

 I’m getting my home decorations, etc. ready for Springtime and that means putting away the deeper colours and getting out the lighter, more “Springtime” colours.   Home decor is fun too and I always enjoy decorating for the Seasons.   🙂

I am busy steaming and getting ready to edge-finish my Cat rug and enjoying it myself!!!   …I feel greatly blessed to be able to enjoy such a fun art-craft…one that gives me great pleasure!!!   🙂   I hope you all have something that brings you fun and enjoyment too!!!

I am working on several designs that I’d like to do but haven’t settled on one quite yet.   But even the design process and the “thinking” is a pleasure.   So many ideas to explore. 

 I haven’t done a “Creative Cutting” rug for a long time…this one was a hoot to design and hook.   I just cut different shapes out of copy paper and arranged them on rug backing to see if a design would emerge.   Some of the paper pieces reminded me of vegetables and leaves…and “Dancing At The Vegeta Ball…” was born!!!!   This method really tests your creativity as there isn’t much to start with except shapes.   But if you are experimenting…it is really fun to do!!!   (Also, I love plays on words…so this one did that too!)






Often, I try something quite different after working on a rug with a very distinctive style…so we’ll see.   However, the freestyle folkart rug is always a favourite of mine so I don’t know if I can resist doing one!!!   

Hope you are having a lovely day…I will keep working for a few days (and resting after that marathon of hooking too!!!!!)   …lol…   and then get started on the next adventure.   

Often, I find a colour that I want to use and that dictates the flavour of my design.   I have a lot of the darker plaid wools from my “primitive” hooking days…but I might be looking to lighten up for Spring!

I also have a Chairpad Challenge on Rug Hooking Daily…and a “Soul Selfie” Challenge there too.   So I’ll be busy…but happy too.


Happy Hooking…see you soon, Sunnie   🙂


New 2018 Mystery Rug-“…ATBTC”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art-Days 14, 15, 16

We had snow last night so all is white…but it is supposed to leave us soon so we’ll see!!!!!    (I’ll get out my snow shovel and clean up a bit…I am thankful for my garage as almost all of my neighbors’ cars are parked outside.   Garages have been converted to rooms or used up as storage spaces.   I have “stuff” in mine too…but still can park my car inside!!!!)


Carole asked me what I do with all my rugs!   🙂   Here is a sample…I use all of my home as a Gallery …Except my living-dining room and my kitchen.   I haven’t completed hanging rugs as I have electrical and painting to do in my home…but I still have lots of rugs up now.   I rotate them for seasons and just for fun.

Here are rugs in Entry wall, my Office, Hallway and the door (and wall) into my bedroom.   Even the 2 bathrooms are hung with rugs…my 3 apartment signs are in one bathroom!   🙂




TODAY’S POST…………….Yes…I have been working (!!!) but on filling in background and hooking more of that black and white border!!!!!   I was crazy to do this border on a larger rug…but no one has said I am in my right mind…!!!   …lol…

However, giving you pictures of background hooked and days of black and white border, I thought I’d wait until I had something a bit different to show.   After all, 3 days worth of the same border might get a bit tiring!!!!

I decided to place my initials in leaves on the right side of the rug and use the same green as the sunflower leaves, etc.   Also, the letters are done with the leaf vein wool so I think they will blend in.   If I find that the lettering is too prominent, I can simply hook a different green or a quiet tan in the leaves!   🙂

I have also worked a bit on the part you can’t yet see…and it is much more time-consuming.   I can spend three or four hours hooking on the black and white border and get quite a bit done…but I spend the same amount of time on another motif and get a small area finished.

That being said, this is turning out to be one of my favourite rugs!    I knew it would be fun (I always have fun!!!) but I really like how this is turning out.   It reminds me of something special…so I am smiling a lot while I hook it.   🙂

  As you know, I like doing some of the tedious and/or boring work as I go along and not save it until the finish…!   I can’t imagine doing All the border or a big portion of the background after all the motifs are finished.   I’d be screeching and banging my head against the wall…!!!   (And That is not a pretty sight…!)

So here is Progress on the three days…14, 15 and 16.   Because of the size of the rug, I am just showing you the new area I am hooking, but I hope to finish this rug by next weekend if all goes well.   Happy Hooking (or whatever you are doing!)   Sunnie   🙂



New 2018 Mystery Rug-“..ATBTC”-Sunnie-rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art/Day 1

Welcome, friends, to the year 2018 and to the first Mystery Rug of the year!!!   🙂

I am having fun with this new rug and it is just the start!!!   🙂   This one is approx 28 x 39 inches but I might change that or add a border so who knows!!!   …lol…    I am using a deep burgundy plaid for the background so it is quite dark. 

Not only have I gathered a lot of ideas together, but also this is an illustration of an old proverb or “saying”…so I am back to my experimentation and celebration of the fun things of life!!!   🙂

 I have collected ideas, adaptations and my own drawings to pull together things from vintage botanical illustrations,  ancient Celtic manuscripts, antique painted wood, papercutting and motifs from vintage book covers for the design.   I know it sounds like a mish-mash of things but I hope to pull it all together!!!   We shall see!

