“The Little Gardener” hooked rug-2018/Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs Finished! :)

Sorry to be so long away from my Blog!    Can’t believe how busy it has been…but I think things will come back to “normal” now!    🙂

I have been able to finish the hooking on this piece and am happy with the experiment with the dust-dirt colours on the border!!!!   This was fun to simply do colour and design experiments as I went along!

The leaves are done with a plaid on one side of the leaf and then leftover woolworms in greens on the other side of each leaf.   Of course, the background of the border is a plaid and the flowers are different textured wools.   I used some leftover worms in the blue sky, leaf veins and in the little girl’s dress.   The “path” is also plaid and textures cut worms and leftovers!!!

Here is the finished piece…I am doing the edge-whipping now.   My oldest daughter is a wonderful gardener and she loves this…so I am giving it to her!

Hope you all are doing well wherever you are.   Thank you for visiting me here today…I always enjoy your rug hooking comments!   🙂

Have a wonderful day…and Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂


“The Little Gardener” Hooked rug Progress-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art-Days-4-6

I am delighted to have found a way to hook the large border on this rug without taking away from the Center!!!!!!   🙂

Of course this piece could have been hooked in a more traditional manner  with the colours I thought about so many years ago…with the dogwood blossoms in the border done in pink or pale pink and cream and the little girl in pale pastel colours.   It could have been hooked realistically too…but, of course, that’s not my normal style!   And…since I changed the colours when I started, I had to either take out what I had done and start again, or deal with what I already hooked…!   I prefer to deal…!   🙂









Above are the pale “dirt” border colours I am using…

Next, the border flowers are no longer dogwood blossoms but are now “padulas” so that they will not draw attention to themselves.   They just softly blend in with the border background (the checked wool with the brown and green lines in it).

I am also using the green in the “wools” photo for the vines and half of each leaf.   the rest of the leaf is hooked in green leftovers!



Now I know that this border looks somewhat dull…(!!!)…however, if you can visualize these large flowers hooked in some of the colours I am using in the center, you can probably see that they would be overpowering and take away focus from the center figure.   Even if they complimented the center, some of the colours I tried (using small pieces of wool placed on the flowers) made the eye jump to 6 places around the border and then back to the center.   Again…not what I wanted…!

I did not put brown accents in the center flower but will try them in the upper left and upper right flowers when I get to them.   I thought the change to a different flower petal colour was enough for the center flowers.

Here is more hooking on the lower center…I’m glad to be getting farther along on the center as well as that big border!!!!!   I am going to take out the dark brown on the fenceposts…I find it too distracting!!!!

Off to get more of the house ready for the electric work…I will live in a “mess” in some rooms for a week or so…!   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂



The Little Gardener rug continues-2018/Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art-Day 3

Quick post today…the experimentation is really fun on this rug…and I think I am blending the new colours into the older colour scheme so they look all right!

I have done more sky and more of the grass and flower bed hooking along with the 2 colour border that goes around the center scene.    The “flower bed” part was done using two #3 strips (green and yellow) hooked together in a “higgledy piggledy” way.   I love this and now will keep it in my mental list of hooking techniques to use whenever it is needed…!   (I added the little burgundy accents afterwards.)  

Also, I have worked on the burgundy skirt and think it blends in with the bodice and sleeve done so many years ago.   Wanted to try a shoe too (plus start the “path”)…and this is just what I wanted!!!! 

I may change the fencepost “bottoms”…they look a bit odd to me…we’ll see.  

I have no idea what wools I used then…probably used them up long ago!!!!!!!   🙂

So here we go…isn’t rug hooking fun?   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂

Unfinished Hooked Rug-“The Little Gardener”-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art


UFO…from 12 years ago!!!!!!   🙂

Recovering from a little surgery yesterday so I am resting and not hooking for a few days.   However, I was doing a bit of sorting last week and came up with a piece that I had started hooking on Monk’s cloth about 12 years ago.

This piece is called “The Little Gardener”…and although I don’t remember what “design vibes” were going through my mind back then, I know I was enjoying the hooking!!!!!   🙂

It is a combination of several things from Dover books and, when I drew out the design,  I remember thinking that I would do it in “sweet” pastel colours.   But for some reason (back then), I changed my mind as the little picture of the start of the piece has deeper colours.    I will carry on with those colours and see what I have in my stash that will go with what is already done!!!!!   

Hooking on monk’s cloth again will be different too…but I enjoyed it back then and will probably enjoy it once again!!!

Here is the picture of what was hooked about 12 years ago…I had a few strips of the original colours that were with the pattern…but will have to improvise on the rest of the rug.   Hope you are all doing well…Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