Crazy Couple of Months!!!!-Father Christmas in progress-rug hooking-hooked rugs-Sunnie-folk art

Sorry to have been away so long!!!!!!

I can’t believe I have been so busy in March and April…!   Very unusual for me to live such a “hectic” life!!!!   🙂

However, I did have a great time at Rockaway Beach, Oregon at Rug Camp the first week in April and learned a lot from my teacher, Laura Pierce!!!

I had decided to do the head and shoulders of a Santa (more like a Father Christmas-not the “jolly” guy) and had hooked the right side of the rug  before camp…with the blue, gray and off-white plaid for the sky and the reds for his coat.   

Since I wanted him to be “different” (like Mr. Morty!!!), I decided that his Grandma had knitted a scarf for him (!) and he is wearing that around his neck instead of the traditional fur.   This Santa is adapted from an old postcard that shows a full Santa figure sporting lots of fur with a large bag of toys, etc.   However, I wanted to focus on what was really important…and I narrowed it down to a head-and-shoulders portrait.

Since Laura does wonderful portraits herself, I wanted help with the face and beard to have him look realistic.   As you know, realism is not my “thing”…so I knew this would be difficult.   It took me all week to do the face and beard and start the hat...but I learned a lot and am very happy with the rug so far!   I wanted him to be quite serious but not look too stern or have a mean expression!!!   …lol…  ( Some of the Father Christmas illustrations look rather severe!)

It is about 22 x 22 inches and uses mostly #5 and #6 cuts and here is Progress so far…..









Hope you are all well and enjoying life…we are having a roller-coaster Spring with rain one day, cold the next, sunshine and warm temps and rain+cold again…who knows!!!!!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂 


Sunnie Andress Rug Hooking…New Blog/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Pillows, Chairpads

Since I do a lot of “Mystery Rugs” on this blog, I thought I might start posting on a new Blog about smaller items like pillows, chairpads, etc. along with ideas and techniques that have helped me when I was a beginning rug hooker.   Would love to have you visit…and happy too have you comment too!   🙂

I also thought I might try hooking a small rug or design where you can actually see what I am doing (!!!)   🙂   I did this many years ago and people seemed to enjoy it.

A “mystery” rug is, of course, a mystery so you can’t see the design as I hook it.   But I thought I might enjoy showing some experiments and , perhaps, changes that I make to the pieces…and that could be on the “sister” Blog.

Also, I have a Blog that I did a very long time ago when I hardly knew what I was doing.   I will try to take some of the content from that blog that hasn’t been used for a very long time.   It might be helpful to someone…and the work was more primitive too.

The link is on the “Links” list (BLOGROLL) to the right…AA “Sunnie Andress Rug Hooking”

Hope you are staying either cool or warm this Summertime.   I am ready for the hot weather to be over!!!!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂

B is for Bountiful Harvest


Original designs in hand- hooked rugs based upon old frakturs and samplers. …unfinished-B for Bountiful Harvest rug (c) Sunnie Andress 2008 

I am starting a series of original rugs based upon old Frakturs and Samplers…starting with A and making a rug for each letter of the alphabet!  This one is B – for Bountiful Harvest – and is already sold when it is finished.

 Each rug features a shepherdess and her sheep in some way as the old samplers, especially, have so many designs with this theme.  I don’t copy the old ones exactly but try to draw similar designs using them in new ways.  It is great fun although I might be a little insane to do this!!!! LOL

As you can see, I had thought to do a scallop in the border but when I hooked a little of it and stood back to look at the whole rug, I decided that a plain border framed the interior design more softly and it was more pleasing to me! : )

  However, I have completed the first rug – A is for Autumn Meadows…and it was shown at the Green Mountain Rug Guild’s November show (2007) at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont.  I will photograph the rug and put it in another post!  I really love doing these.  The next one I’ll work on will be “M is for Market Day” and I already have the design for it drawn out!  Can’t wait to start but I have other things to finish first!!!  : )


Hooked Chicken Chuckles!

I have another pad to do in this four chairpad group using similar colours and the chicken-bird themes!  Whimsy! LOL


Above is “Chickens Chatting”!


Above is another in this group… Primitive Chicken and Stars!


This is the finished hooking of the chairpad “Birds and Bonnets” in “Birdbrain” below!!  : )

Birdbrain Hooking?



I am doing a series of different funny chairpads and this is one of the  “bird” or “chicken” pieces.  It’s fun to combine bright and more primitive colours and just enjoy the whimsical hooking!!!  (“Birds & Bonnets” chairpad (c) Sunnie Andress 2008) 

As I’ve said before, I really love having fun with colour and design and not being too serious!  Probably my wacky personality coming through!  LOL

Vermont Sunshine


It’s beautiful in the northeast kingdom this morning!  Brilliant sunshine and shadow here at Old Crow Farm!  I am cleaning and organizing my rug hooking studio and getting in a bit of hooking here and there too.  I can’t believe all the “stuff” that seems to accumulate, even when I am giving lots (of things I won’t need) away  to those who can use them and to Goodwill, etc.  It seems the more I give away, the more I have!!!!  LOL  Do you have that problem?   Any “organizing” suggestions out there?

 When I see artists or craftspeople who have lovely, organized studios I wish mine was more like that!!!  But since I am in a converted attic in a little old farmhouse, with sloping ceilings and not much usable wall space…I’m just thankful that I have a place to work, even with the limitations!!!!!  : )  At least I can leave things out and just pull the curtain across the doorway so the mess isn’t seen!  I’m really very fortunate!  : )

Friday Snow-Santa-Hooked Chair Pad

A beautiful, snowy morning in Vermont! Just magical and so peaceful.


I really love this kind of snow…the big flakes swirling softly down to the ground!


This is one of my favourite Santas.  After he was done, I just couldn’t sell him!


I have several Santas and figures that I didn’t want to part with, so they’ve become part of my home collection.


Still Life with Zinnias -(c) S. Andress 2008

I’m really having fun with these chair pads…very freeing exercise to just draw on the backing and start hooking with no “transferring patterns” or colour-planning!!!!  It makes a change from working on my larger rugs and I find it is very relaxing.  (Of course, they finish up fast too and can be taken in the car with a small “sit-upon” or lap frame to work on!)  : )  Hook On!