You can see the background plaid very well in the second picture.   I love the darkness and the colour blend…just what I need to set off the motifs and the lettering!

I‘m being thrifty and bringing in some leftovers in this rug too…so that will be more experimentation with colour!

Here we go…as with all the “first pictures”, I know you will find this absolutely thrilling!!!!!!!”   Hah!   I hope you are all doing well and will enjoy a great year of rug hooking or creating whatever you love to create!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂

New June 22, 2017 Mystery Rug- “WWGPH”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art-Day 2

This is really fun!!!!!       🙂

I like using the bright colours for the leaves and then figuring out what wool strips to use to fill them in!!!     Yes, I know that those 2 little green leaves don’t “go” with the rest…but I wanted to try little green leaves here and there.   If they don’t work out, I can always change them!!!!!!!!!      After all, rug hooking is very forgiving when you want to make changes.   🙂 

There are little piles of wool all over the hooking room floor now so I can see what wild colours will look good with the blue background!    Also, I can use some leftovers here too.   I am using mostly #4 and #5 cut strips but will throw in (!!) a #3 and a #6 here and there…especially if it is a leftover woolworm. 

I need to be sure the transition from that dark blue to the blue and purple mottled wool works as I go across the rug.   I’ll have to adjust things when I get more motifs and background hooked.   With all the backing showing it is hard to see just what a few strips here and there will actually look like once all is finished.

So here is Progress on Day 2…the heat is starting to rise today so I will do a little outside this morning and then stay inside during the heat of the day and evening.   I can pretend to do a little cleaning, etc….lol…but then tell myself that I am “so tired” from all that exertion and just sit down and hook!!!!!!!!!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂

New Mystery Rug-“E or R”-Aug2016-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 9

“It was a time of dreaming.   And fantasy danced with reality to an unheard song.”


Here is Progress on Day 9…More background filled in and I am taking the picture with the light on the rug so you can see the background colours better. 

In regular light, the background changes are noticeable but the deep blue of the sky blends into the black and the dark green wools put in here and there.   I am enjoying the colour experiments…it’s fun to see what the wools do when hooked close to each other.

For tomorrow,, I will concentrate on the right side border and see if I can get more done.   I am also gathering several of my rugs together that need the edges finished so I will be working on that too!!!   It’s time I get a few of those rug s done.

I hope you are all safe and well…hearing about the floods, the fires and the storms across the country is scary.   We will be having some high temps here for a few days but we can deal with that.

So here is Day 9…Happy Hooking!   Sunnie    🙂


New Halloween rug-2016-Sunnie/rug hooking/using leftovers/hooked rugs-Day 5

Hooray…coming right along!   I had the rug hooking ladies over yesterday and we had a good time.   We welcomed a new member and she had hooked a great piece with yarn.   I always enjoy the work that the “yarn” hookers and punch needle people do.   I have only used wool strips so I don’t have wide experience with a lot of different techniques!   But I am happy…being set in my ways!!!!!!    🙂

I did have some more time to do background above and in the banner too.   I tried larger letters when I first did the banner but they were too dominant…so I did thinner and less obtrusive ones and I like it better.   I wanted to celebrate the entire month of October so the friends are celebrating both Autumn and Halloween.

My woolworm stocks are getting a little smaller!!!!!!!

So…here we go on Day 5…Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂


New Mystery Rug-2016- “FLD”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 15

Hooray…I finally got the pond and second fish finished after about 6 hours of hooking!!!!!   Whew!     🙂

But I am happy with my choices of blues for that pond.   As I said, the blues could be overwhelming so I tried to keep to the dyed lighter blue for the top part and a couple of blues for the pond bottom.   I stuck in a few strips of the “flower blues” and put a few lighter strips in under the fish for just a little highlight.

The bottom part of the rug is finished so I will go up the right side now and fill in little parts of the center as I go.   You will notice that the right side flowers are larger and fewer than on the left side…I am experimenting.   And…because I can’t leave anything alone (!!!!!) I made one large flower with 6 petals instead of five!   Remember, I am always asking myself…”What if I do this or do that…I wonder what that would look like.”

I am thinking now about the top of the rug.   Both the top and bottom are motifs that are found in ancient and modern folk art and I am trying to think about an unusual and interesting way to finish the top.   However, just as in other parts of the rug, it can’t be Too interesting or it will take away from the center motifs!!!!!!!   (Yeeeeks!)

I also am happy with the fish.   I think they are colourful without being “standouts”…and I used the tail pink wool in a couple of dots in other parts of the rug.

So here is Progress on Day 15…I am making good time but that is a Lot of background as well as fairly large motifs to hook.   Hope you are doing well and enjoying whatever brings you happiness and serenity too.   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie  🙂