“The Little Gardener” hooked rug-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs/folk art-more hooking after 12 years!!!! :)

Feeling good and hooking again now on this unfinished rug that I started about 12 years ago!!!!   🙂

As I said last post, I have a bit of the wool I used back then so I decided to hook the sky and added new blue wool to the mix.   I said that I remembered thinking that I would do this rug in pastels…with a very light and white border.   (the border is wide!!!!)   I don’t remember why I changed my colours for the center section of this rug…but my changes make the “light and white” wide border a “non-starter”!!!!   …lol…

So….I am going to use a deeper group of colours and, as you already suspected, I am going to do the border in very odd colours that I believe will show off the center section!   (which is the focus of the rug)

Here is the photo of the work I have done on the sky…I am trying out a little bit of the “frame” around the center but am not sure if I want to use those colours.   Will hook more and see if they work on the 2 rows framing the center.   (I am not sure if I pulled a “frame” from another illustration to go around the center…too much time has passed for me to remember many of my reasons.)

I have also hooked the fenceposts and am trying a flower colour to see if it works.   I’m working in my usual way, not trying to be “realistic” but to present the focus area in such a way that the viewer “sees” her/his own reality of childhood gardening!!!!










I am not sure if the border was taken from an old illustration or if it was adapted from a stained glass image but both were taken from Dover books for artists and craftspeople.   I find that many of the Dover illustrations are great to use or adapt because that is what the books are for…and many of the designs are out of copyright and can be used without special permission! 

 Exactly Why I decided to pair the center and the border together is “lost in the mists of time”…but it certainly is a puzzlement…!   🙂

Since I have now used up all of the blue wool that I had folded up with the rug, I now will need to go to my own stash of wool and try to use colours that will go with the bodice of the dress (hooked years ago) as I hook the skirt.

Hope everyone is doing well and having fun with whatever art-craft you are creating!   (Not to mention, the garden magic you are creating too!!)   Happy Hooking!   Sunnie   🙂